Handy sour cream dispenser for 78 cents

Here is my newest kitchen gadget! (I know, it sounds like I must get a lot of new gadgets for my kitchen, but really I don't! I generally shun one-purpose objects...)


This squeezable plastic dispenser bottle has a removable top and when filled with sour cream, makes a lovely thin stripe of sour cream across whatever it is you're eating. (In this case, it was taco pizza.)

This is much handier than my ziplock bag sour cream dispenser. And while there was an initial start-up cost of $0.78 for the dispenser, I think in the long run I'll actually save money over buying bags. Oh, and less mess, too. This definitely works for me! :) 


Wow that is something I have never thought to do! People just cannot get enough sour cream around these parts. I think they would love this idea!

I bet you could do icing in the same fashion for little ones who want to ice cookies

Great idea! Remind me, where can you buy these at? I used to have one for caramel, but I can't find it. I never thought to use it for sour cream. :) I’ve posted a 12 lbs ‘til Christmas WFMW tip.

by Overwhelmed With Joy!

I was wondering how you got the sour cream on your taco pizza so neatly. Much better for taste and appearance not to have big globs of sour cream.

That is smart. You could also use it for desserts that have a sauce. I'm sure as time goes on, you will get very clever with this.

Excellant idea. :)~Tanya

much better than trying to blop it on with a spoon

Thanks for all the comments, friends! :) We got the clear plastic bottle from our local Wal-mart. I think I actually use less sour cream on my tacos since I can spread it out... and it's great for getting the sour cream inside the hard taco shells!

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