Mopping the floor, Bethany-style

Last Friday, I decided to mop our kitchen floor, Bethany-style!

The floor was pretty dirty. I vacumed it and then told the children to get ready... because we were going to be mopping the floor "a special way" and they were going to help!

The results? Probably the funnest, cleanest mop-job I've ever done. :)

Here's how it goes:

Step 1: Vacuum the floor, so you don't have any loose crumbs, hair, etc.


Step 2: Spray your floor with the cleaner of your choice. I don't like to use commercial cleaners, so I pulled out my spray-bottle of straight vinegar and we used that. Whatever you decide to use, make sure it's not too toxic, unless you want to wear shoes while you mop! :)

Yehoshua even got to spray the floor, and he thought that was just wonderful. He got a little carried away and started spraying the cupboards, too. ;)

Spraying the floor...

Step 3: Get an old rag or towel or two, and put them on the floor. Use the sprayer from your kitchen sink to spray them down. I used hot water and old towels.

Mopping with my feet!

Step 4: Using your bare feet, sail around the floor with one rag under each foot, mopping the entire floor. If children are helping, give them rags and roll up their pants so they don't get too wet!

Yehoshua had difficulty getting the wet towel to move across the floor. He had fun trying, though! 

Eliyahu, on the other hand, was NOT having fun. The floor was too slippery for him, and after he fell down a couple times, I decided to just hold him. He cried and fussed the floor was finished! It was his first experience with a wet floor. :)

This was a fun way to clean the floor, and it got really really clean. :)

Be careful if if your floor gets slippery when wet, especially if you have little children helping you!!


My Gram always cleaned her kitchen floor that way... I dont think she even owned a mop:>

I have done this in the past and am not really sure why I stopped it is a quick and easy way to get a clean floor.


I do this when i am in a hurry, i have always been a on my hands and knees clean the floor girl. but, it takes forever and somtimes (especially when ia m pregnant) it gets hard. so, i started doing it this way ... here i thought i was lazy and never told anyone i did it ;) YAY i can FINALLY tell people my deepest secret... thank you tammys recipes, not only are you helpful in the kitchen but you are like theropy too! :P

i thought i was being lazy for doing it this way. i didn't realize it was acceptable form of cleaning. boy do i feel better now.

Hee Hee!! This is such a fun post! I'm so glad to see you got some use out of the mop idea, Tammy! :) It's so much easier than doing it on your hands and knees or using a mop, isn't it? :D
I started doing it as a shortcut one day, and after that just decided "what was the point of the mop when I had such an easier way to get it done?"
Your pictures made me laugh! :D
Thank you!

I have done it drying the floor with a bath towel and using my feet to dry it.Never thought of it for washing it.I will have to try this.

Joshua saw this post and laughed at the photo of my feet! :) He said, "You should have found matching towels!" and I said, "They were rags, honey!" LOL

Anyway, YES, this is a completely acceptable form of cleaning. ;)

Today when I told Yehoshua we were going to clean the kitchen, he asked, "Can we mop, too???" ;)

I have been doing this since I was pregnant also, and I have found it to be a much better way of mopping... my mop doesn't pick up hair and dirt, it just seems to spread it around. So when I started using a rag, I found I can pick up the hair and dirt I missed somehow sweeping. Btw, I love this site. It feels good to know there are other young mothers/housewives out there that really love what they are doing. Thanks Tammy!

Hahaha. I do this when I'm late for work and my 4 year old grand daughter spilled her milk in the morning. I like doing it cuz it's giving me a quick exercise for my legs.

Linda Costner
AZ floor covering

I use the towel in the bathroom to do this especially right before I do a towel load in the washer. I also use spray and toilet paper to clean around the toilet (starting with the handle and working my way around) with a mixture of a little bleach, lemon Pine Sol and mostly water about three times a day and then just flush the paper down when I'm done. You don't have to use very much paper so it really doesn't waste that much. I have a bit of a germ phobia (and some health problems that suppress my immune system) and that keeps me happy to have the toilets clean and fresh all of the time. I'll sometimes start with the bathroom sink after the children use it in the morning to get ready and brush teeth, spraying everything and letting it sit for a few minutes, then it just wipes away in seconds. No need for the expensive Clorox wipes, and you don't have to worry about the germ infested washrag afterward.

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