Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Easier cold-cut sandwich dressing

Salad dressing, mustard, and horseradish

Here's a handy time-saving sandwich-making tip for those of you who (like me!) make cold-cut sandwiches for lunches!

At least several times each week, I make a cold-cut sandwich for in my husband's lunchbox. I always make the sandwich fresh, shortly before he leaves for work, so it doesn't get soggy.

My husband likes salad dressing (Miracle Whip or equivalent), mustard, and horseradish on his cold-cut sandwiches, and it always took extra time to get all 3 things from the fridge, as well as at least 2 separate utensils to spread them on the bread.

So, I make a mixture of all three ingredients! First I combine the mustard and horseradish, using equal amounts of each. Then I add Miracle Whip until the spread is the right strength in relation to the horseradish. ;)

My sandwich spread

I store it in a lidded container in the refrigerator, and then when I need to make a sandwich, I just have to spread one thing on the bread! Much simpler. :) We use this on our burgers, too!

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That sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing =)

Sounds good- of course I would have to use Helmans! :)

It's my first time at your site, you have some great recipes here-I'd never tried to make my own pepperoni. Yum. And the apple ladder load looks like a great breakfast. I'll have to check in again.

Michelle at

Great idea! It is simple and makes so much sense!

Thanks for the idea. Although, we don't use horseradish, we could use this for the rest of the sandwish dressings. Thanks!

yummy =)

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

Maybe we should make a hamburger dressing/spread: Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and pickle relish! Wouldn't that look gross?! :)

I make a mixture for hot dogs that simplifies life. You can also make a spread for burgers if you use dill pickle relish (OR finely chopped dill pickle). I follow this ratio for the hot dogs: 2 - 3 parts ketchup, 1 part yellow mustard, 1 part sweet pickle relish with juice. We don't eat hot dogs very often so I usually use tablespoons in my ratio. This is very handy to bring to picnics and potlucks.

You could make that too, but I don't like ketchup! The sandwich spread/dressing really is a good idea, makes an even consistant result, and is less mess. As for the horseradish--I never liked it alone or on things (or in them!) growing up. But a little bit on a sandwich adds a TON of flavor. It is all in how you use it :D

Hi Tammy, I am new to this site and came to it through Hillbilly housewife. I too make my husbands sandwiches, and he too likes those three items with a few variations such as relish, pickles, feta,ect.. I am going to try this spread and see how he likes it, -thanks- Wendy

Hi, Wendy! Thanks for leaving a comment, and welcome to! :) I hope your husband likes the spread! :)

You know my grandma used to make this us for hamburgers and I still love it-kind of funny that I hadn't thought about it in years.

Michelle at Scribbit

Re-posting lost comments from this post: Anonymous wrote: We are not morning people around here, so the policy has always been to take care of as many morning things as possible before bed the night before. My husband is not awake enough to even talk before he leaves for work (this somehow seems to be a genetic trait), so we didn't plan any family time at all before he left in the mornings. My husband can't even manage to eat anything until he's been up a few hours, so breakfast for the kids was always very simple and suited them fine. My kids, from the first day of kindergarten all the way through high school, made their own lunches at dinner time and put them in the fridge. No condiments because of fear of spoiling! They also laid out their clothes and packed their backpacks the night before. Then, before school, they only had their morning routines and chores to take care of. But my thinking was that although you seem to enjoy getting up early in the morning and making your husband's lunch, if you were pressed for time for whatever reason, you could make everything except for putting the condiments on the sandwich. Then first thing in the morning, you could take about 5 seconds to slather your mixture on the bread! Charity wrote: I make spreads to save time. It just depends on what I have in the fridge for cold cuts. For roast beef, if you make a spread with mayo, crumbled blue cheese, minced onion and real bacon bits it makes an incredible sandwich. I make one with mayo and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) which goes with anything. For chicken sandwiches I make one with mayo, curry and onion & garlic powder. To save even more time, I put the spread into squirt bottles from the dollar store. Since I mix everything in my mini cuisenart, the dressing is more liquid freshly mixed and sets up some in the squirt bottles. Then I just squeeze on like a fast food sandwich master ;) Sonya wrote: Neat idea Charity! How do you label them? Permanent Marker or do you use the yellow (mustard) and red (ketchup) bottles and just remember what is in which bottle. I might try this idea if there is an easy way to label them. My experience with the markers is that they rub off. Tammy (me) wrote: I'm not Charity, but -- what about a small strip of masking tape on the bottle, and then write on that? :) Anonymous wrote: This should be a duh! moment. You have saved so much time and energy making your sandwich spread. You get 3 bottles out once, from then on (until time to replenish) you get one container out. You stir the sauces once (oh dear, this is an extra step from the norm!). You spread them once, instead of spreading 3 times on the same sandwich. You put away one container- not three. You don't use that much space on your counter with one container. You don't use 3 knives to spread or one knife that might get some horse radish in the mayo or mayo in the mustard. There could be more, but my Hubby is talking in the background and I am losing my concentration! And anyway, this is taking up way too much of your space! Utah is the Fry Sauce Capital of the world, I hear. We get our fry sauce pre-packaged and some places have their secret recipes for it. I thought fry sauce was universal. I love fry sauce on hamburgers, we make our own. Mayo and ketchup, but I add mustard. Setting an outdoor buffet is lots easier with one bottle of fry sauce or sandwich sauce. Thanks for sharing. Alison wrote: Hi Tammy.. I just love your site! I may not post all the time, but I'm here all the time. In fact, I often use this page as my start page for the day. Anyway... soggy sandwiches... for the most part can be solved by wrapping your finished sandwich in a paper towel, then aluminum foil or plastic sandwich container. The paper towel absorbs the moisture and doubles as a napkin! Feel free to recycle the foil over and over again. I've done this with tuna, turkey, ham, etc.. and soggyness is kept at bay.

hey you should try

and tapatio hotsauce]
just eyeball it what ever you thing is satisfying

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