My de-cluttered kitchen photos

I've been working on getting the kitchen tidied... and keeping it that way! A week or two ago, I shared the photos of our re-arranged, de-cluttered, and organized living room and children's room and said I'd have kitchen photos to post once I got things finished up in there.

It took longer than I anticipated... somehow, piles of various papers that never got filed away make organizing a very tedious task! Add to that the fact that my kitchen seems to get "filled up" daily with things like dirty dishes and trash, it's a constant job even without "build-up"!

But, I finally was able to square away all the loose ends, getting some over-due thank you notes written, paying the last of the bills, and filing away recipes and such.

Our kitchen

One of the things I changed in the kitchen was the top of my fridge. We used to have water bottles, cereal, containers of baked goods, and open bags of chips or snacks on top of the fridge. Even when completely organized, it still looked untidy. It was also difficult to see what was really up there... so somethines we found a bag of stale chips that we had forgotten we opened. (Since we don't eat chips very often!)

So, I took everything off and put the stereo up there. There is also a can of pens and pencils, and the stereo remote. That's all that's there, and it looks so tidy! It's also nice to have music in the kitchen. :)

My DustBuster hanging on the wall is a frequently-used tool, which I plan to mention more in my upcoming post about actual cleaning tips. :)

Our kitchen

Here you can see my dry-erase menu board on the wall. The wooden cutting board on the table serves as either a cutting board or a place to set hot pans of food when we eat. (It was from a garage sale, hence the odd shape!) I hang the childrens' bibs on the back of the chair after mealtime, unless they're ready for the laundry.

Our kitchen

Here is my stove (with teapot), a utensil cannister (really saves on drawer space and makes for good accessibility, although I generally dislike having things out on the counters!), butter dish, and dish drainer full of dishes. In the rare event that I actually have all my dishes washed, dried, and put away, the drainer can be stored under the kitchen sink. Otherwise, it sits out and the dishes air dry.

Our kitchen

This is the end of the kitchen! The counter here is the one that was being over-run with junk! :) The door you see leads to the basement. On the other side of it, there are a few hooks where I hang our jackets and a plastic bag holder (for grocery bags). My cook books are on the top of the cupboards. Not my ideal location, but I needed to move them there in order to have more room on our living room bookshelf. :)

My hidden dish soap...

And lastly, my little trick I discovered: I can set my bottle of dish soap behind the kitchen curtain and it's out of sight but still easily accessible. :)

Now, the way to keep the kitchen looking tidy like this is actually really simple: Stay caught up on dishes, bill-paying/papers, and trash. Staying caught up is easier than getting caught up!! :)


I really like you curtains! I made a blanket for nursing with that same green gingham. I like that color green. You have inspired me to get rid of furniture and we now have a HUGE open living room to run around in. Thanks for the great pics and ideas!

Thanks, Shorty! I love ginghams. :) Joshua's mom gave me the fabric to make all the curtains (besides the ladybug one, which I already had) and I love them! :)

I hope your furniture either fetched a profit or wasn't too nice! lol Yehoshua enjoys having an open living room, too. :) I still need to put an ad in the paper and try to sell one piece of furniture that we took out of the living room. :) It was a stereo/tv stand.

Thanks for the comment; you're quite welcome! :)


I found your sight after veiwing biblicalwomanhood. It's very interesting, some of the recipes sound really nice, although I wouldn't eat most since I'm a vegan. I also noticed that that you practice the sabbath & don't eat unclean meats, I was just wondering what denomination you are, as some friends from school go at a seven-day adventist church and follow the same kinds of things.
Anyway your site is great,I wish you all the best with its continuation.

from Jess

Hi, Jess! Thanks for commenting, and welcome to!

You're right... most of our recipes do contain meat, or at least some cheese! My husband likes meals with at least some meat in them, and we both love cheese, so... ;)

However, we do enjoy trying other's favorite recipes and including them on this site, so if you have any you'd like to share, you could email them to us! We usually try all the recipes people send (if possible), although it could take some weeks, depending on if we need to purchase special ingredients. :) And, of course, then I get to blog about what we've tried. :)

Joshua wrote about some of our beliefs in a comment here. It's hard to quickly define our beliefs or opinions, and we like to keep this primarily as a blog of kitchen and homemaking encouragement, but we're always willing to answer questions! :)

Is the sterio a cd player aswell? If so how do you change cd's if it is up so high?

