Deodorant crystal

Yes, the title of this post just proves that you never know what you might be reading about here on!

This is my deodorant. It's actually a rock-hard salt crystal (potassium alum, to be exact). To use it, you wet it with water and rub it under your arms (or on your feet, or wherever you want to use it).

These crystals last for years! I've been using them for 12 years, and my first one lasted for about 10 years before it was too small to use!

I'm not sure exactly how much they cost, because I got both of mine at a garage sale (new, in the package) for $1.00. I thought it would be a fun experiment.

Besides the super low cost of this method of deodorant, it's so much better for you than the deodorants and anti-perspirants sold in the store. Even deodorants without aluminum often have questionable ingredients. Do we really want to put that stuff under our arms every day for the rest of our lives?! :) Okay, so maybe you do... :)

But the big question is how well it works.

I won't lie and say that this deodorant keeps you dry and will make you smell nice for a week. It won't. You will sweat a little. That's natural, after all. If you take a shower every day, you should be fine. If I shower daily, this deodorant works great.

Joshua, who does manual labor for 8 hours every day, tried using this deodorant, and it just didn't eliminate enough odors. While I didn't think he "stunk" (well, any more than usual, after a day's work!), the armpits of his shirts definitely weren't something you wanted to rub your nose into. (Joshua now uses a deodorant without anti-perspirant or aluminum.)

Now, here's the strange part. This isn't scientific, and I haven't heard this from other people; this has just been my own experience.

I think my body had to adjust to this more natural alternative. When I was using anti-perspirant every day, sure, my armpits smelled great... almost like... perfume. When I stopped, and went to this salt deodorant, I felt like I sweated a lot more at first. After a few days (or maybe a week? I can't remember...) it leveled out.

I feel that with a daily shower and use of this deodorant, there's really not much difference than when I used anti-perspirant, minus the perfume-y smell.

But it gets even stranger. On a couple of occasions, when I have been traveling, I thought it would be more convenient to just use a commercial deodorant. After using the salt crystal for so long, when I used store-bought deodorant I thought it made me sweat more and didn't control the odor.

I know it seems odd that after the initial period of "adjusting" to using a salt crystal, the commercial deodorants and anti-perspirants wouldn't work as well as a silly lump of potassium alum... and I'm guessing that if I completely gave up the salt crystal deodorant, my body would probably adjust back. But I've given up trying, and now I don't travel without taking this lump of salt as my deodorant.

So, that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about my personal odor habits! It's all in the name of informing you, if you wish to investigate, that there are natural and inexpensive alternatives to commercial deodorant, and you don't have to stink! :)

Edited to add: Check out this homemade deodorant recipe. It's safe and effective!


Oh, I TOTALLY think your body adjusts! I was just thinking about this. My face used to be really oily (and then really dry after washing it) so I always used products for oily skin. Well, when I quit using products (I started using baking soda and occasionally honey for face washing...see, body care regimes can involve kitchen ingredients so they are very fitting for your blog!;-D) my face at first felt oily a lot and then *drastically* improved. Now I can basically wash my face with pure water and it's fine: no oil problems at all. I have recently gone shampoo free...again, adjustment period but now my hair does not need to be washed as often. I haven't tried a deodorant crystal but I should...because I will admit to something: after Jacinta was born my life got really chaotic and most days I was lucky to get cleaned up and dressed. I didn't crack open my bag that contains deodorant, lotion, anything. Surprisingly I found that I sweat less without deodorant than I do with it. Personally I also think my sweat changes depending on my diet...but, um, I suddenly feel gross and self conscious discussing my sweat on the internet.:-o ;-)


P.S. I DO wear deodorant least when I go somewhere. My complete deodorant fast was temporary and unintentional.:-P


Well... Interesting subject. I could go even further, but I won't. :-D I have not used deoderant in a couple of years. I have tried several other things, but right now I use hand sanitizer under my arms. I have not shaved in 15 years or more, so I don't have to worry about rashes or stings when using alcohol. The hand sanitizer kills the bacteria, so that pretty much eliminates the odor. It works about as well as your rock: shower every day, apply it every day, and it works very well. But, I have also adjusted to accepting the more natural state of things. People sweat (and that is good) and people have a very earthy fragrance. ;-) It's natural... Thanks for this post!

