Lunchbox Photo-Tour

Each workday, I pack a lunch for Joshua to enjoy. I try to include a variety of foods, and, since Joshua's job is physically demanding, his lunch is fairly big.

I thought you might enjoy a little photo tour of his lunchbox. I actually got his lunch packed early one day, and had time to take pictures! :) 

This lunchbox cooler was purchased at Wal-Mart, after the previous lunchbox fell apart from use. It was difficult to find a lunchbox cooler that was large enough and suited our needs, but this one has worked well. In the front pocket, you can see Joshua's frugal notebook peeking out. :)

The lid of the lunchbox has a separate compartment. I put two full water bottles there. (We wash and refill them.)

Here is the top view of the lunch. This particular lunch had some leftover pizza (I usually send a sandwich, unless I have leftover pizza), a few sun chips, a small container of peanuts and two bananas.

And the second layer: A container of yogurt, some string cheese, grapes, another water bottle, homemade cinnamon graham squares, and some grapefruit.

Joshua also takes another water bottle to drink while driving to work, since it won't fit in his lunchbox. :)

So, there you have it: The Average Lunchbox! :)


My dh's lunch looks a lot like yours. He needs lots of food and variety to get him through long days. He usually takes diet coke or ice tea in his and uses a coleman cooler that is a size up from the six pack size.

We wanted to get one of the hard coleman coolers! But we could only find small ones and huge ones. I think part of the problem was that we needed the lunchbox in the winter, and their cooler stock is usually pretty sparse then. ;)

I think it may be hard to find that size to because we bought our last 2 at garage sales but i have not seen them in stores.

Hi Tammy,
I ordered my dh a laptop lunch box this week. They are so cool. I will post a picture when it comes. Thanks for posting about my shopping trip.

Please do not reuse the regular water bottles more then once - they are not made to withstand frequent washings and the plastic leaches out into the water over time. This type of plastic has been known to make men sterile.

Please purchase a reusable water bottle or two just to be safe.

You can do a seach online about refilling plastic water bottles to get more info.


Don't worry about reusing water bottles. It is okay. Here is an article about it:

Elizabeth, I've seen pictures of those laptop lunchboxes! They're so pretty. :) But I wonder how much food they hold! :)

Kim, thanks for the comment! I have heard that it's not good for drinking water to stand too long in a plastic container. We refill plastic water jugs for our drinking water, too.

What I don't understand, is, why is the water that's sold in them safe to drink, but not any more water you put inside? Is a re-filled water bottle unsafe the second it gets new water in it? Or only if it's had the refill water in it for a certain period of time? Or...?? I did some googling but didn't find much... maybe you could point me to your links. :)

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