Bread Machine Review: Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme

Homemade wheat bread
The bread in these photos was made from hard red wheat

We love our homemade wheat bread!

After Joshua's experimentation with natural dough conditioners, we arrived at what we consider the perfect loaf: light, slightly sweet, and 100% whole wheat. Our loaves stay soft, yet don't have the chemical aftertaste of store-bought bread. Easy, wholesome, and delicious! :)

My little helpers...

I've been using a bread machine for years now, and love the amount of time it saves on kneading dough. With small children and constant interruptions, finding a good time to spend 30+ minutes with my hands immersed in sticky bread dough isn't easy. Measuring the ingredients into the bread machine and letting it entertain my children as they watch it knead the dough for me? Awesome! :)

For the past 5 years, I've been using a Sunbeam bread machine. My mom and I both had this machine and we both experimented with it a lot before giving up on ever actually baking a good loaf in the machine. I continued to use it (using the dough cycle) multiple times each week to knead bread dough, pizza dough, and any other yeast-based bread doughs.

Sunbeam bread machine (left) and Zojirushi bread machine (right)
Sunbeam bread machine (left) and Zojirushi bread machine (right)
I love that the lid of the Zojirushi opens below my cupboards!

This year as Joshua and I discussed what we might like to get each other for our wedding anniversary, two different kitchen appliances kept coming to mind. One was the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme bread machine. (The other was the Bosch Universal mixer. I'll share how we decided between the two in a separate post!)

My interest in the Zojirushi bread machine in particular was aroused when my friend Crystal Paine mentioned that she was given one as a gift. (Check out her bread machine buttery rolls at that link, as well!)

Homemade wheat bread

I started doing more bread machine research and reading through lots of reviews online. (The listing for the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme has almost 650 user reviews, many of which contain helpful tips and useful information!)

Some of my main concerns with any bread machine were:

Would it easily handle our everyday bread dough -- made with 100% whole wheat flour?

Is it reliable? What percentage of people absolutely love it? I was never completely satisfied with our Sunbeam bread machine, yet it got fairly good reviews overall on Will I feel the same way about a Zojirushi?

Will it bake good loaves of whole wheat bread in the machine? I'm tired of "babysitting" loaves of bread, and if I buy an expensive bread machine I want it to bake good bread!

Homemade wheat bread

In the end, we decided to go with the Zojirushi bread machine. And we really, really like it!!

I've been using my homemade wheat bread recipe in the machine, and it works wonderfully. The recipe uses 3 cups of whole wheat flour and the resulting loaf rises just above the top of the bread pan in the machine. The texture is great: soft, with a uniformly dense texture while still very light and fluffy!

Dough rising in the Zojirushi

I have made the whole wheat bread recipe in the recipe booklet that came with the Zojirushi, but we didn't like it nearly as well as our standby recipe. Their recipe used 5 cups of whole wheat flour, and the resulting loaf was the same dimensions as my 3-cup loaf -- so it was much heavier.

Some of the things I love about the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme bread machine:

It has two kneading paddles, which handle larger amounts of dough easily. It produces a nice, uniform loaf. The motor is very quiet, as well.

The Zojirushi control panel on the bread machine
A simple control panel that does a whole lot!

The machine is fully programmable. This means I can program however many minutes of kneading, resting, and baking that I want. And setting it up is easier than it would seem at first. I've programmed my own pizza dough setting with just a knead and a short first rise.


Of course, there are plenty of preset programs for various breads, so if you don't want to experiment or do your own thing, you don't have to. My wheat bread recipe has worked so well on their "basic wheat" setting that I've stuck with using it.

The delay-timer remains one of my favorite features of a bread machine. I love that I can add ingredients and press "start" whenever it's convenient for me, and the bread (or dough) is done on time... despite the many interruptions a day can bring! :)

Making bread in a bread machine in easy. So easy. I never really thought it was too much work to grease pans, take the dough out, form it into loaves, let it rise, and then bake the bread. But compared to all that, simply putting the ingredients in the machine and taking the finished loaf out of the machine is shockingly simple!

