Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Adjusting the microwave power level

Today's kitchen tip is super simple, but something I would never have thought of doing if Joshua hadn't showed me how! :)

When we moved from an apartment to a house (with a great kitchen!) last year, a friend gave us a microwave that they no longer needed. I admit to using it more than I expected I would!

But, I don't like it when I go to melt butter in the microwave and before it's all melted, it's splattering everywhere. Or, I try to warm some leftovers and need to keep stirring the food as it gets hot, to prevent spots that are sizzling along with spots that are still hard and cold.

To avoid this? Adjust the power level. Here's how it works on ours:

1. Set the time (minutes/seconds) you want to use.

2. Press the "Power Level" button. Ours is saying "HI" which is at 100% power.

3. Continue to press the "Power Level" button until it says the % of power that you want to use. Ours goes down 10% with each press (shown above: 30% power).

What adjusting the power actually does:

The power level is adjusting how much the microwave cooks. At 100% power, it is emitting microwaves 100% of the time. At 50% power, it's emitting microwaves 50% of the time (alternating 10 seconds "cooking", 10 seconds just turning the turntable).

So, to use my melting butter example: Instead of setting the microwave for 20 seconds and hoping I don't have butter splashed everywhere inside, I set the microwave for 90 seconds at 20% power. This allows the butter to slowly melt.

My tips for Defrosting and Re-heating Without a Microwave (I still think defrosting meat in the microwave is a little scary/gross!)

Softened butter tips (super useful when you don't have a microwave to soften butter on-demand!)

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Good Morning Tammy -

My tip is how to clean the seal on your refrigerator.

Have a great week!

Anna :)

I never mess with the power on my microwave, but now I may try to because I have the same problem with my butter.

My tip is how to make hoecakes:

It is helpful to be able to soften butter without having some melted and some hard. I started doing something very similar to what you suggest. I'm sure every microwave is a little different, but I use the defrost function for .2 lb. For half or one stick I go to the first beep, for two sticks, I let it go the whole time. I think it does the same thing as lowering the power. I have tried to lower the power on mine before and it never works for me. I may not be doing it right. Any, I agree that it does works great!

BTW, I have been using your tip about reaching things with a silicone spatula a lot. Great short person's tip! :)

The tip I would like to share today is how to make packed lunches easy and tasty. Thanks for sharing!

Yay! I finally have a tip! :>)

Using a Bowl to Cover a Crock Pot (Lenetta at Nettacow)

Thanks for linking up my tip, Tammy! Have a blessed day :)


My tip this week is a recipe for making homemade blueberry syrup with simple, real ingredients.

Can't wait to read everyone's tips! I am constantly adjusting my power level as well :) - great tip.

Thank you!

Hi Tammy!
I came back to browse all the great links and noticed mine isn't there. I am probably about to embarrass myself :), but did I mistakenly not follow a rule of the link-up? I apologize if I did, it was certainly not intentional! Please, let me know.


what great microwave tips! thanks for hosting as always!

I actually use the auto defrost on my microwave for butter. It works about the same. :)

Here is my tip: Thank you!

I love your idea! I so dislike cleaning up splattered butter on the microwave when I've miscalculated the time. :)

I am sharing a tip for freezing leftover spaghetti sauce:

Alea @ Premeditated Leftovers

I don't know if this is a full tip or not, but, I NEVER defrost my meat for the full pounds in the microwave. I don't like to babysit it. I would rather have it slightly frozen in the middle, than to have the edges cooked or rubbery.
So, my tip... defrost for less than the weight. If I have a 3 pound roast, I will put it in for 1 1/2 to 2 pounds. I then, either leave it set in cool water until I'm ready for it or, in the case of chicken breast or hamburger, I just cook it slightly frozen!

Defrosting meat in the microwave is a little scary! :-) I'm still not really sure how I feel about my microwave.

Today I'm linking up my tip for keeping your dish drainer a little less icky.....and making it pretty to boot!

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

another easy fix it for butter is this. Tupperware has a measuring cup set to use in the microwave you can use ea. seperately or together (one as the lid) when you melt your butter you use both & no more splatters. Love it

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