Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Temporary spoon rest

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I don't own a spoon rest. (Do you?)

For some reason, spoon rests seem cluttery and annoying to me. I usually just put spoons on the (clean!) counter when cooking and wipe the counter when I'm done. Before I had a dishwasher, that seemed easier than washing an extra dish! :)

When warming up leftovers, I like to use the empty leftovers containers as a "free" temporary spoon rest. The dish is already going to need washed, anyway!

Temporary spoon rest...
This "spoon rest" had leftover cooked carrots in it

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I don't own a spoon rest either. It still has to be washed, so it doesn't seem to help. I'm with you. I use either a container dirtied by food I am currently working with or a just emptied for that recipe can or jar. If I have neither, the spoon can sit on the clean stove or counter.

The tips I would like to share today are follow-ups from last week. They are tips on transferring dry ingredients without making a mess and marking containers.

I read your birth story. I am thankful all went well even though not what you would have chosen. My pregnancies were both life-threatening to me and my boys. I had preeclampsia with both, but more severe with my first. They told me it was more common in first time pregnancies, but if a person has it more than once, they are more likely to repeat it (thus 2 children). Both were premature, hospital births. One c-section and one natural. Jon was in the hospital for a month after birth and got excellent care. I love that most people don't have to go through all of that to have a baby, but I am also very thankful for modern medicine that saved all of our lives.

Take care of that precious little gift!

But you are right, it's cluttery and I never use it! I just use a small plate or long bowl if I have a lot going on.

Love the birth story. I've never put up either of mine, only because nothing dramatic, just 2 weeks early, both on Saturday mornings and both extremely quick (Princess was within 20 minutes at hospital and Sonny Boy within 30 minutes) ... I think I was meant to have lots of kids but didn't.

Have a tip on keeping lettuce fresh for over 7 days after CUTTING it ... Foodsaver and canning jars to the rescue :)

Again Tammy, thanks for hosting, you really should be resting while you can ;)

I have this stainless steel spoon rest, and I love it!,104,53214&ap=2

In my case, I used to set it on the stovetop, which would get dirty, and the heat from the oven and burners would bake it on unless you constantly wiped, which I didn't! I don't have much counter space next to the stove, so I don't want to take up that room. Plus, it's still easier to clean a spoon rest in the sink than dried on stuff on the counter.

Heather (married Aug '00, mom to 6, ages 10 and under, baby #7 due in June)

I don't have a spoon rest either, but I really like your idea of using an already dirty dish! I never thought of that!

My kitchen tip for today is using an old spice bottle to keep baking soda in for cleaning. I especially like cleaning my kitchen sink with baking soda!

Thanks for the link up!

I have a spoon rest but I keep it in a drawer and only use it if I need it. If I am cooking something really messy like fudge at Christmas time I will pull it out and use it and then it goes into the dishwasher. I use containers from leftovers or cans or jar that have been opened most of the time.

I have a tip. It's on how to clean crayon off of your kiddos board books. It comes in handy if you buy used books, or if you little one sneaks off with a crayon when you aren't looking!

Oh, and I have a spoon rest that I use all the time. :-)

I have a spoon rest but do not use it often.I usually use it when cooking in the cp.I usually use a paper towel folded in half and then in half again and can toss it out when I am done with dinner/Lunch.I don't use a paper towel when cooking all day in the cp since it will stick to it :(

I'm a regular reader of your blog and finally have a kitchen tip to share. :o)

I do have a spoon rest but don't always remember to use it. But a good idea I read in Simple Mom's ebook One Bite at a Tme (a tip from one of her food contributors) is to put a glass or jar of warm water with spoons in it within reach while cooking. I like your tip here, too, for leftovers.

Thank you for sharing your birth story--a joyful ending!

A new series on my kitchen methods:

Thanks for posting! Hope you are having a good day today!

But what do you heat up your leftovers in?

I mAde carmel according to your recipie, its good but tastes to muchlike sweetened cond milk how do i fix it

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