My salisbury steak recipe from today's lunch

Easy Salisbury Steak recipe

According to this week's menu, today was try-a-new-recipe day. What did I decide to make? Salisbury steak! Joshua has been wishing for some homemade salisbury steak, so I looked at a bunch of different recipes and created my own.

Amazingly enough, instead of taking a nap this afternoon, I typed up my recipe (before I forgot the measurements!) and posted it for anyone interested. :) We both liked it and I'm definitely adding this to my stash of last-minute easy recipes!


Everything you make just looks so delicious! makes me hungry hehe

Looks good, Tammy. I made one of your recipes today and left a review. :)~Tanya

Awww, thanks. :) When I'm not taking a picture, I don't try to arrange the food neatly on the plate. Placement and lighting makes a huge difference, although I guess most of my plates of food (in the photos) don't have garnish... with two little children running around, who has time for that?! :)

Tanya, thanks for leaving the review! Glad you liked the chicken gravy. :D

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