Hi. This is in response to the hand sanitizer as deodorant. The reason it works is because it is made up of mostly alcohol and then just some stabilizing chemicals to create the gel consistency. You could cut your cost even further by just using rubbing alcohol. It is highly effective and kills germs well. Just thought I'd help. :-)

I agree about one's body adjusting. When I used "normal" deodorants, my underarms never smelled, but they did have bumps and irritations. I now use all natural deodorants and have much happier, healthier underarms. The same thing happened with my hair. It was always dry and frizzy and "needed" conditioning. When I switched to the Nature's Gate shampoo, my hair evened out and rarely needs any conditioning. It seems very often that less is more.

I've never tried the salt crystal kind, but now you've got me curious! I think I'll give it a go the next time I run out. I don't wear lots of deodorant, so I've been on the same one for a year. ;-)

I love natural deodorants, but have never tried this kind. You have convinced me to give it a try :o)

I, too, have noticed the adjustment period with natural hygiene & beauty products. After the first odd week, I am always amazed at how much better natural options seem to work for me.

~Mrs. Brigham

What an interesting, and surprising, post. I would quite like to try this, but where can you buy this salt crystal?


I can't speak for your hometown, but I know that the "natural"-type store around here (Kentucky) carry it. Especially check in New Agey stores, where crystals/incense/oils are sold.

Hi Tammy! Yes, I used to use anti-perspirant too and it was hard to adjust. I use a natural deodorant. I do sweat some, as is only natural , but my body has been adapting more and more to these natural ingredients.Suppressing sweat entirely just isn't healthy or natural. I recently posted on this very topic here:
Have a great day!

Mama Lieveheersbeestje

Dear Tammy,
We are one of a kind.. I do not use deo anymore for about a half a year. I use only water too shower and a big scrub every other day and the other day I wash with a wascloth with a lot of water. Also my hair (it is long) I wash only with water. Your where right, it does take some time to adjust, but I love it now. It feels nice and naturaly fresh. I don't use a cristal, but coconutoil. After washing, just apply a little. That's it. You can also use it for your face, body, hair (be careful to use a little bit at the ends!) and it is even used for cooking, but I did not eat it jet. My husband uses it too, and it works great! But we don't use soap, to keep the sourgrade of our skin naturaly too. I never smell sweaty, although I do sweat, like it should be. Also my kids I keep clean in this routine. A few weeks ago, someone sat with one of my sons on her lap, and she told me that my children always smelled so nice like justborn babies. Ha! She didn't knew how confident she made me.. Als with this cheap coconutoil you can very easily masage the babie or todler. They enjoy it and becom all sleepy.. use this before bedtime. Please try it, the only thing that you miss is the nice smell of soap ! So I spray some perfume only on my clothes, not on my skin, when I go for a vissit or so. Believe me, this is a good an frugal solution.

mama lieveheersbeestje.

I had seen those salt crystal deodorants for a while, and I just recently started using one. It works better than any other natural deodorant that I have tried, especially since I don't care for scents. You can find them at health food stores if you are looking for them new.

I read recently in "The People's Pharmacy" column in my newspaper that rubbing alcohol works as a deodorant. I shower at night, and I don't like to put deodorant/antiperspirant after my shower. I tried the rubbing alcohol thing, and it works wonderfully! It doesn't sting after shaving, either. I then usually use a little powder, too, then go to bed.

Admittedly, I still wear commercial deodorant/antiperspirant during the day, but at least it's no longer on all the time. Maybe I'll try weaning off of it, but I really don't like feeling moist during the day.


