Confirm Clearly Pregnancy Test: Clearly Worthless

Confirm Clearly pregnancy test: DO NOT BUY!!!  We're having a new baby! Or are we? Before you trust this new kind of home pregnancy test called Confirm Clearly, get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride.
How home pregnancy tests work 

We all know that home pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone, hCG, in the urine. False-negative test results are fairly common; it simply means you haven't been pregnant long enough for the hormone levels to rise to the detectable level. False-positive test results occur only when medication or illness of some sort causes hCG levels in the urine. Home pregnancy tests aren't difficult to take properly, and are accurate approximately 99% of the time.

NEW Update from Confirm Clearly: My husband is pregnant! (Includes photo)

My "Confirm Clearly" experience 

About a month ago, I thought I was having pregnancy symptoms. I was still exclusively breastfeeding my 9-month-old baby, and hadn't had a period since the birth. I know it's quite possible to conceive again without ever having a period after the previous baby, and it had been 9 months since the birth, which is a very reasonable time frame for fertility to return.

So, we got a package of Confirm Clearly pregnancy tests. This brand of pregnancy tests is marketed as an easy-to-read, re-fillable pregnancy test reader. You put the test strips into the reader, test in your urine, and either a bright blue + shows up or a bright yellow -. Simple, right? And 99% accurate, according to the package and notes.

The next morning, I took the first test. The results were negative. We were disappointed, but figured that I was just imagining my "symptoms" and that if the symptoms continued, we'd re-test in a week or two. I also started taking a new vitamin supplement that week, and was feeling a remarkable amount of energy. Thoughts of pregnancy went to the back of my mind, as I stored the unused tests in the medicine cabinet for future use.

A few weeks later, my friend Crystal announced her pregnancy! My husband and I were both very excited for her. I started wondering if I, too could be pregnant. After all, I hadn't been having periods and wouldn't have anything to go by. I could be pregnant and never even know! The days passed and I kept wondering if I should re-test. I didn't want to waste a test. But I also really wanted to just see the result so I could either forget about being pregnant or else get excited!! :)

So, last Friday morning I took another test. It was positive. I was shocked! I really hadn't felt pregnant, and I was actually almost sure that the result would be negative; I just wanted the peace of mind.

I read over the Confirm Clearly instruction leaflet several times. It had worked exactly as described: first, a flashing green hourglass symbol and then a bright blue plus sign! There was no mistaking, it definitely said I was pregnant! I have used First Response and Equate (Wal-mart) brand pregnancy tests in the past with accurate results. I thought about re-testing, but decided that would be a waste of a test! Besides, false-positives only occur if you're ill, on medication, or have some sort of abnormality.

I left the test on the bathroom counter and when my husband got up, we rejoiced together and thanked our Heavenly Father for a new little blessing in our family! We told our children that there was going to be a new baby! We were so excited! We called our parents and grandparents, and decided we'd tell everyone else right away, as well. We were so excited, and I put the unused re-fill tests back in the medicine cabinet for later.

We called a couple friends, and we started emailing a few people each day, telling everyone our good news. I planned to announce it on my blog so everyone would know!

When I emailed my friend Crystal (yes, the pregnant one!) to tell her our exciting news, she wrote back asking for all the details! When I mentioned getting the test at Rite Aid pharmacy, she wrote back and said she had heard that the Confirm Clearly pregnancy tests had been giving some people false-positives.

I read her email and felt sick. I ran to the bathroom and took another test. It was negative. I knew that I was not pregnant. I immediately woke up my husband and told him. We started calling and emailing the people we had told, letting them know that we had been mistaken. I googled "Confirm Clearly pregnancy test false positive" and found shocking results. (See notes below) We told our children, "No new baby. No baby in Mommy's tummy."

I called Confirm Clearly using their toll-free number from the package instruction leaflet. I talked to a very friendly and courteous lady who said they would refund my money. I asked if there had been other complaints. She said there had been a few complaints, but not a very big percentage.