Impressions left by the kneading paddles
The kneading paddles leave impressions in the bottom of the loaf, as shown here

Joshua has even been experimenting with breads in the machine. (The apple raisin bread recipe in the recipe booklet is pretty yummy!)

Bread machine loaf: Thicker crust
Bread baked in a machine does have a darker crust than oven-baked loaves

Now, what's not to like about the Zojirushi bread machine?

One of the main things we considered when deciding to purchase a bread machine was that it contained a non-stick coated pan inside. As far as I can tell, all bread machines use a non-stick coating on the pan, and none are "eco-friendly". The non-stick coating isn't a health issue unless the pan is heated (during baking), but the point of a luxury bread maker is that you can bake great loaves in the machine!!

Sunbeam bread machine pan (left), Zojirushi bread machine pan (right)
Sunbeam bread machine pan (left) and Zojirushi bread machine pan (left)

So anyway, I'm not a fan of the non-stick, and wanted to mention it since it does merit consideration when making a large purchase.

A loaf made in the Zojirushi
A typical loaf from my Zojirushi bread machine: only slightly uneven.
Too-stiff dough will produce a loaf that's more lopsided.

The Zojirushi is also made in China. (I was guessing it was made in China, even though I could not seem to find this info online.)

Even though the bread machine motor is very quiet, when the lid of the machine is shut and it is kneading dough, the lid rattles a bit. It is still semi-quiet in my opinion, but if the kitchen is very quiet, the vibrating lid sounds loud and annoying! I've solved the issue by placing a clean dry dish cloth so that the lid rests on it while kneading.

Homemade wheat bread
I grind my own wheat flour for fresh, delicious 100% whole wheat bread!

A note about pricing on

The price of the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme varies almost daily. I noticed this as we were researching bread machines; often the Zojirushi was around $199, but sometimes higher or lower.

When I saw it priced at $168 one evening, Joshua and I did our final discussing and I went ahead and ordered one. I've continued watching the price, as we plan to get one as a wedding gift for someone this year. I've seen the price down to $179 and as high as $214 in the past month or so, and I've been checking daily.

All this to say, if you are considering this bread machine, have some patience and watch for a good price! A few days' wait could easily save you $20 or more! :)

Full disclosure: All links in this review are to through my affiliate account. This means we will get a small percentage of items purchased through these links. As always, we do not and will not recommend any product that we wouldn't spend our own hard-earned money on! :)


Is it worth the time and expense to make homemade bread? I do a simple cost analysis and talk about why we love making our own bread!


I think the company is Japanese, not Chinese.

Yes, Zojirushi is a Japanese company; however, this bread machine is made in China. :)

I have actually had mine since 1998 and yes it still works as great as the first time I used it!! Mine was manufactured in Korea however, so hopefully the quality is still the same.

I have the same bread machine and adore it. A much loved Christmas present from the in-laws that gets used at least once a week. In fact I have a loaf cooking right now, can't wait for hot lunch sandwiches!

I have had my Zojirushi for almost a year now and I use your bread recipe (though not the 100% whole week) to make our bread each week. I've just used the dough cycle because the one type I tried baking it in the machine the crust came out really dry and hard. Have you encountered this problem? Any advice for getting a softer crust in the bread machine?

The crust on my bread machine-baked loaves is darker/thicker on the bottom and sides than oven-baked loaves, but not quite as dark on top. From what I've read, bread machine-baked breads have a thicker crust and it's not really avoidable...

