My freezer-friendly bean and rice burritos: Photo and video tutorial

I wrote about making bean and rice burritos for the freezer, but never gave any specific directions. I keep getting emails with requests for more information -- precise information! -- about just how I do my freezer burritos. Since I was already making some this week, I took pictures and a video of how I do it.

Here is my recipe for Freezer-Friendly Bean and Rice Burritos! Keep reading for a photo tutorial and video of how easy it is to make these! :)

Making burritos for the freezer is simple, but surprisingly delicious! We think the burritos are even better from the freezer than when freshly made, and since they can be baked without thawing first, it's really the easiest thing possible!

Freezer burritos
Burritos filled with chicken, rice, and cheese! Any combo works, really, though bean and rice burritos are our staple.

The last time we moved, I made these burritos and put them in the oven at our new house. I kept the oven on WARM after they were hot inside, and our friends/family who helped us move enjoyed hot burritos for lunch. It was much cheaper than buying pizza or other restaurant food, and allowed anyone to eat as they got hungry or had a spare moment. Definitely a frugal success! :)

I cook a big pan of pinto beans and a big pan of rice, usually the day before I want to make my burritos. This spreads things out so I'm not too busy all in one day. I plan ahead and buy tortillas and cheese in bulk at Costco!

Freezer burritos

Ingredients for bean and rice burritos: Burrito-size tortillas, hot sauce (optional), cooked pinto beans, cooked rice, and shredded cheese.

Freezer burritos

For preparation: Pieces of foil (large enough to wrap one burrito each), a big bowl, and a spoon. Also helpful: Freezer Ziplock bags (gallon size). Tip: foil pieces can be saved and re-used to wrap burritos for the freezer again!

Freezer burritos

Toss together the beans, rice, cheese, and hot sauce. Add salt if needed. (I don't add salt since I've already salted my beans and rice while they were cooking.) Tip: tossing everything together saves time and the cheese melts and hold everything together when it's heated!

Freezer burritos

Spread filling in a strip across the middle (approximately) of each tortilla. (See my recipe for measurements and more specifics.) Tip: use a 1-cup measuring cup to easily spread filling on the tortillas.

Freezer burritos

Fold tortilla in half, and then pull back on top layer to shape filling into a "tube" and hold it tightly. (This is demonstrated in my video below!)

Freezer burritos

Fold both ends in. Tip: if folding a burrito for immediate eating, you can leave one end open (start eating at the open end). This allows you to fill the burrito fuller!

Freezer burritos

Finish rolling up the tortilla. You now have a folded burrito!

Freezer burritos

Place burrito on foil.

Freezer burritos

Wrap foil around the burrito.

Freezer burritos

Then fold in the ends of the foil, squeezing shut.

Freezer burritos

Place the wrapped burritos in a freezer Ziplock bag for storage in the freezer up to ~6 months. (Foil-wrapped burritos can be frozen for a few weeks without the Ziplock.) Tip: remove excess air from the bag with a straw!

Freezer burritos

Seal bag and label with name and date. Freeze!

To re-heat burritos, place on oven rack (still frozen) and bake at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Yummy!! :)

Freezer burritos
Ruth (2) gets ready to help me make some chicken, rice, and cheese burritos! :)

Here is a video of me making the burritos (please pardon all the glasses glare!):

And instructions on how to fold a burrito (for those who wish to bypass my ramblings in the first video!):

Freezer-Friendly Bean and Rice Burritos recipe

Freezer-Friendly Bean and Rice Burritos (recipe)

More of my favorite homemade freezer meals can be found here! :)

Visit Jessica's blog for more frugal tips! :)


How do you make your rice? When I make brown rice it turns out different than how yours looks. It is usually a little mushy and sticks together instead of how yours looked all separate (does that make sense?)

