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I recently read something that got me thinking about my blog content.

And since I write a recipe and cooking blog, I post a lot about food. I also enjoy making things from scratch, and pinching pennies. My blog content is focused and doesn't always have a lot of variety in topic, but not because I don't care about lots of things. There's only so much time in the day, and I have to choose a tiny portion of our lives to write about!

We've never really felt the luxury of "lots" of money, and if we didn't live frugally, we would be deep into debt by now. Sure, we do without some things that we could probably afford... like going out to eat. (Actually, our reasons for not going out to eat are more about quality preferences!) 

I'm sure we could manage eating out once a week. But could we manage eating out, buying ready-made foods, driving the car frequently, always using the electric dryer, buying disposable diapers, buying new clothing, and without everything else we do to save money? Absolutely not!

But your budget might allow for more of those things. And I hope you know that I think that's perfectly fine! :) I'm really into homemade bagels right now, but that doesn't mean I think everyone has to make their own. I use cloth diapers, I love cloth diapering, but you can use whatever keeps your baby clean and dry! (Just don't complain to me about the price, that's all! ;D)

I love simple, everyday things. I like to cook, I love Yahweh, and I love my family. So this is just my little disclaimer... yes, there are more important things than the things I blog about. And no, I'm not over here passing judgment on those of you who really don't want to make homemade laundry soap or use old socks for dishrags! ;)

It amazes me sometimes, how my Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need, and when. I love getting encouraging comments and emails, like this comment posted earlier today:

"I've been reading your blog for a few months, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. Of all the different blogs I read, this one makes me feel the most comfortable or at home :) I guess maybe because we have similar interests and you seem to be an easy going person. I just felt like I needed to tell you that you are encouraging and uplifting and I am blessed to get to read your words :) Thanks so much!  --Jessica, mom to three BUSY little girls"

And here, all day, I had been wondering, "How in the world can I blog a real picture of what I think about life in general?!" I know the answer is that I can't, and I don't have to be able to! :) But I'm so thankful that God is using this little website to encourage others!

But it's late, and I'm rambling. Good night! :)


You have a huge ministry and don't even realize it. I know that there is always going to be some people out there that are going to try and tear you down. Please know that there are many more that LOVE this blog. I am like Jessica and look forward to your blog more than any other. Why you ask? Well, like she said it makes you feel at home. We are mothers who have to cook. Why not enjoy it? Why not enjoy it with your family? Why not blog about it;) I have learned so much from this blog and am so very thankful for you and your hubby for the time you spend on it. Please be encouraged by those who frequent here often and ignore those who try and stir the pot. Thanks for all you do!

Don't EVER apologize for being in God's will. I think your site is amazing!!!!! I Love being at home also. I just wish I would have done it 10 years earlier. I may be 40 almost 41 but you seem to have wisdom beyond your years! Too bad it took some of us far too long to realize what you already have. Remember family is the Most importanat thing; after the Lord of course. They are his blessings. I read your site everyday & look forward to the new posts. Keep up the great work and may the Lord continue to bless you!

I hope these reflexions haven't been triggered by nasty comments, such as one that I read on this blog a few weeks ago and that I found really shocking.
I find your blog really inspiring and check it very regularly. Like shorty, I feel at home when I come here, and that is something extremely rare on the internet. I like the way you give your advice/opinion, but never ever impose anything or make judgements.
So although I don't use old socks as dishrags (probably because I wear them to the core and then they're useless!), I'm always happy to read your posts and discover new recipes (eg for bagels that are impossible to find over here) or frugal ideas.
So Merci, or Thank you for everything Tammy :)

Way to go! ;-)

Tammy, It is so nice to come to your site and gain insight into being a better mother and wife. It is nice that even though we do not know one another we have that common bond in our Lord and Savior. I so enjoy coming to your site and seeing what new recipes or frugal tips you have to share with us. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are truly a blessing. Thank you!

I really enjoy your blog. I love to learn new recipes and to hear about creative ways to be frugal. Your sweet spirit is evident in your posts.