Thus far I've only been using the "basic wheat" setting, which doesn't have a crust control option. I am planning to do more experimenting with making whole wheat loaves on the "regular" setting and using the crust control feature to see if I can get a lighter crust! I don't mind the darker crust, but it's not quite as nice as the barely-there crust from my oven-baked loaves... :)

I'll let you know if I find any good solutions! :)

Thank you for this review. I have had a bread machine once and gave it away because it was just not good enough for me. I still make bread from scratch but with no machine. I have the Zojirushi rice cooker and LOVE it!!! I have had it for five years now and absolutely love it! Now if I change my mind about the bread machine I will look into this one! Thanks

I have heard that the Zojirushi rice cookers are really great! We don't eat nearly enough rice to justify getting one though. ;)

We also have a Zoji rice cooker, one of my very favorite appliances. :) I didn't know they also make bread machines. Our bread machine broke a few years back, and we have been considered getting a new one off and on. This one will have to jump into the discussion. Thanks!

The Zoji rice cooker makes rice taste better than on the stove; plus a bonus you can put steel cut oats in it for morning breakfast. I am still experimenting on the best recipe.

I can't wait to see your comments on Bosch machine - and while my Mom uses hers all the time (I used to use it exclusively to make bread and cookies before I married), I have only pulled ours out maybe 10 times in the last 6 years. I use our bread machine for bread making (as does my Mom now), and we rarely bake cookies or make 7 dozen cookies when we do which was what I did with the bosch. I will never need the size for baking bread as we do low carb meals and a bread machine easily takes care of our needs. I have a cuisinart blender/chopper my Mom gave me one year that I use instead of the bosch blender and have pretty much retired my bosch machine. It came with one beater a bit melted and I did not notice it right away in order for the warranty to cover it (3 months) and it would have cost $30 to replace it, so only one can be used. My Mom broke her bowl lid and it was over $80 to replace. If your bowl or anything goes wrong, I find it is ridiculously expensive to replace it. I don't like the way if you leave anything to rise in it, it easily clogs paddles and gets into the paddle holes (because the bosch isn't a bowl, but a bowl with a middle like a bundt pan), and it is not as easy to clean as I would like. In fact, with my foodie husband, I am convinced there is a reason most cooks and professionals use a kitchen aid mixer and that would be my choice - a larger regular bowl, more than 2 mixing settings (sometimes with my bosch it is not strong enough for the low setting, but the high setting mixes things to death), and not so big and clunky like my bosch.
So in your post, tell us why you want a bosch, and maybe I will be able to redeem mine??

Heather, thank you SO much for sharing your experience with the Bosch! I have only EVER heard completely positive things about it! :)

The Bosch bowl is a bit larger than a KitchenAid (correct?) so I think it can serve a different purpose for large families who want to make lots of bread at one time.

But anyway, we went through a big list of pros and cons to both the Zojirushi bread machine and a Bosch mixer and after discussing it for a while, I stopped and said to Joshua, "You know what? I think the bread machine wins for our family and our life." (This was said, however, before having tried either the Zojirushi OR a Bosch, so...) :)

Anyway, I'll get into lots more details in that post and hopefully others will share their experiences as well! :)

I really appreciate your review on the bread machine Tammy. We have been considering buying one for our gluten free loaves but hadn't started the research yet. I love the fact that you can program your time for rises into the machine. How great is that! I had not realized that any new machines had that feature now.

We are currently making all of our bread in our kitchen aid mixer as gf bread is really more like batter (cake like consistency). This is frustrating as I only can fit in one loaf in at a time and with my kids getting older we are starting to go through more bread. I need to find a way to keep up. :)

Your loaves look so yummy though, can almost smell them.

Betsy M

Thank you so much for this post. My hand-me-down bread machine broke recently and could not be repaired. My husband has given me the all-clear to get a new one, but I've been so overwhelmed with the options and prices available, that I haven't been able to make a decision.

I started looking at this one when Crystal mentioned it in her buttery roll post and am now almost convinced this will be the perfect one for our family!