For my rice, I basically follow the package instructions, but add a little oil (about a teaspoon per cup of dry rice) and salt when I start cooking it. I wrote more here: Not-so-sticky rice. :)

I am also using brown basmati rice in the video, and basmati rice isn't as sticky as regular rice. It doesn't over-absorb liquid... and keeps better in the fridge, I think. But it wouldn't be good for rice pudding, because it doesn't get creamy/mushy as easily! :)

Hope this helps! :)

I made these with beef, rice, beans and cheese to freeze before my baby arrived. They're easy, yummy, and quick! Thanks for the idea. :)

Do you keep them wrapped in foil when reheating? They look great! I will have to try this sometime soon!

Yes! The foil-wrapped burritos can go straight into the oven (frozen) to be re-heated. :)

I can't get the videos to open. Is there something special I need to do? Thank you for any help you can give.

The videos are on You Tube, so if you can't get them to play on here, you can go directly to You Tube to watch:
First video (making the burritos)
Second video (folding a burrito)
Hope that works! :)

Freezer burritos are my favorite lunch. I usually make mine with chicken, black beans, cheese, salsa (whatever jars are floating around the fridge) or rotel, and frozen corn (the TJ's fire roasted corn is awesome). I freeze mine FIRST then wrap in plastic wrap and put in large zip top freezer bag. Bake at 350 until shell is crunchy and browned.

I recently found queso asedero (wrong spelling, sorry) at Costco. It was a bit more expensive than the pregrated cheddar/jack mix but it is delicious and worth the $$ IMO.

Sounds yummy! :) I haven't ventured to try many of the cheeses at Costco (just sticking with basic ones since they're cheapest) but some time I'd like to! :)

Thank you, Tammy - I have been waiting and hoping you would detail more on making these. I so like the way you prepare the rice, and have made your recipe for pintos once now (YUM!) I can't wait to make these!!

I am pleased to see you work in the kitchen. I will definitely make some of these for easy lunches or suppers. Your son is sooo cute! I know it might have been challenging with his chatter but really, I like the video just like this as it's so normal. :D
Susan (

Thank you, Susan! :) Yes... I lose my train of thought in the videos when Yehoshua interrupts a lot! :P :) He is a "talker" and loves to help make the videos!! :)

Thanks for the helpful videos and instructions. I will be making these soon!

I've been reading your blog for years now, and I just noticed that you don't seem to cover your hear anymore. In all the older photos you are wearing a head covering of some sort, but don't appear to be wearing one in your recent video. Do you not wear it anymore? I'm being nosy here, so just don't answer if you would rather not. I understand convictions about such things are very personal. :)


Ali, good question. :) I do still wear a head covering, as I believe it is a Biblical practice for a woman to cover her head during prayer (1 Cor. 11). I have never believed that I had to *always* have my head covered (like, 100% of the time!) although at times I have worn a head covering all day/everywhere. :) I know this is a vague answer, but I am not really dogmatic on the issue... :)

I love it! I believe the same way!

Thanks for answering, Tammy!

Just watched the video. Loved it, thank you. Also loved the comments of your camera man! What a sweet boy............

Thanks, Tammy!!
You've re-inspired me to make some of these & fill up my freezer with easy yumminess. :) I've been wanting to make my own beans & make/freeze my own burritos ever since I saw your first post. Just haven't dug in & done it.
LOVE your blog!
- Kathryn @

Have any suggestions for heating them in the microwave (without the foil of course *smile*) These would be great to make ahead and take for lunch on days when the evening before is hectic.

Yes! You could wrap in plastic wrap for the freezer (instead of the foil) OR just put the folded burritos into the Ziplock if they're staying together well enough (i.e. not falling apart as you put them in!). Or, wrap in freezer paper.

I don't know enough about microwaving (and haven't tried different ways) but Joshua has warmed them in the microwave on a plate (uncovered). But we haven't tried microwaving from frozen... maybe use the "reheat" option if your microwave has one?? :)

I just wanted to update my comment here... we've re-heated these burritos in the microwave twice now, and it works great! The burritos were partially-mostly frozen, and I used a defrost setting for a few minutes and then the reheat option. Worked great! :)

THANK YOU!!! I just love this video...I will be making these soon....yummy.

Your little boy that does the filming is precious!!! I love when he talks and tells us what he loves...what a blessing he is.

