Contigo Water Bottles for Adults and Kids

Contigo water bottles

I love water! With a Berkey water purifier on our kitchen counter, I've gotten quite spoiled having unlimited and convenient drinking water. I like to drink lots of water and drink about a gallon a day.

On busy days when we're away from home, I struggle to remember to drink enough water and often end up with a headache or just plain feeling exhausted!

But, a few months ago, Joshua bought some Contigo water bottles for me. After using them multiple times each day and repeatedly saying, "I LOVE THESE!" I decided to snap a few photos and tell you about them!

Contigo water bottles

Things I love about these Contigo water bottles:

One-hand operation

No messing with lids! The hand that holds the bottle presses a button near the top to allow the water to dispense. I can hold my baby in one arm and use my free hand to take a quick drink. Since the majority of my day (and night!) is spent with only one free hand, this is wonderful!

The water comes out fast

Since there is a separate air-intake vent in the lid, the water can come out of this bottle as fast (or as slowly) as I want. I always preferred to drink from cups rather than water bottles because I like to drink a lot of water, quickly. These bottles don't slow me down!

Holds 24 ounces (750 ml)

Bigger than a .5 liter water bottle, but not too big to easily carry and use, I really like this size of water bottle!

Doesn't spill

These lids work great, with no leaks even when the bottle isn't in an upright position.

BPA-free plastic

Narrow enough to fit in the diaper bag pocket! :)


Although I must say, the bottle is too tall to fit in the top rack of my dishwasher. I don't mind hand-washing the bottle part though, especially since I only wash it once a week (or less).

Things not to love:

Made in China

Ruth takes a drink...
Ruth recently figured out how to operate my water bottle! Here you can see her little fingers pressing the button to take a drink!

We bought a box of three of these Contigo water bottles at Costco for under $20. I really think I only needed one for my daily use, but that isn't how Costco works. ;) If you can find them at your local Costco, it's a good price and the extra bottle or two would make a lovely gift for someone else!

Contigo kid's mugs

Last summer, we got the boys their own water bottles for traveling. These Contigo kid's mugs have worked great!

Things I like:

Doesn't leak or spill
Lid is sturdy (no rubbery parts to tear or crack like many sippy cups)
Non-slip bottom
Dishwasher safe
Dispenses water faster than most "sippy cups"

Things I don't like:

Small (8 oz.)
Lid could be hard to clean, especially if you drink something like milk and don't clean it right away. We only use ours for water and haven't had any issues with cleaning the lids.

Ruth takes another drink...
Ruth isn't allowed to use these without supervision, although she loves them! :)

We got the Contigo kids' mugs at Costco as well, paying about $15 for the 4-pack. I'm very pleased with them, although I wish they were bigger since my children frequently like to drink 8+ ounces of water at one time!


Our family just purchased both of these sets as well! We bought our at Costco too- especially since they have a stellar return policy if one happens to leak! Love your pictures!

I have found that the Nalgene Kid's water bottles (Grip-n-Gulp) are the greatest!! They are 12 oz cups, very sturdy, BPA free, made in the USA, no leaks, great for travel or every day use, and extremely easy to clean!! They are pretty pricey ($9.25 ea retail), but they are guaranteed for life (excellent customer service) and you can usually get great deals on if you watch for their specials and free shipping codes (I usually find good ones on We also use Nalgene for our every day water bottles and to pack water in our lunches. We especially love that they are MADE IN THE USA!!!

We use these too and they are great! I love how they don't leak.

I saw this at Costco last weekend and now I wish I'd given them a second look. Great review! They look handy for the gym too.

I just had to comment and say we love these bottles too and pretty much have the same perspective on them. It's the first water bottle my husband likes because of the mouthpiece and the water coming out quickly. I like the kid version as I was looking for a different type of spill proof sippy for an older kid but also wish they were larger.