Amazon only has a few reviews for bosch machines, and the 5 stars are for breadmaking most of the time, especially for large families who make 4-6 loaves at once. It does have a few lower reviews, but those were mainly for cleaning and also wishing the blender was a separate machine - something I wish for also. :) For the Bosch, when it comes to beating cream, potatoes etc, it doesn't do well. The whisks can't reach anything but the bottom, so you stop every 10 seconds to scrape the edges of the bowl, the whisks bend out of shape every time I use them, and my Mom has snapped two pairs because the wires broke where they join the metal housing. The blender works for some things, but it is so high powered and fast that it turns everything into dust - good for those who are making almond flour etc, but if you simply want to chop something into pieces, it does not work at all. It grinds icecubes into smoothies really nicely, but I never use it because the base of the blender is soooo hard to get off to clean and sometimes requires me using a wooden spoon and a hammer. Also, it doesn't have a full lid, so everything squirts out the top, and I have to put a plate on it. LOL My Mom doesn't use her blender at all anymore. But when I checked at amazon, the replacement parts are a bit cheaper - unfortunately everything they have online are for the brand new machines and the attachments can not be used on my 5 year old machine :(.
BUT, my Momdid have her original base and bowl for 30 years before she replaced them. She wore the gears and the base connection out (so the bowl wouldn't stay in place anymore) and we got a doozy of a deal on three machines that ended up costing $270 each, so it wasn't worth while having her machine fixed. She has noticed the new one is not as heavy duty as her old one, but none of us use our machines daily like I used to so I don't know how much it affects the performance. Her bowl cracked the first year and they replaced it, (she dropped it on the ground), but the new bowl is hard plastic compared to the somewhat flexible plastic of her old bowl, which got dropped constantly LOL. Her machine bounced off the counter a million times and still worked - yes the suction cups on the new machine are great as it doesn't require us to use the machine on the floor. I used to have to hold it down when it was making bread because it jumped all over and would unplug itself. I didn't realize they recommend storing it on it's side so the suction cups don't get wrecked.
But when I did my research on kitchen aid, I realized my problem is that I can't compare a bosch with a kitchen aid - the kitchen aids don't make bread and the bosch is a high quality dough mixing machine. The kitchen aid is drastically underpowered and horribly rated now compared to the old machines (I know people with older machines that are still going for 20 years, which is why I liked them). My bosch is 800 and the kitchen aids are 250-500. They work for pastry, cookies etc, although they are breaking left and right compared to the older machines. But if you do large batches of cookies or ANY bread, they die and some people replace them yearly and dig out their old machines.
So I guess I'll continue to store the bosch (I have lots of kitchen cupboards), but keep using my cuisinart chopper/blender, my hand held mixer and my bread machine because they do everything I want anyway :). And the bosch is good if I want to mix a large quantity of something and don't mind lots of cleaning.
I'm glad you reviewed the bread machine - how long have you been using it? My Mom has been baking one loaf every couple days by hand because her machine died (three of us have the same models that have been going for 5 years and we love them!), because she couldn't figure out what to replace it with. I had mentioned this brand to her, but she said she was afraid to put out that much money if it didn't do well (we bought our machines second hand on e-bay). Your loaves look absolutely perfect and I'll have to send her the link. She doesn't do wheat though due to sensitivities in the family, but I'm sure it would make a nice spelt loaf. :)

From my research, I had figured the Bosch blender wasn't worth having (especially since -- attached as it is -- if it wears out, then there's a big useless attachment on the Bosch mixer!).

I've been using the Zojirushi bread machine for 6 weeks. I'm not sure how many loaves we've done so far -- probably about 25-30 loaves. I've also used it to knead other things (like pizza dough) in that time. :)

How did I just find you? Not even sure how I came across your website/blog but am so grateful that I did! You show exactly the kind of feed we eat and my kids will love. I'm trying to get better in the kitchen... actually just trying to use the kitchen, so any help I can get is great! I'm so excited to pick out some recipes and try and make a plan for this week. Thanks!!!