With love,

I just made 20 burritos today (smaller tortillas) using this method. I did season the beans a bit after cooking and draining - in addition to the 1 cup fresh water and salt, I sprinkled in some cumin and chili powder and stirred everything really well.

I let the beans sit and cool (with the lid on the pot but vented) for a couple of hours so that the cheese wouldn't melt when I stirred everything together. i used organic short-grain brown rice and a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of shredded sharp cheddar and jack cheeses. And of course, a healthy dose of Tapatio (my fave; my husband's is Cholula!) was drizzled on top!

The 1:1:1 ratio of rice, beans, and cheese is PERFECT. My family is going to enjoy eating these burritos for weekend lunches - thank you!

Thanks for the input, Mamie! Glad your burritos turned out so wonderful! The seasonings you added will make the burritos extra good after they've been frozen for a few weeks! ...If they last that long... I find that freezer burritos are very easy to use! ;)

I have been doing a similar sort of thing for a while now except I add some frozen corn and rotel tomatoes to mine just to up the veggie content a little. I also wrap it in plastic wrap instead of foil so I can heat them up in the microwave for lunch at work. They make for a really tasty and quick lunch!

I forgot to mention that I let mine sit out on my desk until lunch time to defrost a little and then wrap it in a damp paper towel when I microwave it to keep the tortilla from drying out.

I was just wondering if you were expecting again? Am I correct? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!

No... although I probably should have lost that extra tummy weight before taking videos, huh? :)

Thank you so much! Don't ever think you are rambling, you are a great blessing to me and I'm sure for those that need that extra help. Thanks! :)

I have eyed your burritos for a while now, but I have had this picture up for days to remind myself to get some pinto beans! I'm hoping to make them tonight, if my sick little guy will let me. ;-)
I loved the video as well!

I too, have a diastasis. I am now pregnant with our 5th, and I hope that after this one is born I will be able to really focus on trying to close it. I had started a few weeks before getting pregnant, but obviously that didn't allow me enough time. ;-) I highly recommend the "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" book and splint. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the splint. When I was wearing it, it was closing the gap much faster than the exercises alone. :)

I think these are the perfect solution for school! I'm at school 15 hours a day twice a week, and hate spending money on food. I think I could wrap these in freezer paper and simply microwave them in the cafeteria at university. Thanks a bunch for the idea!

What an AWESOME idea-- I do like to keep some "mindless meals" on hand, but I've never really thought of making my own convenience foods-- short of spaghetti sauce and such. I made these with taco meat and LOADS of cheese (my husband's favorite food) and cholula sauce... They're not a lot quicker than cooking since they take 50 minutes to heat from frozen (as hot as we like them, anyway!) but it is a FABULOUS option to have on nights when the mind just doesn't want to think or plan a meal! We'll be keeping these on hand, thanks for the idea.

For the freezer burritos that I buy at Costco, I wrap a very damp paper towel around them before I cook. They end up steamed and soft- they kids will eat them soft, but not at all if crispy.
Do you think this will work?
I have a rice cooker going now full of brown rice and a big pot of black beans simmering... smells so good!
I just ran across you while I was looking for tips on freezing waffles!

Yes -- these burritos stay soft when warmed in the microwave! Wrap in a paper towel or napkin and use the defrost setting (or select 20% power) at first, then a minute at regular (or so) and they're hot and ready!

I've taken frozen burritos along when we're going to be out for lunch but have microwave access (weird, I know). They stay cold, but are thawed in a few hours and when we're ready to eat, I just heat them in the microwave on a paper plate. Works great! :)

Have you tried these with while wheat tortillas?

I haven't, only because I haven't bought whole wheat tortillas recently. (I haven't seen them at Costco, and haven't made my own lately, and don't buy tortillas at stores other than Costco...) I am sure they would work great with whole wheat tortillas though! :)

I made the bean, rice and cheese recipe and we have found it to be bland---even with plenty of hot sauce and salt. They are ok if we add plenty of sour cream and salsa after heating. I love the convenience, so I will tweak the recipe if I do them again--I would like to add chicken.

