Making fleece liners for cloth diapers

One of my fleece diaper liners

I know this is primarily a cooking blog, but can we have just one more laundry-related post this week? Thanks. ;)

One of the things I love about cloth diapers is that they're so adaptable. There are about as many ways of storing, folding, covering, soaking, rinsing, washing, and drying cloth diapers as there are cloth-diapered-babies! When I had my first baby, I thought cloth diapering was just done like my mom did it. Browsing websites and reading articles about cloth diapering made me quickly realize that I could tailor the basics to fit our house, my supplies, etc.

Cloth diapering is simple, but it seems my method is constantly changing, depending on the baby, the age of the baby (i.e. food type intake ;D), the time of year (yay for sun!), and even what goodies I can get for free/cheap (yay for baking soda!).

I've tried fleece diaper liners in the past, but didn't think they were worth the extra bother. After all, the more "pieces" I put in a diaper, the more things I have to hang on the clothesline! A couple of my friends had praised fleece liners, particularly for babies who are eating solid foods. The liners are also soft (much softer than line-dried diapers, most days!) and feel "dry" on the baby's bottom.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try fleece liners for Eliyahu. Now, here's where the frugal part comes in. You can make fleece liners from old fleece blankets. No sewing is required; just cut into rectangles. You can make the liners fairly narrow (like the one pictured) or as wide as your diaper.

In my recent de-cluttering efforts, I came across a number of unused fleece baby blankets. Being the type of mom who prefers cotton clothing and blankets for her babies, I had four or five fleece blankets and certainly wouldn't miss a few of them if they got "converted". ;) So, I made diaper liners! It's actually nice to put those blankets to good use. :)


That makes total sense. Because fleece does not fray, it's easy to no-sew a liner. I'll definitely be trying this, thanks!

You're quite welcome. :) Although the idea certainly isn't original with me :) It's a little extra bother, but does make a wet diaper feel dry on the baby. :) I hope you like yours, when you make them! :)

I love this idea! I have so many fleece blankets that I never use. They will serve a much better purpose as diaper liners, keeping my baby's skin dry. Thanks!

I haven't even bought our cloth diaper yet, because I'm still on the fence about what size to buy...hoping that will be cleared up with a post I put on your homemade prefold tutorial! :-) Anyhow, how do these work? I understand the moisture goes through the fleece and into the cotton beneath, but don't baby's legs and any other edges still feel wet and bother them? Just wondering. I read very good things about fleece liners, but want your opinion! Again, thanks for the cloth diaper info! You are doing it in the most economical and reasonable way that I have seen yet!

What kind or brand of covers do you use for your CD prefolds?

Anonymous, I just bought some sunbaby diapers from their website, and I'm quite happy wiith them so far. They're one-size diapers with snaps that will adjust to the size of your baby. They also have elastic around the baby's legs, and on the back of the diaper so you don't have any wetness leaking through. They're pretty nice. :) hope that helps.

I know there's a couple different kinds of fleece out there? Which is the one called that is safe in terms of no potential accidents? Thanks!

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