I was using alcohol and it worked great, but then I read where you can get poisioning from it if used regularly. I am now using straight vinegar. It works just as good if you can get past the vinegar smell for about 5 minutes.

Deodorants allow you to sweat, but hide any smell. Anti-perspirants suppress the sweating altogether.

In general, unless you are menstruating or stressed out, your underarm sweat will not stink. I haven't used any deodorants or antiperspirants for years, but I do use a salt crystal during menstruation.

What to do? I tried using an all natural deodorant not too long ago, though not the crystal. Since I live down in the south, I can sweat quite a bit. I didn't mind the sweat, but really hated that my clothing would get all wet. So embarrassing! Sleeveless wasn't always appropriate to wear. Would I still have this problem with the crystal? I definitely want to go with something natural.

For anyone with this problem, try wearing linen clothing. It does not saturate with sweat like cotton does. It also breathes so much better.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't potassium alum salt contain aluminum? How is that better for you than the aluminum-based commercial deodorants? Does it not absorb into the skin for some reason?

I wondered about that, but can't seem to find anything that indicates that potassium alum contains aluminum. Do you have a source for that? :)

Here's a website that explains the Alum/Aluminum relationship in a very straightforward manner. Just skip down to the question "Does it contain aluminum? Is Alum an abbreviation for Aluminum?"


It's systematic name is potassium aluminium sulfate. So I guess there must be aluminium in it.

Here are some sources:

First, let me admit to not understanding all about these minerals and elements... I read the first page you linked to, but not much really made sense to me... I mean, I "understood" but it didn't mean much to me. ;)

The wikipedia page you linked to, I have read in the past, and I guess I get confused when it says "Potassium alum or potash alum is the potassium double sulfate of aluminium." (So is it a sulfate of aluminum, or does it contain aluminum? Or are those two questions the same thing?!) I remember reading a much longer, detailed article about potassium alum, and I somehow came to the conclusion that it wasn't the same thing as putting aluminum under my arms... I can't remember what the website was though. :|

However, another thing that had me puzzled was the fact that aluminum is used as an anti-perspirant, and this salt crystal definitely doesn't function as an anti-perspirant.

Also, the aluminum used in anti-perspirant/deodorants isn't potassium aluminum sulfate. I looked at one deodorant we have right now, and it contains "aluminum zirconium". Wikipedia actually has more information about this on their anti-perspirant page, which lists "...Aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, and aluminum-zirconium compounds, most notably Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly and Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex gly..."

Which, now that I notice it, there's a link to a page about ammonuim alum, which they say can be used as a natural deodorant, and discusses the aluminum content... so, do I use potassium alum, or ammonium alum?! Since my crystals were from a garage sale, I guess I don't know. Maybe I should just try the coconut oil someone mentioned above! ;)

Hi Tammy,
FYI, you can put those things in your refrigerator to eliminate fridge odor. They do an incredibly good job. TCCD actually makes a refrigerator crystal. As for the underarms, I buy a roll-on version of the deodorant crystal. It's really convenient.

p.s. that math question thing is clever...

:-) Sylvi Fae

Tom's of Maine and Burt's Bees has no aluminum at all. A few others as well.

That natural deodorant with Potassium alum is thought to be safer because the aluminum is naturally ocurring, has bigger ions, and is not thought to be able to absorb into the skin as well. The other aluminum stuff in regular anti-perspirant deodorant is synthetic, and altered into smaller particles. I'm not sure about this claim, but I've researched it, and have read this same information in several places across the net. Here's one article at a sustainable living site which explains the difference.

for the sweating, sprinkle with baking soda. This doesn't prevent the natural process of sweating - but the baking soda absorbs it so your clothes don't get soaked.

I use the crystal deo too -- usually right after I bath (which is at night), then I put on Tom's of Maine in the morning. I has worked well, but I have found something that totally stamped all stench and sweat out. I'm serious: BAKING SODA.