~ Michelle @ FTSN

Thanks, Michelle! :)

I use a stand-mixer for kneading my bread and ferment my bread in the fridge overnight, that way I don't have to spend all day on a single loaf. We used to have a bread machine, but it broke, and I really haven't felt the need to get a new one. Mostly I'm just hopelessly in love with my kitchenaid. ;)
I love zojirushi; their products are consistently top-quality and I'm glad it was the same for you!

I made this bread last night and I can't tell you how delicious this is! I've never had bread like this...even from the bakery. It's perfect! Your recipes have not only helped me eat healthier, but I've realized I save money by eating at home much more. Thanks for all you do.

Thank you so much; I'm so glad you liked the bread recipe! :)

Would you mind sharing your wheat bread recipe that you use in your bread machine? We recently purchased a Cuisinart bread machine that I have really enjoyed using, but I have found that the wheat bread is a little dense. I have not experimented too much away from the recipe because I am very new to making my own bread and I'm not familiar with using dough conditioners, gluten, etc. Thanks!


Hi Allison! Here is the wheat bread recipe that I use in the bread machine. The natural dough conditioners we use are gluten, citric acid (you could use ascorbic acid [vitamin c] instead), lecithin, and ground ginger (like what you might have in your spice cupboard). It's really easier than it sounds! :)

We've have the Bosch Universal for almost twelve years now (same machine), and it is a workhorse when it comes to making bread! I've never had a problem with it in regard to that. What I DON'T like about the mixer is that, in my experience, it doesn't work so well mixing other doughs like cookie, pizza, etc. I end up having to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl because the beaters don't seem to reach far enough down and to the side (yet this isn't a problem when I make whole-wheat bread - go figure!). This may just be my experience, but for batters and soft doughs, I'll take a KitchenAid over the Bosch any time. :)

when using the machine for dough- are you able to put in enough for say, two pizzas? or do you have do do it one crust at a time?

this is my only complaint with my current bread maker. I use it only for making dough but BOY do I wish I could do more than one at a time.

I apologize if this comment posts more than once. I thought I posted it but do not see it...

Is this bread machine capable of making more than one loaf at a time on the dough setting? For instance, could you double the pizza crust recipe and get enough dough for two pizzas??

this would be my only complaint about my current bread maker. I only use it for making dough but if I try to double dough recipes it cant handle it.

Somehow I missed this comment when it was posted! I apologize for the late response!!

I have made enough dough for 2-3 loaves on the dough setting, though that may require gently scarping down the sides when it first starts kneading as well as taking the finished dough out of the machine before it rises up and over the sides of the pan!

For reference, I have used my machine to knead dough made with about 10-11 cups of white flour or about 8 cups of whole wheat flour at one time. The machine seems plenty powerful; the only hindrance is the size of the pan. :)

Thanks for such a great review, I would love to link to you in an upcoming recommendation post that I'll be making later this week on I will be trying your wheat bread recipe also, it really sounds amazing!

I'm like you, I don't love the fact that the pan is nonstick, but the convenience of it baking in the machine is what sold me overall. I just wish that the crust wasn't so hard...have you tried to make your own settings? I haven't fiddled with this part.

I have made 100% whole wheat bread using hard red wheat flour on the basic white bread setting with the crust set to "light". That does produce a fully formed and cooked loaf with a lighter crust than the whole wheat setting would. The same recipe and setting made using 100% hard white whole wheat flour produces a loaf that (so far) falls on top for me. I'm still experimenting though! :)

I have set a custom dough setting, to bypass the "preheat" part of the dough setting. Other than that, I haven't done a complete custom setting since my bread recipe works on the preset settings! :)

I turned my preheat setting to off. The instructions for turning it off are in the book that comes with your Zojirushi bread machine. Maybe in the winter I'll need it but not now.

I've had mine several months now and my dad bought my mom one for her birthday. We are both pleased with our bread machine. I made a loaf of your wheat bread today.