She also told me that this test uses a new technology which has only been on the market since August, 2006** and that unlike the "old" pregnancy tests***, it can give a false positive result.

I said to her, "The package says this test is 99% accurate. Is it really 99% accurate?" Her answer was that in laboratory studies, it was. This is because in their laboratory studies, they use urine samples that are either definitely pregnant or definitely not pregnant. When normal consumers start using the tests, it becomes less accurate because of the varying levels of hCG hormone.

Now, I understand that occasionally things can cause the detection of the hCG hormone without there being a pregnancy. But for no apparent resons, these "Confirm Clearly" tests are giving false-positive results. I don't think it matters if the tests did prove 99% accurate in their studies, because real consumers are experiencing a much greater rate of inaccuracy.

Why is the possibility of a false positive result (for reasons other than taking certain medication or having a "rare medical condition") not mentioned in the instructions? They do say to see your doctor if you receive a positive test result, but all home pregnancy tests say that. I realise that if Confirm Clearly were honest in their labeling, and told consumers that this is a new product and is less accurate than standard home pregnancy tests (and gives false-positives), no one would buy them.

However, I personally feel very strongly that no one should use these "Confirm Clearly" tests. If you do take them, you can NOT trust the results. Why waste your money on this "smart pregnancy test" (from the Confirm Clearly box) when two (or more) tests are needed and then a doctor's visit is needed to confirm a pregnancy? Save your money and either just see your doctor or, better yet, get a pregnancy test that isn't going to give you a positive result when you're clearly not pregnant.

These "Confirm Clearly" prgnancy tests can and are causing emotional damage to women, couples, and families. We know people who have been trying desperately to get pregnant. Imagine them seeing their first positive result on a home pregnancy test, only to find out later that it was false.

Think about the unnecessary grief and heartache caused by a false-positive test result when a woman's period returns a few days later. She thinks she miscarried and will never know whether or not she really was pregnant.

In our case, it was just 5 days of believing that we were having another baby. I can't imagine being "pregnant" for a month or more before finding out that these tests are defective.

Confirm Clearly pregnancy test: DO NOT BUY!!! Confirm Clearly pregnancy tests are inaccurate and emotionally harmful. Do not buy them. Do not use them. And please, PLEASE tell everyone you know about this product before one of your friends or family members starts announcing a pregnancy that isn't.

**Apparently this new technology is still being developed and, in my opinion, should not be sold as a pregnancy test for the unaware.

***I have to wonder what the problem was with "old" pregnancy tests, since I never had difficulty reading them and they didn't give false-positive results.

For more info (links open in new windows): ratings: 1.5 stars out of 5 stars reviews (1 out of 5 stars) review (1 out of 5 stars)

False positives on Confirm Clearly digital test ongoing issue; current as of September 2006 

Real facts about false positive home pregnancy tests (this is why I believe the Confirm Clearly tests are defective and not just inaccurate!!)

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Confirm Clearly tests are unreliable


What's the point of a test if the results are so incredibly unreliable? I guess the technology may be new...but apparently it's NOT improved! I hope this company will get some changes in motion - for their sake.


Tests that produce a significant amount of false-positives (along with the usual false-negatives) are just not reliable at all. Meaning you have to use lots and lots of them, which totally defeats the point of a re-fillable test that's "cheaper".

But any test that tells us that Joshua is pregnant just shouldn't be called a pregnancy test, period. Wink

Oh Tammy - I am so sorry for the disappointment.

I am disappointed, but also upset that these tests are being sold, women are taking them, getting their hopes up, and getting completely confused and upset to find out that the test gave them a false-positive.

I feel like if there was more awareness of this issue with these tests, we wouldn't have had to announce a non-existent pregnancy to everyone and get all excited!!

I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 7 years. Imagine my excitement when my test showed positive! Imagine when I took another test and received a positive response again. The next day my period started and my obgyn's office called to tell me my blood test was negative. I have filed formal complaints
with consumer advocates and the Better Business
Bureau against the company.

