Keeping busy, as usual: post ideas and Eliyahu update

Today I made a grilled cheese loaf. It's a unique addition to a grilled meal. I like the oven version, too! That loaf is my cousin Greg's favorite; I try to make it when I know he's comnig over. :) He didn't come over today, but I had leftover bread from yesterday's stuffed shells and garlic bread.

Friday was a busy day. We went to visit my parents in the evening, and got home about 9:00. After getting the children off to bed, I fell into bed myself, happy to enjoy a Sabbath break from working on this website and other duties.

The children both awoke early on Sabbath, which was just as well, since I was supposed to go walking with my friend at 7 anyway. We had a nice walk and I tried to relax all day (even though I had a huge basket of laundry setting on the kitchen floor!)... and  think I succeeded. :) I even got a little nap in on the couch while I nursed Eliyahu, and Joshua read Bible stories to Yehoshua. :)

Today I went walking again in the morning, and then puttered around the house, making meals, taking care of children, and trying to catch up on all the things that seem to so quickly pile up. :)

I hope to find time to do some more serious (thoughtful) blogging this week. Some topics I want to post about are exercise, cooking meals in advance (freezer, canning, or dehydrating tips), managing meals with small children to care for, and cloth diapering (I just received another email asking for tips and more info on my methods... so I think I'll finally write about it!). Stay tuned! :)

Eliyahu was being soooo cute yesterday, and Joshua took some photos of him. Here are two of the best ones:

Eliyahu, 6 months
Eliyahu, 6 months

Eliyahu turned 6 months old yesterday! He has two teeth (which he got in about 6 weeks ago already!) and his hair is still thinning. ;) He giggles, and he loves toys. He goes wild when he wants a toy (and Yehoshua is good at taking them away from him :| :D) and has learned how to maneuver his walker over to the telephone cord already! :D

Well, I'm off to bed! Good night! :)


That's the cutest picture of E that I've seen yet, I think. Totally precious. :-D

Thanks, Abigail :) We think he's a sweetheart, but we're biased ;)

Sounds like you have a full week planned for Tammy's Recipes... maybe I should stop sending you stuff to do for the site =P

Those are cute pictures of Eliyahu, I am glad they turned out. He is such a happy, giggly little boy. He is just soooo sweet.

But I don't mind ideas for the future :D

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