I now keep a little container of baking soda in the bathroom and wipe that on in the mornings. It keeps me dry and fresh-smelling all day long. Try it! It's great.

My sister had a BIG problem with B.O. that she never could seem to control. She uses baking soda now too in combination with her natural deo and is very pleased with the results.

And how inexpensive! Who doesn't have baking soda in the house??

a. borealis @

Until I read this post, I never even imagined there could exist an alternative to deodorant. I was very tempted to try the crystal recommended by Tammy, but didn't want to spend some 6€ on something I wasn't sure would work for me.
Then someone posted about rubbing alcohol and I always have some of that as a disinfectant. So for a week now, I've been using alcohol (to which I added a little lavender essential oil). I put it on a cotton ball and then rub my armpits. It's been working very well for me, better than ordinary deodorants ever did in fact, even though the weather is quite hot here and there is no air conditioning.

So thank you all very much for your comments :)

Aline, wow! I'm glad you found something that's working so well for you! :)

Also, I know I never responded to the question about underarm wetness... I'll do a separate post about that sometime soon. :D

I have really sensitive skin and even the hypoallergenic stuff didn't work. I was always itch, itch, itching. The natural stuff is great. I used some allumn salts but it just didn't work for me. Tom's of Main, though more expensive and doesn't last as long, works great for me. No more bumps and itching for me. :D

I never post, but I have to chime in this time!

I just started using the all natural crystal salt roll-on, and it works! My brother, who has been through all types, put me on to it. This will not keep you from sweating, but it will keep you from stinking.
The salt and minerals keep the bacteria (which make you smell) from growing. All you are doing is providing a saline envionment that is hostile to bacteria. Salting the earth. And we are made of salt and H2O! That simple, as it should be. The natural alum is too big to log into your cells, hence more natural.
All other commercial deoderants, even "all natural", just cover you in perfume, which wont last the day. Tom's of maine was the biggest waste of money for me.
Salt cystal basically provides 24 hr protection. I've slept on it and wake up to no odor. That is what sold it on me. Plus no scent, no itch, no stinging and no more rings on shirts!

Some tips:

It only works as well as you scrub under your arms before applying. Start with a squeaky clean slate.

Its all natural, double up until you know how much you need.

Use more on active days, hot days, day at the gym etc.

The sprays and roll ons aren't cheap. Use them to start.

I'm buying the crystal next.
(p.s Love your saite Tammy!)

Here's another way to combat under arm odor....use hydrogen peroxide. It never stings, and keeps odors down great. You can deodorize stinky feet in it too.

For really bad stinky feet, we use 1 tbp boric acid to a gallon of warm water. Soak the feet for 15 minutes and towel dry. Repeat every week.

If you have any old fashioned pharmacies close by, you might find some Domborro powder. It works great for stinky feet, itchy rashes and poison ivy (soothing, but not curing). When I used to ride my horse bareback without a bareback pad, and I would get a rash from my horse on the inside of my calves and thighs. Domborro took care it. It has worked in my family for dew poisoning, athelete's foot, ring worm, jock itch, and heat rash. It also worked on the dogs when they got some hot spots one year. Nothing else had worked for them, and since I had need of some for me, so I just went ahead and put some on them too.....worked like a charm. Just getting hard to find now.

I have used the crystals too, and was happy with them. But they are hard to find too.

go to your local dollar store to buy your 1.00 crystal deodarant. for get the health food store which will only jack up the price to buy it

Dry up ugly pimples!! I had a blind head on my chin, and make-up made it worse, I dabbed a lil peroxide on it, and voila! The next day it's pretty much dried up.


I've been using a salt crystal for years and have found that it just feels better on my skin than anything else one can rub on. Anyway, on to my question: I lost my grip and it fell into the sink breaking it into several large pieces and lots of small fragments. I wet the pieces and reassembled the crystal and put it back in it's dish to dry. It held together for a couple of uses then returned to large pieces. I've been using the largest piece since, but don't want to throw out the rest, yet. Is there a way to mend or regrow a new crystal from the wreckage?