Although I do not always comment, I read your site just about daily. . . I love it! It indeed has a true feel, not glossy and fake. And I sense your dedication to your family in it through the efforts you make to have things pleasant and pleasing. It isn't our differences (my husband works for a co. that manufactures disposables - haha! - so I use pre-fab diapers) that jump out at me. Matter of fact, I love reading about the way you live even if it is different in those ways. You are living fullest where God has placed you, and that's what I think shines here.

God Bless You and Your's!

And the strawberries are killing me! I'm afraid the frosts have done our berry market in this year! I will be wishing for a berry pickin' morning. . .


I love to read your blog! You blog about things that I do everyday. Not having any married friends close by often make me feel alone and left out of things. Reading your blog is like having a chat with a good friend. :) Very Encouraging! Sometimes the simple things in life are the best.

I agree! I come here because this blog is inspiring (whether it's to try to recipes, be more frugal or something faith-related.) I love it because it's real.. and you are a real person with real issues, a real family and real faith. It's kind of refreshing to see these days.

(future wife and mother. Give me a couple years! lol)

I think you are a lovely person. I agree with so many that have commented. When I come here I feel like you are someone who is just trying to be a good wife and mother - not someone who is looking to preach to the world, but rather lives by example (which makes a huge statement within itself). Your quiet and gentle spirit speaks so much.

When I go to blogs, I don't need someone to preach to me (God's word does that); I don't need fanciness & blog awards or anything of that nature. I don't even need to see someone's latest material goods attained (these are just my feelings). I am a stay-at-home wife that is encouraged by those who are trying to live a similar life (such as yourself) in this challenging world we live in. Instead of running around crazy (which I have done in the past), I am striving every day to be content with all that I am blessed with already.

I love reading about your recipes, but most of all, I think I really love reading about how you live your life with your family and how you are able to stay home by living a frugal and simple life. I, too, am grateful for my frugal & simple life. It allows me to have so much more than material things and tons of money. As I sit here looking out my window - watching the trees, birds and nature in my back yard, I am so very thankful; and would not trade this for anything in the world. No, we are not rich, nor do we have the latest of anything, but I have SO SO much more & I know you feel the same. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.

I forgot to sign in, but this is from Lyn. God bless & have a lovely day!

Tammy, I am so thankful that a friend sent me your site. I have learned so much from you and the other participants. I view this as a ministry from you to me.
I check your site everyday to see what is new. It is positive and practical. Even though we don't know each other, I feel a kinship through what I gain here.
You have chosen what parts of your life you share and what you want to keep personal. From reading your blog over the last month, I get a picture of what your "real life in general' is like. You are giving--of your time, knowledge and friendship. You love God, you cherish your family. You are genuinely thankful to be a stay at home mom. You are a passionate person and know what you believe and why.
Oh sure there is more to you than what you share here on my little ole computer screen. I would be silly not to know that!! I just want to encourage you and your family to continue with the gifts God has given.
May God Bless you and your family, DeDe

And check it everyday. You are always an inspiration and encouragement to me and your recipes are a great motivation. I hope you can keep up on your blogging and new recipes even as your children grow and perhaps even the size of your family some day. The effort and thought you put into this site is very appreciated by me and I often wonder how you do it all!

I wish I had more time in the day to try all these wonderful recipes. Your blog is awesome, and you are a nice person. I enjoy coming here because you are cheerful and kind, a real class act. Keep up the good work!

I really love this site for the recipes and ideas, etc. I am trying to become more frugal and I get the best ideas from you, and my husband loves me saving money :) I agree with another comment posted that you are wise beyond your years. You speak so kind and you are so real, and I especially love how you handle the negative comments! Some people are just so unhappy. So, please keep up the good work.

Oh, you ladies are all so kind! Thanks for all of your sweet comments. Embarassed

I find reading your blog to be very informational and inspirational. Reading it gives me a sense of serenity. I was never taught much growing up on how to be a good wife or how to keep a house. I got married at seventeen and was a SAHM by 18; it left me feeling very bewildered. You are the embodiment of the Proverbs 31 woman and reading your blog is like reading an instruction book on how to become the same. :-)

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