Aww, that would be so disappointing. :( Are these tests still on store shelves, does anyone know????

I just had 4 false positives. We have been trying for over 10 years to get pregnant. Yes these tests are still on the store shelves and is being sold on ebay. It is a voluntary recall. Which means it is up to the stores to remove them from the shelves. It is my understanding that the company has contacted the stores but it is still up to the stores to remove them. So please if you see them being sold let the stores know that they do not work and need to be pulled.

Anonymous, thanks for your comment. Oh, how disappointing!! :( Hearing from others about these tests makes me sad! :(

I was at Rite Aid today (where I purchased mine) and I didn't see any on the shelf. I've tried to spread the word as best I can about these tests. They are horrible.

There's a 3rd possibility. You could have been pregnant. It could have been what is referred to as a "chemical pregnancy", where the egg is fertilized but never implants. You'll have elevated hcg levels until the fertilized egg is expelled or dies. You can get a "false positive" from any test if this scenario happens. It happened to a friend of mine.

All this is not to challange your review. I'm just adding an additional perspective.

My only question on that possibility is, would there would be any bleeding or spotting?

One of the difficulties with diagnosing false-positives is the possibility of miscarriage...

And how little we know...has a good point. My mom thought she was pregnant at some point about ten years ago, I think. She tested positive (presumably with as reliable a test as she had ever used) and was having all the morning sickness symptoms (which she had never experienced outside of pregnancy - and it didn't spread to us or anything like that). Then it ended. She tested negative. But she didn't have a miscarriage. Shortly thereafter, her period did finally return (still not a miscarriage). She visited her doctor and found out that the doctor had had a similar experience with one difference: the doctor was doing an ultrasound on herself and saw an amniotic sack shrinking right before her eyes, reabsorbed by her body. It sounds a little weird, I know...but that was such an interesting thing that I have really wondered about it since.

So, yeah...I guess it's true that it doesn't have to be a false positive. Obviously, it's kind of hard to know when you don't have any clear "evidence" one way or the other.


Very interesting! I definitely believe it could happen!

Unfortunately, I wasn't having a lot of pregnancy symptoms with this positive test. I really didn't feel pregnant! But I thought positive home pregnancy tests were more accurate. :(

The woman from Confirm Clearly who talked to me admitted that these tests can give false positives. (When I asked.)

Admitting that a pregnancy test can give a false positive doesn't mean much until you know why and how frequently it happens. The pregnancy tests I...uh...use (not for myself! lol) all the time have some minuscule chance of producing false positives, but I haven't seen it happen so far. I think it's a fairly standard disclaimer...but the "new technology" you mentioned with "Confirm Clearly" might be interesting to research. I just can't help wondering why they'd use something that seems to be ineffective.


You can get some of these "Confirm Clearly" pregnancy tests and tell the guys who come in to your clinic that you are now testing males as well. Imagine the shock on some guy's face when he sees a positive pregnancy test from his urine!!

While I rather doubt that my superiors would think kindly about such things, the thought is really rather amusing. I would just love to play a joke like that on a guy! :-D Totally a Candid Camera type of thing...;-) I wonder if any guys would ever be confused over something like that. Seriously, though, I just can't understand how a test like that would work...I guess I should look into the hCG thing a little more, but I didn't think guys normally had any of that unless it was introduced into their systems via some external source. =\ So what is making the test say it's positive?


The FAQ page at their website supposedly tells how they work. That FAQ is the same as the leaflet in the box of pregnancy tests. They say medication or "rare medical conditions" can affect the test results. Something besides medication and "rare medical conditions" is affecting the results if men and women are getting false-positives! :)

I can only imagine the frustration you must be feeling!

My brother's baby book, circa 1949, gave some medical advice for the expectant mother. In this book, it states the clearest way to determine pregnancy is when the baby arrives LOL. Of course, it also suggests limiting your cocktails to two a day and suggesting no driving after 5 months and certainly no working after 4 and a mother should keep her cigarette consumption to around a pack a day or less. Lovely, eh?

