Emily's visit!

Emily and I met through my Live Journal, the site where I blogged before we started this website. We became friends a couple years ago and had talked about meeting in person, since we only live a couple hours away from each other, but had never made the time and visited! Emily is a sweet, thoughtful, and Godly lady and I've been blessed by her friendship! I'm always so inspired by her desire to grow and mature as a Christian, wife, and mom, and by her honest and sincere faith in God.

You can probably imagine how excited I was when her van pulled into our driveway early this afternoon! After a short bit of getting acquainted and getting lunch set up, we sat down to eat. We had grilled chicken salad and homemade alfredo with pasta.

Our lunch: chicken salad

I wasn't going to take a picture of my plate, but after I finally got it thrown together (I kept jumping up to change diapers, etc.!) it looked so colorful I just had to take a picture. It tasted delicious: I had cooked up some garbanzo beans (chick peas) and we had other "treats" like multi-colored peppers, tomatoes, and chow mein noodles. Yum!!

We cleaned up the kitchen and spent the afternoon chatting, in between running after children, settling disputes between children, taking children to the bathroom, changing children's diapers, disciplining children, and anything else you can imagine having to do with children. ;) Let's just say that as much as I had hoped it to be a relaxing visit for Emily, we were both running around trying to keep everyone happy :D. I think having four little boys in the house was pretty wild :D. Wild, but fun! Matthew (3) is such a sweetie! I loved talking to him. Andrew (1) made the cutest faces, and toddled around trying to keep up with everything that was going on. :) Yehoshua (2) of course loved every minute! :) Joshua and I both thought that Matthew and Andrew were very well-behaved, and particularly so considering that Andrew had missed his nap. :)

Tammy, Emily, and the children

Here we all are in the living room. I'm on the left, holding Eliyahu. Then there's Emily, holding Andrew and Matthew, and Yehoshua at the far right. I was surprised at how big Andrew was! I always thought of him as a baby, but here he was, the same size as Yehoshua! He was so cute. Actually, both children are cuter in person than the pictures show, and Emily is really pretty!

Yehoshua and Matthew, talking

Here you see Matthew talking on Yehoshua's "phone", and Yehoshua getting ready to serve Matthew some tea with garlic salt in it. :D

Our pizza, before it was baked 

We made pizza for dinner. Emily helped me with this. Yehoshua was in the background, helping by trying to pick at the crust! Then Matthew tried to lick it! Seriously, the crazy things kids do!!! :D

We went outside for a while, and Joshua took a few pictures of Emily and me together. Here's a photo of us: I'm on the left, holding Eliyahu. Emily is holding Andrew, PLUS their new baby girl who is due in September!! Isn't that exciting?! :D

Tammy (with Eliyahu) and Emily (with Andrew + new baby!)

They were able to stay until about 7 pm. YHWH blessed us with such a fun, full day. :) Isn't He great to send friends our way?! :D


Oh, what a fun day! I'm so glad you were able to meet! It is always nice to meet friends that you have known for a while, but never really met. =D

It's always such a blessing to have company, even if it's just for a day :D We were delighted that Emily was willing to drive all the way here for a visit! :)

Looks like you had a wonderful time together!! It would be wonderful to meet someone you had knew, but hadn't met yet.

...you could be next ;) Whenever you're ready for a road trip :D

Ok, I'll keep that in mind! :) You just never know!! :)


I am SOOOOO jealous. ::pout::

...we'll meet someday! Sometimes I forget that we haven't met in person. Funny, huh? :) Emily thought we had met in person. I told her we hadn't, but then I was thinking, "Wait... did I? No, I couldn't have... I'd remember it!" lol

Yay! PTL you guys were able to get together -- looks like a fun time. :-D

And I'm glad you don't only post about food here...I'd sure miss hearing about the rest of your life, too. :-)

...so there'll be plenty of "other" stuff... probably more than ever before ;)

I knew you'd miss hearing about cloth diapers and potty training and stuff like that. ;) So I'm making sure to talk about that stuff for you ;)

I second Abigail's comment and, though I didn't read your entire post on cloth diapers, I did read through (and enjoy) the comments. Toilet training is cool, too...well, discussing it is better than doing it, anyway. When I am missing having a baby in the house, I remind myself of the diapers and toilet training...and spit up and all...and that helps - a little. LOL!


You didn't read that whole post on cloth diapering?! What's wrong with you?! Just kidding :) It got really long. I was surprised that anyone read it! haha

and that helps - a little. LOL!

Yeah :) Because it's really not all that bad ;) 

Sounds like you had a busy but nice afternoon! :)

...having 4 little boys all inside can do that :) But it was FUN! :)

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