Joshua's Breakfast Burritos

Joshua's Breakfast Burritos

An easy breakfast medley of eggs, cheese, potatoes, peppers, and onions, served in a warm flour tortilla


4 servings


8 eggs
1 Tablespoon sour cream
1 Tablespoon oil
8 thin slices of turkey pastrami, diced
1/2 cup of mixed diced mulit-colored bell peppers and onions (only 1/2 cup total, NOT 1/2 cup of each!)
1 cup* (4 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese
4 frozen potato patties, cooked according to package directions**
4 burrito-sized flour tortillas, warmed


1. Scramble eggs with sour cream. Heat oil in skillet and begin frying eggs.

2. When eggs are about half-way cooked, add turkey pastrami and onion/pepper mixture, and stir to mix as eggs continue to cook.

3. When eggs are fully cooked, reduce heat to lowest setting possible and add potatoes. Use spatula or spoon to break potatoes into bite-sized pieces, while mixing.

4. Add cheese, tossing to coat and melt the cheese. Spoon mixture into tortillas, and fold to close.

Joshua's Breakfast Burritos
Additional Notes: 

*Or more; I rarely measure the cheese.

**Or, substitute tater tots or even your own homemade hash browns or fried potatoes!

This recipe was included in my freezer meal plan of breakfasts and make-ahead mixes when preparing for the birth of my fourth child. Read my update on how this recipe and the others turned out!

Preparation Time: 

10 minutes

Cooking Time: 

20-25 minutes

Tammy's Review: 

We created this recipe to add some variety to our hot breakfasts. I love how it tastes when everything's combined! It's even good with leftover potatoes. And, sometimes I make a double recipe of the filling. I put the leftovers in the refrigerator and then just reheat the next morning. Very tasty! My rating: 9/10.


Please see the recipe above for my complete review! Thanks! ~Tammy


Very easy to make and tastes much better than just your standard eggs and cheese on a tortilla. The sour cream, surprisingly, gives the eggs a certain flavor that I wasn't expecting. I used regular beef pastrami since I am not a fan of turkey, and beef pastrami was good with it. I halved the recipe, as well, since I was only cooking for two people. Halving it makes just enough to fill two people up.


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