Our last son was a bad case of heartburn until he was at 6 months gestation and birthmom finally found out she was pregnant.

Fertility science is not a perfect one. I sure hope your warning about these terrible pregnancy untests saves other women the heartbreak, of either kind.


PS: I cannot believe you got to wait until 10 months for solid food. Our 15 month old snagged hot french fries off his dad's plate at a restaurant at FOUR MONTHS and never took another 'baby' food item into his mouth. He fed himself exclusively from that point! Since we now have his sibling, too, I am trying to enjoy my days of cuddling and feeding him because he's already 4 weeks old. In another 12 weeks, he'll be eating his Daddy's food like Brother!

What ...interesting advice, Katie! ;) Funny how advice changes as the years pass! :)

Babies and solid foods... they're all different. :) Eliyahu cares more about solids at 10 months than Yehoshua did at 12 months! :) Regardless, they sure don't stay babies for long! :D

That's awful! I have a friend that got pregnant (about) two months after she gave birth to her 4th child. She didn't even know she was pregnant until she went for a post-natal check-up. :)

I know it's possible for me to get pregnant at any point (and especially at 9 months post-partum), which is why I believed the test, not knowing that they have been found faulty by consumers! :(

Aww...I am sorry dear. I know how hard it can be! I surely won't be buying that brand.

I never will again, either!! :)

*hugs* I can imagine your dissapointment. And your frustration about this test. THank you for warning us all about this (although it makes no difference to me at the moment, LOL) but good future advice!

Thanks for the hugs :)

What an emotionally roller coaster. What a frustration.

These unreliable pregnancy tests just don't belong on the store shelf without some sort of major warning about NOT trusting a positive test result!! :)

Oh, Tammy, I'm so sorry you've had to go through this. Even though it wasn't a miscarriage, I would imagine the feeling would be similar. My heart hurts for you, knowing that you have had to feel that pain. Many hugs...

I think the good thing is that even though we're disappointed, we know that everything was and is in YHWH's hands! So we're resting in His timing and trying to be content with life as it comes, day by day. Who knows what will happen tomorrow??!! :)

Just to confirm how horrible these tests are I (Joshua... yes, a male!), took the test. We did this because of reports we read on the internet that other males were getting positive results from the Confirm Clearly pregancy tests.

The first test, taken last night, came back negative. But to do it "right" we decided to do a follow-up this morning using the last strip, you know, to get a "first morning" sample ;)

And to our "surprise", these tests DO work better... errr, worse in the morning. As you can see in our update, my test this morning came back POSITIVE.

Pregnancy tests should not be designed to give false positives as a matter of design due to the emotional ramifications on the test taker (especially if a normal period were to follow). Why it would return a positive (and a negative) for a male shows the inaccuracy of this product, at least the samples we tested. So, here are our results from these tests:

Tammy: 2 Negative, 1 Positive (Order: Negative, Positive, Negative)

Joshua: 1 Negative, 1 Positive (Order: Negative, Positive)

Confirm Clearly clearly confirms nothing. And we still don't know if Tammy is pregnant or not...

Ps - Anyone want to come to my baby shower? It should be one of a kind! :)

See, honey, I told you we might do better if you took a test first thing in the morning. ;)

Seriously, though, thanks for taking part in my, ummm, pregnancy experiment.

It takes a really sweet guy to take pregnancy tests for his wife's sake.

I have calls to make since I spread the news to about 20 ppl. I also need to inform them its Joshua who is pregnant. You two are soooo funny.


That is what happens when you are the first one we call to announce that we are expecting a new baby!! Don't worry, we had lots of people to explain my non-pregnancy to ourselves.

We weren't trying to be funny though... in a way it is funny (I mean, your son is "pregnant"! lol) but on the other hand, I think these tests are just a big joke and emotionally harmful.

So sorry, that would be so disappointing.