We also have the coffee mug versions since my husband takes coffee with him to work plus when we go for out for an occasional coffee, our coffee shop gives us a discount for bringing our own mugs. Cleaning the tops can be annoying but as long as it is rinsed right away, it's okay. If we forget, I soak the lid in some apple cider vinegar for a couple hours and it seems to help with smell and loosening things up.

oh this is a great idea. I need to be better about drinking more water. I have easier time drinking water in the the winter it is so hard.

I just started juicing and that is making me feel good but really need to work on my water. Especially considering I'm nursng. Glad to see someone posted they seen them at Cotsco I have always wanted to go there and now have another reason to go!

Thanks for the recommendation--I just added one to my Amazon wishlist. :) (No Costco around here . . . ) I've been using a Nalgene for a couple years, but it has a small crack in the bottom and I'm looking to replace it soon. The caps on these Contigo bottles looks awesome. We too prefer to buy made in USA, but I think I could deal with them being made in China for the better cap. :)


These water bottles ARE awesome!! The kids in my class use them, and I think they are some of the best around for the value.

"contigo", in Spanish, means "with you". Kind of cute! :) ~ Mia

I use the stainless steel tumblers with autoseal lids, which I imaging is a little different from the water bottle lids, but still similar enough to have same problems. My tumblers never leak, but it also is almost impossible to keep clean. The lid has tiny crevices that not even a tiny bottle brush can access. I use Qtips to clean the opening while it is open AND closed to get every surface, but it's impossible. If you're using dairy products, it WILL cake on in spaces you can't see, so make sure you look at the lid in every angle possible to clean them before they cake on too much.

I do have two of the stainless steel travel mugs by Contigo with this same lid design, and while I haven't had issues cleaning the lids (I drink unsweetened tea and wash lids in the dishwasher) I can see how, say, coffee with cream could be a lot harder to clean out of the lid!

I think with the water bottles, as long as one is just using them for water, the lids should be easy to keep clean. I don't wash my water bottles very often, just refill, and haven't had any problems! :)

Hi Tammy and all, over the years I've been using these stiff pipe cleaners for many household uses. They are great for cleaning nooks and grannies of any sort in dishes, lids, floors, around sinks, etc. and other indoor and outdoor uses. I've even used them for cleaning gunk from shoes and boots. (maybe someone can do a post on how many ways they find to use them!)

These are so small that they can reach spots which brush bristles can't reach.

All along this pipe cleaner are very stiff poky bristles, which are so stiff they can puncture your skin if not careful.

This package in the below link will last me for years, since the tips can be snipped off to make way for a fresher cleaning tip.

eternal,precious,beings of love, all

I bought a set of these at Costco after reading your review, and I am so glad that I did! These are now my favorite water bottles. I love that they don't have a straw that you have to attach, as straws for my other water bottles have gotten lost one too many times in my dishwasher. I also love that I can get a lot of water fast. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I would never have picked these up otherwise.

I love these too. I just wanted to add that they have a carabiner type hook on the top that hooks to pretty much anything. I hang it on my purse or even on one of my belt loops when I need free hands.

Yes! When I originally wrote this review, I had been using these bottles all winter (mostly indoors or in the car) and hadn't used the hook/latch. Now that summer's here, I can hook the water bottle onto my Ergo baby carrier, a back pack, or even hook Joshua's onto his lunch box strap! It can be a little bulky at times (like on the lunch box) BUT is a great feature for when we just can't (or don't want to!) carry it! :)

Thank you so much for your post - I've only had my contigo bottles for 5 days but I don't know how I ever used anything else! I bought from an Australian online store (I think?) and they arrived quickly, but were about $14 each (AUD). I got 2 regular bottles, one children's for my daughter and one Kangeroo (yes they spelt it that way :s) bottle for when I go jogging. It's got a "pouch" for a housekey and credit card/anything small and valuable you need but don't want to take a bag with you.

Love it!!