My old Breadman is really going to die very soon, and I have been contemplating the Zo. It's nice to hear from a regular every day user of the product! Thanks so much!

Have you tried these recipes?

We love how simple and delicious this banana bread is; enjoy!


Thanks for the link, Julie. I actually haven't branched out beyond using my own yeast bread or dough recipes in my Zojirushi bread machine... yet! :)

I have had my machine for almost 3 years now. I use it to make all our bread. I have also used the cake setting for my banana, blueberry, and lemon bread/cakes. It makes the moistest cakes ever! Enjoy! I know I do!

Under the picture of the two pans, you write:

Sunbeam bread machine pan (left) and Zojirushi bread machine pan (left)

Two lefts and no right.


with the recipe - which setting do you use?

With my homemade wheat bread recipe -- I would recommend using the WHEAT setting (if you use 100% whole wheat flour).
If it turns out darker than you'd like, then use the BASIC setting with a LIGHT crust selected. I usually do this.
My recipe makes about a 1.5 pound loaf, but if you add the dough conditioners I talk about in the recipe, it will rise nice and high and be a great size for the machine! (Even without the dough conditioners, the bread is still good... but with them, it makes a perfect loaf of sandwich bread!) :)

My wife recently purchased her Zojirushi bread machine and is pleased with the results. However, she wondered if there is any way that she could make whole wheat bread that is gluten-free. Do you have any ideas?

If you are looking for a good whole grain, gluten free bread recipe I highly recomend the book 125 Best Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt. They have instructions in there on how to set your machine for gluten free breads. All recipes that I have tried from this cookbook (lots of whole grain options) have turned out wonderfully. good luck

I just read your comment that getting one would not be worth it because you don't eat enough rice...I live in Japan and though they do eat a lot of rice here, we also use it for many other things! We make rice and veggies in it, rice and beans, you can make stew in it, bake cakes in it, make cheesecake etc. All of the Japanese ones work well and the uses are endless.
They also have a delayed timer on them so that you can put in the rice in the evening, and it will wait until morning or whenever you need it to cook it. (of course you cant do the delayed if you use meat or eggs or other things in it)

I LOVE my rice machine!
and I love my bread machine also!


I would love to try new recipes besides rice in the Zoji rice cooker but have no idea how to go about it. Sounds like you have a great handle on them Joni. I see you submitted in 2011 and am not sure if you will get this message but would love to get your suggestions. You can email me at My husband just had a heart attack and I am finally getting permission to change the cooking. Been trying for years but he is stubborn.


I love my Z machine, if only I could spell it :).

One nice thing about this brand, you can call the 1-800 number during their hours and ask a question if you have a problem. They will walk you through the steps, totally awesome.

I have made various types of breads in it.

Hi there! I just found your site from Moneysavingmom (the chocolate-bottom banana squares...can't wait to make them tomorrow!). I have this same bread machine and love it so much! I wanted to add just a tip about amazon. I recently discovered a site called It's an amazon price tracker. So, instead of having to check amazon every day, you simply sign up on for free, copy and paste the URL for whichever item you're interested in tracking then click "track". You then plug in the price you desire and they will send you an email when it reaches that price. I love it!

Thanks for the awesome info on your blog. I look forward to surfing more! =)

I have had this bread machine for at least 12 years. I have replaced the bread pan and paddles several times. It still makes great bread. It was more pricey than other bread machines, but this was the only on that does a decent job of making glutten-free breads and dough. If you call the company they will give you tips on making glutten-free breads.

Money well spent.

PS. The Bread Machine Cookbook by Donna Rathmell German by Nitty Gritty Cookbooks has great recipes. In particular: Apple Chunk Bread and Cinnamon Bun dough.