Thanks for the hugs! :)

I found this through Googling: Another lady talks about her false-positive test results and then in her next post says she used the Confirm Clearly tests and doesn't understand why she got false-positives.


I am 8 weeks pregnant and I used this test. It was positive and I later took an Equate and it too was positive. And I'm definitely pregnant. I'm glad I didn't read this a few weeks ago or I would have been scared to death!

I'm so sorry that happened to you!

Well, the test "worked" for me, too -- twice! It said negative, two times! The problem is that it seems that this test is giving an alarming amount of false-positives, something that other pergnancy tests don't do. So yes, sometimes this test displays an accurate result. Sometimes not. :)

Thanks for your comment! :)

Hi Tammy, I'm finally getting around to commenting--First of all, I'm so sorry about your disappointment due to the faulty test!! :( And I also wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog and letting me know about the tests being defective. I'm so glad they were free, at least! I got a giggle about your husband testing positive! :D I hope you are doing well, and I believe God will bless you with another little one in His perfect time! Take care!


Thanks for your comment, Carrie! If you do use yours (on your husband? ;)) I'd love to hear the outcome!

I wish I would have read all this before I bought these. My husband and I have been trying for a baby, and when I took my first Confirm Clearly test, it came out positive. We were so excited I couldn't believe it. So, just to make sure I took another test, and it was false. I was heartbroken. I couldn't believe that the tests say "99% accurate" when in fact I read all these stories and the rate has to be much lower. I agree with all the other women who've posted here. PLEASE do not buy this product, its terrible to go through the emotional ups and downs of finding out you're pregnant and then not. :(

I wish I would have Googled "Confirm Clearly false-positive" before taking my tests, too. Then I would have known not to trust the positive reading I got.

But who in the world would think that you'd have to check for user ratings on PREGNANCY TESTS??!!

That's why I am trying to spread the word to others. When we buy pregnancy tests, we usually don't tell everyone what brand we're buying and all that, and it's only later that women are finding out that they aren't pregnant after all. Thanks for your comment!

If we want something done about this, go to and report this product to them under the medical device section using the MEDWATCH form. I think if enough of us tell them what has happened with the false positive results they may look into these awful things (maybe even recall) and help other women avoid false hopes in the future.

Thanks for supplying that information. Even though the issue is "just" a pregnancy test, women are being harmed emotionally through the misinformation these tests give. There are much more reliable pregnancy tests on the market and there is no need to sell the "Confirm Clearly" test to unsuspecting women. :(

I have also been writing product reviews for these tests wherever I can. Hope it saves a bunch of problems for other women. I am so ticked right now, trust me lol.

Product reviews are great... when the person purchasing the product realises that they should check the reviews first! I had no idea. I guess you have to check for reviews of everything these days...

Well, good news, I got a reply from these suckers today! At least I am gonna get a refund AND they are pulling these off the shelf! YEAH! Here's what they said:


We have received a higher than expected rate of consumer complaints
regarding false-positive results. The manufacturer has been investigating
to determine the cause and has initiated a voluntary withdrawal of this
product from the retail market. The regulatory authorities have been
advised and all CONFIRM CLEARLY trade customers have been advised of this
voluntary withdrawal of this product from the retail market.

We regret any inconvenience you may have experienced and would like to
offer you a refund in accordance with our Satisfaction Guarantee. In order
to process a refund, it would help expedite the process if you could
provide the following information:

The number of boxes purchased (starters and refill kits) and the amount
paid for each
Sales tax rate in your area
Lot Number (located on the end flap of the box in a white strip)
Expiration date (also located on the end flap of the box)

If you no longer have the box, this will not in anyway delay a refund to
you. We will process your refund as soon as we hear from you.

Cathy Arnesen
Consumer Products

Oh, wow! That is such good news! Thanks for sharing, Mandie! I am so glad to hear this.

On last Saturday I got my rebate for these pieces of junk. Thank gosh they owned up for the stuff they caused!

