Our lunch: Last-minute guest menu

Cheesy Potatoes and Chicken Vermicelli, along with some cooked veggies

Today was busy, but fun! The children and I were eating our breakfast this morning when a friend of mine called and asked if she and her 3-year-old grandson could come for a visit. Thankfully, I wasn't planning to go away or anything today, so I said "sure!" and invited them to stay for lunch, as well.

I had leftover oven-roasted chicken from yesterday, which I had de-boned and was planning to use for something. When I found out we were having guests for lunch, I started some water for pasta, and made a dish of Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli -- a quick and easy casserole that usually goes over well.

I also had some potatoes in the fridge that Joshua had cubed for me, which I had cooked and planned to use for cheesy potatoes. In a matter of minutes, I had a dish of Cheesy Potatoes to put in the oven with the vermicelli.

I cooked some canned corn and some bagged frozen peas, and rinsed off some fresh grapes that I got at the grocery store yesterday. And that was our lunch!

I did prepare most of it while our guests were here, since it was on short notice (and I spent most of that 45 minutes tidying up the house, getting dressed, and caring for the children!).

I was reminded of why I prefer to have the food already made when company comes. I am practically incapable of cooking and visiting at the same time. Is that odd? I can generally multi-task quite well (what mom can't?! ;D) but I always have difficulty entertaining guests while trying to prepare the meal. :)


but I haven't learned my lesson because I still try to do it every time!

Sounds like you were blessed to have something on hand to fix quickly. But I'm the exact same way - just can't think of all I need to prepare when trying to carry on a conversation with guests. Invariably I'll leave something in the fridge that we were supposed to have!

That looks so good! I have the same problem cooking while entertaining...it's like I need to be in the creativity zone to cook well, and that needs full attention.

LOL! :) I often make a list of the foods I'm planning before our guests arrive, because I am prone to leaving a bowl of fruit in the fridge, or forgetting to make vegetables, until after we've eaten! :) I think my brain just kind of leaves me or someting. :)

But what's amazing is that I can actually take care of two little children while I cook! Then again, they're usually helping me and we're not carrying on any significant conversation. :)

I enjoy listening to conversation while I cook though! :) And since Joshua is more outgoing than I am, it works out great. :)

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