I really don't know of any way to glue a broken deodorant crystal back together, though I wish I did, because I broke one in the past, and ended up using the halves, which wasn't nearly so nice (nor as smooth!) as what it was before I dropped it... :(

Toss it in a pan with some water. Heat it gently until it completely dissolves. After it cools put it in a small pump spraybottle and you have crystal deoderant spray. Ultra convenient for shoes and feet. Just be careful not to dissolve too much into the water or it will reform the crytals if too dense and those little guys block up the sprayer easliy.

Which deodorant does your husband use that works for him but does not contain aluminum? Thanks!

Joshua's been using Adidas deodorant that we got free-after-rebate at Rite Aid. It is NOT all-natural, but it is aluminum-free...

I think what is strange is that the crystals are advertised as "natural mineral salts" and "aluminum-chlorohydrate-free"... some don't even list ingredients, other than "natural mineral salts". I had todo some digging just to find out what exactly a "deodorant crystal" was made of!

Here's what one site says about the aluminum content:

"Crystal deodorants are made from a natural mineral salt called generally termed alum , which does contain a natural aluminium salt. Alum is not the same as aluminium, and our products do not contain compounds such as aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium compounds found in most anti-perspirants. These amazing mineral salts work effectively to prevent body odour by forming an invisible topical surface film which kills and prevents odour causing bacteria." (from

Another page says this:

"Aluminum compound, such as aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium, which is very soluble, is used as an antiperspirant, that compound is readily absorbed, Once in the body, the aluminum portion of the molecule ionizes, forming free or radical aluminum (AI+++). This passes freely across cell membranes, and forms a physical plug, that when dissolved is selectively absorbed by the liver, kidney, brain, cartilage and bone marrow. It is this concentration of aluminum that has been the source of concern in the medical community and has prompted the research being done on ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE and BREAST CANCER victims, Potassium alum molecules have a negative ionic charge, making it unable to pass through the cell wall. THEY ARE NOT ABSORBED. This is why we recommend the use of Deodorant stones they are safe to use and will not cause high levels of ALUMINUM in your systems. ALUM and ALUMINUM are two different substances, with distinct chemical signatures. They posses different chemical properties which create different chemical attributes." (from /deodorant_stone.htm)

See also this page:

I was at Rite-Aid today, filling some rx. And I was in the deodorant aisle. I saw a brand called Crystal (it looked liquid). And I remember you, Tammy, mentioning crystal. But I realize now it was a solid substance, and not a brand of deodorant. Oddly enough this was aluminum free! I bought some. It was a tad expensive at $5.99.

The liquid crystal deodorants are, I believe, watered-down (melted/dissolved?) versions of the solid salt crystal! Think of salt water versus a salt block. I believe the active ingredients are the same, though! :)

For those of us that have dropped their crystal. Yes you can mend it although it may be time consuming.
You can use this method...

To get a rounded shape use a rounded container. something like a popsicle container would work.
I suspect it will take a week or two to get the result but it could be fun project if you kids.

As for a note on safety of alum - it has been used now for hundreds of years as deodorant, food preservative and even adjuvants in vaccines so I would think its pretty safe.
Here's an interesting link though...

I just "happened" across your blog by way of another blog - I can't remember who's though, LOL -

Anyhow - to try and put the "alum = aluminum" question at ease in your mind - true, alum is a direct dirivative of aluminum, but (1) not the same type found in conventional anti-perspirants (2) the molecule size, because of the inclusion with other minerals, inhibits the absorbtion into the skin because of it's size - meaning - it's perfectly safe.