Does anyone else have a problem figuring out why they use such a small amount of yeast for such a big loaf? This Z is my 3rd bread machine and the loaves do not rise as high. I noticed that the other machines' books calls for 2 1/4 tsp yeast for a 1 1/2 lb loaf (the amount in 1 packet of yeast) and yet the Z machine's baqsic white bread calls for only 1 tsp. Am I reading it wrong? Am I doing something wrong that the loavew don't rise as high as they should? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for any input on this. ps - does it make a difference that we are in Seattle (sea level)?

I just purchased mine on QVC for something near $80/month x 3 months. Very good bargain!

Just making my first loaf now! Tried last night but kept getting an E:01 error. NOWHERE on the internet can you find what that E:01 error is, by the way. I dumped the bread ingredients and went to bed.

This morning I plugged it in and voila! It said 3:45 just as it's supposed to. I guess I wasn't meant to bake last night haha

Anyway, very excited for this first load to come out!


I just wanted to recommend the www.BreadBeckers.Com to you for their wonderful video/recipes and Bread/healthful recipes video classes...they have a 'Baking for busy families' class video that shows the many ways to use the Zo BM...they also have the programming and tips videos that help alot!

this is the link to the product videos:

link for the class videos:

Enjoy, learn and then share with us!, Jenny

I bought my one and only bread maker (zojirushi) about 20 years ago. In the beginning I would bake the bread right in the bread maker. Now, I never use the bread maker to bake, only to knead.

With one recipe for the wheat bread, I make two large loafs which I bake in the oven. I also use the bread maker for pizza dough. It sure beats ordering pizza out! I have received so many compliments on my pizza.

When I bought my bread maker years ago, it was the most expensive one, but I wanted the best if I was going to use it. It has held up for all these years and I wouldn't trade it for any other breadmaker!

I was making pita bread from a recipe in a magazine and found this your e-mail address, Tammy, so I am new to this site. Haven't had a chance to check it out completely, but had to comment on the bread maker.

I enjoy baking and have fun doing it!


I received this home bakery on Friday, and baked the basic white bread. It came out pretty nice. Then, I decided to bake cinnamon raisin bread. All the powder nicely blended in, but the raisin did NOT mix in at all! I was watching. The dough and raisins were swirling separately the whole time until the first rise. So when it was done, the raisins that was left out were on the bottom, burnt... Did you have this problem? Or, did you try any bread that you added some ingredients after almost all the knead is done?

If the raisins don't mix in the dough, I would suggest using slightly less flour in the dough next time, so it is softer and the raisins mix in more easily. When I've had pretty stiff dough, it's REALLY difficult to mix things in, even by hand! :)

I was curious if you have an almond flour (just with almond flour, no added flours) recipe for the zojirushi bread maker?Thank you!

Just purchased a new zojirushi bread machine. Read on another forum that it was a good idea to run the zojirushi bread machine empty or sacrifice the first loaf as the machine gives off a funky odor/taste on first use.


As an engineer, I must say your review was very comprehensive.

I have a very healthy diet and plan to cut out gluten from my diet. As such, I plan to use a bread maker to make gluten free bread. Have you tried gluten free bread with this machine?



My husband found my Zojirushi bread machine in a local thrift store for $10.00. It looked like it had not been used. There was no recipe book with it so I went online and found that and have enjoyed using it for several years now.

I love my Zojirushi bread machine but my one and only complaint is the instruction booklet. It must have been written by someone for whom English was a second language. I am trying to figure out how to set the delay feature which is called "the timer" so it was hard to even find. Then the directions are so poorly written that I can't understand them!

Press the TIMER button and the START light begins to blink.

Now does that mean press it until the START light starts blinking? I tried that but it just beeps 3 times and nothing happens. No light comes on and the TIME UP and the TIME down button won't advance. Either way that sentence does not make sense grammatically at all. The word "and" would indicate that there is a second directive in the sentence but no second directive is given. The directions go on to be even more confusing.

Use the TIME UP button to advance the time in 10 minute increments or use the TIME DOWN button to set back in 10 minute increments.

