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Do you use self-rising flour in recipes?



Most of my recipes that call for self-rising flour are biscuit or other bread-type recipes. I'm a Southerner, and we're big on biscuits, so I always have self-rising flour on hand.

If a recipe doesn't specify a type of flour, then just use all-purpose or plain flour.



Self raising flour didn't exist in France when I was a little girl and started to learn how to bake. I used to love making cakes for the rest of the family! and generally, they were very happy too :). So I got used to using all purpose flour and adding baking powder and never bothered with self raising.


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I voted never...

and I live down here in South Carolina. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that I was born in Iowa and spent my "learning to cook" years in North Dakota ;). But my southern born hubby really, really dislikes biscuits. When I make them it is usually for the girls and I when he's at work. How funny is that :)? Now, he loves grits and sweet tea, ewww... ;).

I voted never...

I guess self-rising flour never existed in my little world. LOL! I don't know why, but it has never entered my mind to use it.

In Christ,


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never here too

I voted never. :) ~Tanya

One great recipe

The only recipe I have that calls for self-rising flour is beer bread, and we LOVE it! I suppose it would be a good idea to learn how to make it myself, but I keep a small bag "on-hand" for those special occasions when we make this treat. It is funny how I keep the flour on hand, but not the beer :-) I guess that is a good thing though!

Thanks for your fun posts and ideas Tammy!

self rising flour

My grandmas biscuit recipe calls for self rising flour so I keep a small batch on hand, in a large ziploc in the freezer.When Grams comes to visit she can cook us up a batch. When I do it they taste like cardboard but when she does it they are yummy.

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I use it rarely

but never buy it. If a recipe does call for it, I just make my own.


I've never used it, and I've never found a recipe that called for it either.

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No selfraising here either...

Overhere in Europe, we can buy both flowers: selfraising or plain flower. I do everything with using bakingpowder, that is much cheaper overhere..

Only for a couple of recipes.....

I have a couple of Australain recipes I have used self rising flour in - it is very common there! Lindafisk

I voted never

I am alergic to gluten :( No flour at all for me!

Do you use self-rising flour in recipes?

Self-rising flour is a great time-saver. Good for making fast biscuits & pancakes.

We are in Tennessee. Maybe it is a Southern thing.

I make beer bread for my

I make beer bread for my family........they love it!!!

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