I've found for the posters who've mentioned these being too 'bland' for their tastes...if you add in a couple cans of diced green chilis it adds alot of flavor without alot of calories.
{I use 2 of the 4 oz. size cans for each batch of burritos.}

I'm sure the diced green chilis with tomatoes would work wonderfully as well but my family doesn't care too much for heated, diced tomatoes in anything.

Or even the green chili enchilada sauce...that might even be an option as well. :)

Do you leave them wrapped in the foil?


Yes, when I reheat the burritos in the oven I leave them wrapped in the foil, placed on the oven rack. (Just burritos in foil on the rack -- no pans or baking sheets.) That's why I wrap in foil before freezing -- to make them a straight-from-the-freezer-to-the-oven meal.

If I know I am going to reheat them in the microwave, I would just put the burritos in a ziplock and freeze (no foil) since foil is expensive and can't go in the microwave, anyway.

If I do unwrap frozen burritos from the foil and microwave them, I can usually save the foil and re-use it for more freezer burritos since it's completely clean and dry. :)

We've hosted 5 year long exchange students from Mexico and have gotten to know their families well over the years (all 5 kids were from 2 families that know each other well). So anyway, the Moms have shared their recipes with me. Frijoles Ranchero would be fabulous in these burritos. Ranchero beans are just pinto beans, soaked and cooked, then fry up one slice of bacon (finely diced) with about 1/4 to 1/2 of an onion (also diced) then add 1 chopped Jalepeno (I always desead and de rib mine, but the ladies in Mexico do not), then add the beans (a cup or two) and 1 chopped up tomato (large or 2 romas). Cook it up until everything is cooked through and blended and serve. The ladies in Mexico add a fair amount of salt, I don't and you could also top with chopped cilantro. It's a great side dish and would also be super good in these burritos.


I just put some in the freezer today. I added salt & pepper, cumin, and salsa to the mix. I also used some leftover lentils. If I had some taco seasoning, I think that would be good too, just sprinkled and mixed in. The cold mix tasted good to me, and I can't wait to take them from the freezer to the oven! Thanks for this great and easy dinner idea!
Beth W.

We cooked some from the freezer for dinner tonight. My husband really loved them, and he said I better comment again to tell you how great they were. A very satisfying meal and super easy!
Beth W.

So glad the burritos were a success, Beth! Thanks for letting me know. :)

I live outside the US and I've never seen burrito size tortillas. only regular ones. Can these be made with normal size tortillas?

Thanks so much for posting this recipe and instructions. I've been looking for a simple, cheap recipe and yours if by far the best! Also love that you include your recipe for cooking the beans and rice as well... dry beans are just so much cheaper! I'm expecting my first baby at the end of next month and am looking for good meals to freeze ahead of time so there will be one less thing to worry about after she comes. I'm so excited to make these and start filling up my freezer! Thank you!

I have had this recipe pinned on a freezer board I created for months! I finally made them today because I am now 38 weeks pregnant and dilating :-) Thought I should get a move on. They were so easy. I doubled the recipe (a little more than doubled) and got 20 burritos (well, 19 after I ate one, oops) which are now frozen for future consumption. I added cumin, garlic and onion powder, and dried cilantro to my canned beans and just let them cook and simmer. That's the only change I made. They were D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! Thank you so much for posting a simple and easy recipe!

If you only have small tortillas, overlap 2 of them a bit and roll as usual!

Tammy....I do not see in your receipe the degree and time of reheating the frozen burritos. I do not want to appear stupid, but i was taught to ask questions if i do not understand something. Thank you for your help.

Sure! :) Here is the complete recipe, and here is how to reheat in the oven:

Reheating instructions:

From frozen: Place frozen burritos a few inches apart directly on oven rack. Turn oven on to 375 degrees and bake for 35-40 minutes, until hot inside. Serve with sour cream or hot sauce!

From thawed (or freshly made): Place burritos a few inches apart directly on oven rack. Turn oven on to 375 degrees and bake for 25 minutes, until hot inside. Serve with sour cream or hot sauce!

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