Podcast: My Journey to Making Kefir

Making kefir


I decided to let some of my excitement about kefir spill over into a short podcast about how I got started making it myself! :)

Right-click here to download and save the podcast, "My Journey to Making Kefir"! :) (Podcast is almost 4 minutes long and about 1 MB.)


I listened to your podcast this morning. It was funny hearing your voice for the first time!
You sounded so young I had a look around on your blog and realised you're the same age as me! I couldn't believe it. Not that I thought you were old :) You just seem so much more mature than I am :)

Thanks, Aline! It's always fun to hear the "voice behind the blogger", isn't it? :) Actually, I need to change my age on the "About" page... because I turned 25 in February. :) I intended to change it, but kept forgetting. :) I should update the picture of my children, as well... they've grown a lot in the past year! :)

Yes it is! Happy belated birthday:) Did you feel like there was something different when you turned 25? A lot of people have told me this and I'm wondering whether that will happen to me in a couple of months when I turn 25.

Hello. My aunt recently gave me milk kefir but in all the videos of different people that Ive watched the kefir grains are big and look like a cauliflower. My kefir are very small grains, each like the size of a rice grain. Is this normal? Are there different sizes of milk kefir?

Hi, I think what happens is you grow th egrains yourself, everytime you add them to more milk, strain and add some more, they grow in size. You are feeding them just like they end up feeding you.

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