While a rebate from a broken product is expected (basic common sense: they are admitting their advertised product does not hold to the advertised accuracy), we would have preferred no rebate, but instead they call everyone we had told we were pregnant and explained to them the issue :P

I just took two Confirm Clearly tests and both came back positive. Not feeling overly confident in this new 'electronic' test, I decided to buy an old reliable test, First Response. That test came back negative. I have not gone to my doctor yet, but I am clearly confused. My husband and I are extremley disappointed after getting our hopes up that we might finally be pregnant. After reseaching this test brand online I think these Confirm Clearly should CLEARLY be taken off the shelves.

Thanks for sharing about your experience. That's so disappointing! :( 

I have been checking at our local stores and it seems they have stopped selling the Confirm Clearly tests, but it sounds like they're still being sold in other places.

The potential for emotional trauma due to these tests is so high -- I hope if we all band together and tell everyone we know about these tests, the word can get to people before they take these tests... :(

To the anonymous 16-year-old who commented -- a whole month of thinking you're pregnant from two false-positives -- no fun!! :( I hope women are being told about these defective pregnancy tests so they can be aware, while the tests are still on the market. :(

To other anonymous teenage commentors -- Thanks for sharing your stories and for spreading the word about these horrible pregnancy tests.

I'm not publishing every comment received on this thread, but I do read them all and there are many, many women receiving false-positive results from this test -- far more than any other pregnancy test on the market right now.

I don't think these pregnancy tests should be on the shelf, being sold to women. I also believe that if you're not ready to have a baby, you shouldn't be having sex. And fornicating will lead to much "worse" things than being pregnant. Please get educated about the real health effects of chemical birth control and STDs.

My husband just returned from Iraq this past november, & we have been trying to concieve ever since. Imagine my excitement last week when I took a confirm clearly pregnancy test & got a positive result! Just like the original story, told our children, told family, & friends. Only to have the dissapointing news 3 days later that we were indeed not pregnant! I was, & still am devestated! These test our still on the shelves! This is so heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!!
Jennie Thomas
Ft. Wainwright, Alaska

...I wasnt feeling well, took the confrim clearly test, and when I saw the blue positive... then my friend told me that it had only been a week and I shouldnt have been positive yet... she told me to get an EPT.

It was NEGATIVE and then I tested with confirm clearly again -- POSITIVE. I bought probably every test on the shelf, and ALL WERE NEGATIVE but confirm clearly!!!!

Soemoe should make them pull this test!! Its HORRIBLE... NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS.

Wow... I can't believe I never thought to research this until now. Back in October 2006 I was 5 days late for my period (very unusual), used a Confirm Clearly test which said positive, and was positively freaked out! My husband and I were newlyweds & just didn't feel ready to be parents, and we were totally in shock and stressed out. I called an obgyn & the girl said you can't get a false positive, so it was for sure! Then the next day I started bleeding heavily... I went to that obgyn and she said I was probably having an early miscarraige. She said I HAD to take a Rhogam shot because of my blood type (which I'd never heard of, and don't like taking any drugs or Rx medications ...especially when I know nothing about them!) I gave in and took the shot... the staff there was rude and/or indifferent, pushy, clueless... everything was rushed... I was by myself cuz my husband was at work. They took a blood pregnancy test that day, and later I found out that the results were negative (but assumed that the hormones had already dropped to a really low level because of the miscarriage). I felt so guilty and emotionally drained for several days... mostly because I was a tiny bit relieved to not be pregnant anymore (and I would NEVER have an abortion). My husband and I talked about telling our future kids about it: that they have a little brother or sister in heaven. Sigh... anyway... I'm 99% sure now that I wasn't even pregnant after all. What a nightmare that could have been avoided if I'd bought a different test.

I'm so glad I read this. I used a Confirm Clearly test, and was pregnant with my son. I had since not gotten refills and went searching for some, because I thought I might be pregnant again. I stumbled on this, and am so thankful I did not waste my money. I'm throwing away the tester now.

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