My dishes helpers last evening

Last evening, as we were washing dishes, I decided to take a few pictures of my helpers!

Yehoshua (2) and Eliyahu (1) help with dishes

Yehoshua (2) and Eliyahu (1) love to help with dishes. They LOVE it!! It is the biggest attraction for them, even better than things like play dough. ;)

Yehoshua and Eliyahu help with dishes

Yehoshua likes to scoop out my wash water. Eliyahu likes to play with the suds, or anything he can reach.

My helpers

Yehoshua's hair got a little wet while he was helping. They cry when it's time to get down.

I love my little helpers! I know at some point, dishes will become a chore instead of play to them. But this sure is fun, however long it lasts! :D


Your helpers are so cute! It's an inpsiration for when I am blessed with some of my own. Remember, chores stay fun if you keep them that way and work to enjoy it yourself. This even works for husbands! ;-)

Too cute!

My children love to wash the dishes, too. It's fun "busy work", and I can get other things done in the kitchen and still be with them.

You are making good memories with your boys! Wow, you are brave. LOL ~Tanya

But Tanya, I don't feel brave... I don't let them dump water on the floor. :) And even though the dishes take longer, the children are having fun and not getting into trouble! :)

The waterfalls is what I don't like! :) When I let Nathaniel help me, he just has the biggest smile on his face. :)


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