Yay! So glad you like the bottles! :) We have given a lot of them away as gifts since this post was written... and everyone loves them! :)

I looked up the Kangaroo Water Bottle you mentioned, and found it on Wow! Very cool! I think I might be afraid to put valuables in a water bottle though! I feel a lot safer with keys/money in my pocket... or in the Ergo pouch which I WEAR... Maybe if the bottle was attached TO ME I wouldn't be so afraid! ;)

The Flylady stainless steel bottle probably isn't quite as easy to use as the Contigo bottle appears to be, but it can still be done with one hand. And I love that it is insulated, so not only does it keep drinks cool, but it doesn't sweat. Also the top of the cap stays attached when you drink from it, but it's easy to put in ice too. My only complaint is that I want to write my name on the bottom, but can't find anything that won't rub or wash off. Maybe someone has a suggestion about that. It's been lost in my office more than once.

I suggest you use an engraving pen to mark your name on the bottle. Also, Contigo has an excellent stainless steel insulated bottle. Add ice and cold water before you leave the house and it will stay cold all day.... even in an extremely hot car parked in the sun. I have several on hand and have given several as gifts. The only drawback is difficulty cleanng the lids, so we only use the cups for water. They suggest not washing the cups in the dishwasher because the outside finish does come off, but washing the lids in the dishwasher cleans them well. Just wash the bottle part by hand.

The Contigo Kids Mugs are available in a 17oz version at Target if you are interested.

My husband bought a Contigo Water Bottle a discount store for $5. I wasn't really into drinking water before and just put it in the cupboard. Three months later I joined a gym and took out the bottle and started using it. It's GREAT!!! I have the 32 oz one. Fill it up twice a day and that's your daily requirement. But now I drink twice as much! So convenient! I try to never leave home without it.

I just bought these at costco the other day for about $10 for the set. I am so excited to start using them.

Tammy, thank you for doing a post on these amazing water bottles! I ordered them from your link last week and I love them! My husband didn't see the big deal at first, but then I caught him using the blue one and he has claimed it as his own. HA!

Love your site! I get lots of great ideas from you.

I added this to my wishlist. I also added the insulated one for hot tea when I go out.

My Mom got a set of these at Costco here in Canada! I recognized the name from reading this review when you wrote it, so I bought one off of her. ;-)

My husband's for work started leaking. I throw them in the dishwasher. Maybe I didn't read the directions. Maybe not dishwasher safe? Top rack for the lid...I wonder. Kind of annoying, but they are great otherwise!

Do the tops stay clean if you drop them, say in the mud? From what I can see there's no cover so I drop on the ground would mean germs and dirt in your mouth. Is that right?

I took your advice and ordered these for our family. We all love them and I can honestly say that I drink a lot more water since starting to use this bottle. It goes everywhere with me! My son uses his all day at school and we have never had a leak in his backpack. Love the design and rate of flow.

Please update your you still like the Contigo water bottle? I'm curious if you'd still recommend them?

Would the 14 oz. be okay for a 4, 6 and 8 year old? or would they think the bottle is too much like a sippy cup?

I currently use a 20 oz. Rubbermaid plastic bottle.

I still LOVE my Contigo water bottles!!! :) We still use them constantly! :)

I don't really love the kid-sized ones (8-ounces), because they're too small for my kids. We all use the 24-ounce size. :)

And -- I have tried a new style with a straw inside and I'm not really a big fan of the straw. It backwashes a lot with the kids, and I don't like having to suck so hard in order to drink water as quickly as I like. :)

I bought a set for my sister for Christmas and wanted to show a friend how they work, as I was unscrewing the lid it slipped from my hand and tumbled (not hard by any means) into the sink and now the button is jammed. It would be one thing if it had landed hard or from a distance but a one foot drop into the sink shouldn't jam the whole lid. At least it was the same day so I can take it back .

I have the Contigo bottle with a slot for cash/id and a house key. It is the best water bottle I've ever owned! I love it!!

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