An analogy to help clarify things - Imagine, if you will, chloride (bleach) will kill you if you drink it and sodium, directly on your skin, will burn you up, but when you combine the two - you get sodium-chloride (table salt) which is necessary and good for you (to ingest). Also - take into account hydrogen is a terribly explosive element and oxygen [by itself] in high concentrations will burn you because it is, directly, an oxydizer, but together they make water; a life sustaining substance. The same applies to the "Crystal" deoderant stick. Obviously not life sustaining or even GOOD for you, but point to be made - when two molecules join together it makes a completely different compound that does not resemble the individual molecules at all.

Hope this helps! By the way - am I over analyzing the math question thing? What is that all about?

Thanks for sharing a little more of the scientific side. :) I think what was also confusing to me is that the companies selling the deodorant crystals aren't usually upfront about what the "natural mineral salts" really are... and they are marketed as containing "no harmful aluminum" which I think can be mistakenly understood as "NO aluminum"... or maybe I just ask too many questions? :)

The math question is to prevent spam comments. :) 

I have been using the rock crystal too. I did drop mine. It broke. I took it to the blender. I made a bottle of salt water of it. I put a palm full in my hand in the morning and rub it under each armpit. That seems to really do the trick. I agree that there was a "adjustment" period. I am very pleased.

Recently I read that I was using conventional stick deodorants improperly--like everyone. ..That I should have applied the stick at night, wake, wash and not reapply, but trust it was "absorbed in my skin to work all day. While all that made me think of going back, the lack of deodorant stains on my shirts and Ts made me appreciate that salt method better.

I wonder if this would work with Epsom Salt just as well. Anyone have an idea?

Anyhow, thank you, Tammy, for starting this whole conversation. It was helpful.

I wanted to chime in on this because I too have made the switch from commercial antiperspirant/deodorants! Instead of researching this I just deduced that smell=bacteria and sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria - says so on the bottle ;)Now I have been using hand sanitizer gel with either aloe vera or moisturizers, as I am still shaving and wanted to avoid irritation, for the past few months. I live in Southern Florida and cannot complain. I have even vacationed in Disney World during the summer using the hand sanitizer with great success! I saw a post regarding alcohol and essential oils... I may try that next! Occasionally, when my day is very stressful, I need a small "touchup". Thank goodness for the portable sizes!

Most hand sanitizers unfortunately contain triclosan as an active ingredient for killing germs. It's poisonous to the liver.

that strawberry shortcake on the side looks so yummy....

I would like to try the salt crystal but where do you buy it?

I have tried most the natural ones and agree with the burning especially when you use more than one time a day. I found one that doesn’t burn called pure and basic green tea and green clay.. Supposedly no aluminum. I can’t stand smelly ones, even if natural oil ones.
Ingr: Ingredients: Propylene glycol, green tea and oriental cypress, lichen and chamomile in purified water, french green clay, sodium stearate, witch hazel, tea tree oil, polysorbate 20, methylparaben, essential oil fragrance.

Makes The person smell like a new bandaid in my opinion. I am a guy so it doesn’t help for long term in smell and doesn’t block any sweat. But if you have MCS is better than the rest. I am going to try the rock salts. One is potassium and the other ammonia. Just personally thinking that potassium is better to try of the 2.

I dont know if my first post went through but i wanted add that all smell from armpit or body is not just bacteria. it is also chemicals coming back out. among other rotten things. ie parasites and the like.

Rubbing Alcohol on a cotton ball applied to underarms will keep anyone from smelling bad for several days at least.