You can't "advance time" with a bread machine! Does the thing go back in time? It seems to say so. Why doesn't it say: Use the TIME UP button to choose the completion time? If you go too far use the TIME DOWN button to go back. I figured that out but it was confusing and terribly written. Even still, I can't get the buttons to go UP or DOWN period. I wish I could have helped them write the instructions. They would only help someone who already knew how to work it.

Oh, the raisins mix in easier if you toss them with a few tablespoons of flour. I take the flour from the measured flour so it won't change the bread, or the ratios of wet to dry ingredients. If they still don't mix in, I pause the machine and kneed them in by hand and just put the bread back in the machine. Usually the flour does a pretty good job though.

Buyer Beware: My brand new (one month old) Zojirushi breadmaker pan has such soft Teflon coating that 2 spots rubbed off after only 5 loaves. No utensils have ever touched it, only bread dough. The company is NOT standing behind it -- don't seem to care -- because I didn't buy it through one of their preferred vendors. The replacement pan is $112! I would think they'd be trying to figure out what is wrong with my pan's coating, but they don't seem interested. They just keep saying that the coating is safe. They said it isn't name brand Teflon from Dupont, though I wouldn't care if it wasn't wearing off in one month. If I had scratched it with a utensil, I would say so., but we didn't . Bread dough shouldn't affect a good coating! I'm not sure what to do at this point. The breadmaker makes nice bread, granted, but the pan is not quality at all and makes me wish we had spent our money on a different make.

I have had my Zoji (back and chrome version, 2 lb home bakery supreme) for a year now. My Mom gave it to me as part of my Christmas gifts last year. I LOVE THIS THING! I can not rave about it enough. I have used it many times, always hand washing the pan and storing it safely locked in a cabinet. I have never had any sort of problems with the pan's coating, the mechanics, or reliability. I can not recommend this brand enough.

When I first started trying to attempt making homemade bread a few years back, I bought a cheapy $50 Sunbeam machine at Walmart. Although it performed, the bread was always much tougher even on the dough cycle only and it just did not provide the reliable results my Zoji does.

If you are looking for a reliable machine that can provide tender, well mixed and easy won't be disappointed with Zo!

I was contemplating getting a bread machine for months and one day I went into a Goodwill to drop-off donations and decided to take a look around and I was floored when I saw the same exact Zojirushi bread machine, looked in excellent condition, no scratches or marks priced at $8.50... I immediately nabbed it ran to the market to get the ingredients and 3 months later I use it 1-2 a week...I LOVE MY BREAD MACHINE that thing is awesome.

I can not wait to try your 100% whole wheat bread recepie!!!

Hi Tammy, wonder what's the voltage of the bread machine? I'm tempted to get one but there is no distributor in aus and I hv to order online fr US. Thanks

We recently found ours for $15 at a thrift store, several years after tossing a Breadman machine and giving up because the bread was so horrible & heavy that my family refused to eat it. I've gotta say, I just love this machine and its results. I've made the basic white bread recipe and used the dough cycle for French bread. I'm looking forward to trying whole wheat next!

It has a branch in South Korea and subsidiary companies in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and the United States.

I bought one because of your blog and I love it. I get better results letting it do one rise and finish it in the oven. I love mine and thank you for this post.

Hi Tammy,

I have been making your bread recipe for years now. It is our favorite recipe. We used an Oster bread machine for 5 years. After reading your review we bought a Zojirushi Bread Machine. In two months I have only had one loaf of bread come out normal. The bread is not rising enough. Could it be the humidity? I live in Ohio and it has been humid for the past several week. I always use instant yeast. I even threw my yeast out and bought more. I finally tried plain active yeast. I just isn't rising enough. I threw all of my flours out and bought new flour. I use the dough setting on the zojirushi. It is an hour and fifty minutes. It preheats then starts the dough. Please help. Thank you.

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