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Homemade rolls extinct? Not any more! (10/10)

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Homemade rolls extinct? Not any more! (10/10)

These rolls are good--very good. They have everything you want in a roll: soft and fluffy, moist, and most of all a delicious, slightly sweet, flavor. The first time Tammy made this recipe was for a family get together--not a roll was left and she received at least a half-dozen requests for the recipe. Every time there is a family get together people expect Tammy to bring these rolls. One of the neat things about them is that they are great as a standard size roll as well as "mini-rolls"! I quite enjoy the bite-size variation :)

The only caveats I would give on this recipe is that you don't want to let them dry out. Like most homemade breads they are best fresh out of the oven piping hot, and not quite as good when crumbly and old. If you take care to seal them in a bag after cooling off they are very good reheated though, so don't be too discouraged. Just pop them in the oven in foil and set the temperature on low and in 10-20 minutes you will have a appetizing hot roll.