Magnesium oxide powder is a wonderful natural deodorant. Milk of Magnesia works great, too, but it leaves a white deposit on your skin which some people may not like. I get my magnesium oxide powder at (I am not affiliated with them, but gave a link because it can be hard to find). A bottle of the powder lasts a LONG time. The powder leaves your skin feeling like there is nothing on it, and it works no matter how much you sweat. You do have to wash first. I use it daily, and love it. I have used the crystal and liquid crystal, and much prefer the magnesium oxide powder, although the crystal works. Vinegar and baking soda have never worked for me, by the way, so if you are a tough case, try the magnesium oxide powder. (If you have extra odor problems, try washing with soap and water, then apply some hand sanitizer, then wash it off, then apply magnesium oxide. Voila! Sweet-smelling you. (Please do not use hand sanitizer with isopropyl alcohol in it--read all the ingredients. Get the ones with ethyl alcohol as the sanitizing ingredient. Hulda Clark has done extensive studies that show isopropyl alcohol contributes to the development of cancer). Also, some people can forego deodorant entirely if they get enough zinc in their diets (don't overdo on this, though).

Thanks for the tip about the magnesium oxide powder. I'd rather put magnesium than aluminum under my arms. I'll try it if I don't have any success with baking soda or vinegar (which I don't expect to). I think zinc might have a similar effect.

If magnesium and zinc can both work as antiperspirants, then it's hard to understand why they aren't being used more in commercial deodorants.

great blog thanks for sharing that with me

A mix of epsom salt + baking soda (NOT baking powder, which likely contains alumium!)

Put them together in a mix of your choice, 70:30 works fine, but it really isn't that important.
Add just enough water to dissolve the mixture.
Rub under armpits.

Added benefit: magnesium absorption (from the epsom salt) through the armpit skin into the bloodstream.

Cheap, cheerful, natural, effective and beneficial.


I have a question about the baking soda however. My husband pharmacist gave him a receipe to combine baking soda and maple syrup (or your favorite natural sweetner source) and eating it so that baking soda makes it to the cancer to kill it. Well, he said to use aluminum free baking soda (Bob's Redmill, I think).

So I wonder if baking soda works because it has aluminum in it?

Wow I will also try the recipe in the comment above... I think I've decided everything must be natural ... next for me is to eliminate shampoo as soon as I can figure out what to use.

I don't use any lotion anymore at home.. just avocado and coconut oil. I love it. It smells wonderful too. Now I need natural oil to go containers.

We switched a couple of years ago, and having just moved to AZ, it was not easy LOL! We bought it in the winter and found that it worked really well, but come that summer... Well, let's just say it was hit and miss. I agree though, I also think that our body adjusts. Living here we definitely take showers almost daily in the summer and i believe that helps. After that first summer we now no longer have a problem with it not working. My husband also sprays his cologne under his arms after he uses the stick and that really helps. I tried that once, after I had just shaved... Yah, I won't make that mistake again! :)

What's interesting is that there is no odor... Good or bad. I would not use any other product... We love our salt stick. We also use it is spray form as well.

Omigosh! I decided to start using a deodorant recipe from another page, lost the recipe, found your and replaced the one I was using. They were pretty much the same, but I started getting red patches under my arms after about a month. I read through all these comments, even tried going without deodorant, but I was ready to throw in the towel on that fairly quickly. Maybe I didn't try long enough, but I just couldn't take it.

ANYWAY, I read your ravings about your rock crystal deodorant, figured I'd give it a go. It's only been a couple days, but this stuff is AWESOME! $5 for a chunk, and it works really well. I love it! Thank you, Tammy!

I love that stuff! It works great! Sometimes, if it's a super hot day, I'll put that on and then put a little coconut oil in my pits as well :) It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, etc... so it really works great! :)

Somebody dropped mine on the ceramic tiles and shattered the top of it. The bottom portion was still intact, but I wasn't about to put the jagged edges into my armpits. I took it out to the garage, gave it a bit of a sanding to get rid of the sharp bits (a minute's effort), but did not try to make it completely smooth, then went back to using it. That was enough to make it smooth enough for use, eventually wearing off the high spots, and now it is almost as smooth as before it was broken. I only use it when I go out, so mine has lasted about eight years and even after losing some to damage and sanding, there's still at least half left. I got mine at my big box grocer, noticed it at Walmart the other day.

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