What our daily meals are like, thoughts on food, etc...

Today was a fairly relaxing day. In the morning, I gave baths to the children, washed a load of laundry, stuff like that. I put Yehoshua down for a nap early (11 am) since he had gotten up before 7, and then in the afternoon, we went over to visit at my parents' house. My mom had invited her mom (my grandma), also, and she just loves to see her great-grandchildren. There's something so special about babies, and seeing generations together is so rewarding and touching.

This evening, Joshua asked me, "So, what's for dinner?" I replied that I had been thinking about making grilled cheese. We love grilled cheese, but it's like my back-up plan for when I haven't really planned ahead and don't know what else to make. :| So then I said, "Well, what do you want me to make?" and Joshua said, "Well, you should be able to come up with something that sounds good. After all, you are the owner of Tammy's Recipes.com!" I started laughing and said, "I knew that was coming sooner or later" ;) Then I said, "Well, honey, I hate to inform you of this, but I really am the same person I was 2 weeks ago when you bought the domain name. I wish buying a domain would change me! Ha, I would buy "excellent wife" and "nice mom all the time" and stuff like that!" :)

So, in case this website is giving anyone the impression that I am some fabulous cook who makes 7-course meals every night while being the best wife and mom in the world... ;)

Actually, usually my daily meals involve 3 main items.

There's a meat or main dish item (because my husband likes meat at every meal if possible!), a vegetable, and a bread/starch food. Salads are a bonus with me, unfortunately.

I rarely take the time to make a nice salad (with things like carrots, celery, onions, peas, peppers, boiled eggs, etc.) because they're a lot of work (almost as much work as a lot of main dishes!) and since they're just a side, we don't eat enough to make it worth the bother...before it goes bad in the fridge :|. Okay, poor excuses, I know.

Also, fruit is sometimes present, sometimes not. I love it when there's sales on fresh fruit, because we get tired of opening jars of applesauce at every meal. And I do keep bananas on hand whenever possible, for snacks.

And desserts are just whatever, whenever. I don't make it a priority to have a dessert handy every day or at every meal, and when we do eat dessert it usually isn't with meals, but rather as a snack. We also like to freeze things (like individually wrapped pieces of cheesecake, cookies, etc.) and take out just what we need. That way we're not tempted to eat the whole batch right away. ;) Well, I still get tempted, (especially if chocolate's involved!) but we're less likely to eat too much. :)

One of our dinners recently: Beef vegetable soup, leftover cornbread, and watermelon

You might notice that a lot of the pictures of whole plates of foods, really do only have 3 items. I think most of my recipes are for fairly simple things... because I really don't spend all day in the kitchen! And on some days, I can be overheard saying things like, "Ummm...I had dinner planned, really I did... but I just forgot what it was! Give me a minute and I'll remember." or "Well, I'm still deciding... do any of these 3 things sound good?!"

I do like to cook, and I do like making nice meals for others to enjoy (and, as my waistline shows, enjoying them myself ;D). But I am constantly searching for quicker and easier ways to do things (without compromising the quality of homemade meals!) and trying to be more efficient in the kitchen. I've also learned not to feel guilty about things that just aren't possible or practical for me to do.

One of those things involves homemade bread. My mom (who is an excellent cook, though she didn't know how to cook at all when she got married) has always made homemade bread. My dad taught her how (since he was the oldest of 13 children and grew up making it) and I think I was able to make bread by the time I was 8 or 10. With a decent-sized family, homemade bread disappeared in no time.

When Joshua and I got married, I was, of course, planning to make bread. I soon learned that with just 2 people in the house, homemade bread sat around and got stale. (Partly because homemade bread gets dry and crumbly in about 24 hours' time.) ;) I also had moved half-way across the country and for some reason had the most difficult time with getting my bread to turn out with a good texture. I made Joshua endure loaf after loaf of crumbly, dry, soggy, or dense bread before finally giving in and deciding to buy (yes, buy!) bread to make sandwiches for his lunches.

I do make bread occasionally (maybe once every week or two) for garlic bread or dinner rolls, but we buy a lot of bread, and you know what? I don't feel guilty about it. I can't do everything, after all! And you can't, either. So use this site for ideas and encouragement, but remember that there are more important things than making everything homemade or being the "best" at everything. :)


I best be careful teasing Tammy about her newfound fame as, "Mrs. Tammy's Recipes" or I am gonna get a clubbing by her friends ;)

What an encouraging post! Thanks for the inspiration to be ok with what we can do. Love this website!

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