Isylla, yes, the stereo on the fridge is a CD player, also. I have to stand on a kitchen chair to change the CDs! But it does hold several CDs at once, and we normally listened to the same ones over and over, anyway, so I only change them around every few days or so. :) It is a bother, but also convenient! ;)

Just kidding. ;-) DH leaves tomorrow for 30 days so you can guarnatee I am going to be getting rid of a whole bunch of useless stuff (like our microwave that quit working many months ago, but we never took it down to the trash). I will have more counter space with that big thing gone. Plus we have like 3 junk drawers in the kitchen crammed with papers of some sort...that's all going to go too. The kitchen and bathroom will be easiest to de clutter. The 2 bedrooms aren't cluttery but they need to be straightened up. So, even though I will miss my DH, it will be nice to get all the "womanly work" done.

Dawn, sounds like you will be busy while your husband is away! That should help pass the time! :) We haven't had a microwave for a few years now, and I sure don't miss it! I like having open counter space. :)

I love the look of cleaned off counters. Though my kitchen is half the size of yours and that rarely happens! LOL
I have a nice cheap decorative way to display my dish liquid, in a few days when I am caught up on my work I will send it to you. :)
God Bless,

Thanks, Michele!

I love having clear counters to work on. It's so much easier to cook in an uncluttered kitchen. I am blessed with a lot of cupboards and counterspace in this house. Our last house has just a few feet of counterspace in the kitchen, and about 1/4 of the cupboard space I have now! I have always had a "rule" that my "things" need to fit in the cupboards or in storage, which seems to help keep the amount of "things" in check. :) I have seen counters in peoples' kitchens that are lined with appliances... coffee makes, toaster, toaster oven, blender, etc. and I could never work with a counter like that! :)

I can't wait to hear about your dish soap tip! :D

Look wonderful, Tammy. But when I ahve been in your kitchen, it has been neat anyways. :) I need to finish decluttering in my kitchen.. :) Seems to be a never ending pile of papers, papers, papers and yet more papers! ~Tanya

Thanks, Tanya. :) Yes, papers are the worst... because I usually have to go through them piece by piece and "deal" with them! lol :) I hope your kitchen de-cluttering goes well! :)

Hi, Tammy! I've enjoyed looking around your blog! I'm eager to hear your cleaning tips, especially about the dustbuster. I was just thinking about getting one. I can't tell what day you posted about this, maybe I missed it. Thanks for sharing and helping everyone!! :)

Hi, Tammy! I can't tell how to put my name in the comments, but my name is Jenn from Kansas. I don't have a blog because I can't find the time to do it or I'd link to it! :) I've read parts 1 and 2 of your cleaning- saw that you mentioned the dustbuster. Thanks, enjoyed the posts, they are helpful. Does the dustbuster work for just dry messes or would it work for stuff like spaghetti, eggs, yucky wettish stuff? That's my biggest problem. Plus I have all hardwood floors.

Thanks! :)

Jenn from Kansas

Thanks for commenting, Jen! Welcome to!

If you want your comments to link to a profile (and have a photo) you just need to go to this page and register an account. All it requires is an email address, user name, and password. :) (Things like a photo, your hobbies, etc. are all optional.)

The Dust Buster is just for dry messes. If I have wet food on the floor, I first pick up the big pieces and put them in the garbage. I use the dust buster for any dry crumbs that might be around the other mess. Then I use a dish rag to wash the floor... just like I would do for a messy counter or table top. Then that dish rag goes in the wash and I get out a clean one for dishes/table/counters, etc. (I don't use the one from the floor for other things!)

Before we had children, I probably would not have used the Dust Buster very much. Now, I use it every day! If only high chairs caught all the crumbs... ;)

so where do you keep your small appliances? I'm interested cause i like clear counters too!

I keep almost all of our appliances in my lower cupboards -- waffle maker, electric mixer, salad shooter, and crock pot. We have an enclosed porch right off of the kitchen where I have our toaster, blender, and bread machine. I think those are all of our appliances, unless there is one in the back of my cupboard that I am forgetting about! :D

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