Birthday review, giveaway, and discount from More Than Alive: Cane Creek Coffee

Cane Creek Coffee

I like coffee, but I'm also picky. Bitter, low-quality coffee? No, thanks! Since tea is more affordable (and healthier as well!), coffee has been more of a rare treat for me. :)

My birthday was last weekend, and Joshua got me an Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker (review to come -- I love it!!) after picking up on a few hints that I would love to be able to make coffee at times. More Than Alive teamed up with his efforts and sent me some Cane Creek Coffee to review. So much fun!

Cane Creek Coffee

Cane Creek Coffee is a High Grown coffee (Fair Trade and naturally grown). I really like the Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee. The ground coffee beans have a typically strong aroma. Dark, rich, and smooth is how I would describe the resulting brew!

I'm certainly no coffee expert, but I've had plenty of coffees that I didn't enjoy. Cane Creek Coffees have met my expectations for a delicious coffee, and now I'm only left wondering how to fund this new addiction. ;)

Lemon Lover's Tea
Lemon Lover's herbal tea -- a favorite with glazed Lemon Scones!

The Giveaway:

More Than Alive is generously offering to give 1/2 pound of Cane Creek Coffee to FIVE winners here! And don't worry: if you're not a fan of coffee, you can choose an herbal tea blend instead. (The Blues Brew is one of my favorites!)

This giveaway is open Thursday and Friday, February 10-11, 2011. Five winners will be selected using and announced on Sunday, February 13.

How to enter the giveaway:

Since this is my "birthday giveaway", I'm going to change things up a little this time, and give you multiple ways to enter this giveaway! :) (Please leave a separate comment for each one you do!)

Leave a comment saying you would like to be entered in the giveaway

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The Discount:

More Than Alive sells quality bulk herbs, bulk foods, and more -- including our favorite household necessity, the Berkey Water Filter.

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your order from More Than Alive on Thursday and Friday, February 10-11 ONLY!

Code: TX2Q4


I would love to win some of this. I am like you - I love coffee, but only really good coffee. Bad coffee is sooo bad.

Shannon (at) nourishingdays (dot) com

I'd love to win this coffee give away!

I would like to be entered in the contest.

I would like to be entered! :)

And I 'like' you on Facebook. And off Facebook too! ;)

sign me up! I love me some *good* coffee!!

I also "liked" More Than Alive... what a cool giveaway, thanks for sharing your birthday with us Tammy!

I'd like to be entered

I have "liked" you & More Than Alive on Facebook.


SmilynStef at aol dot com

I would like to be entered, please.

I like you on facebook.

I would love to be entered in this giveaway!

I love good coffee! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Actually neither my hubby OR I are coffee drinkers, but tea is good. Hubby loves drinking tea in the winter especially. He would drink ice tea in the summer more if we had room in our fridge for it...but with milking we usually have several gallons of milk in there, so the ice tea drinking didn't happen this last summer. LOL I'd love to try some of their tea! :)

I love coffee but, I'm nursing so it's off limits to me by choice. I'm glad that tea is included.
castillosharon3 at yahoo dot com

I love good coffee! Please enter me in your giveaway.

I got a coffee press for Christmas and would love some good coffee to make in it. Cinnamon hazelnut sounds wonderful!
knitter82 at

Wow! Would love to try some of this coffee! We are coffee drinkers here, especially hubby...

I liked you on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway.

I liked you on Facebook!

I Liked More Than Alive on Facebook

I Shared the Link To Your Giveaway on Facebook!

If you made a post about it, I missed it. Hope you had a great one!

Thank you! :) I didn't post about it... yet. Tomorrow! :)

Like on FB! Love me some coffee!

Kristy N.

My husband's birthday is coming up and he LOVES coffee. Please enter me.

I would love to be entered! lovemylittlefamily at yahoo dot com

lovemylittlefamily at yahoo dot com

coffee is good, especially on a -9 degree morning like today!

I would love to be entered - sounds like great coffee.

Thank you!

Thank you for the chance. :>)

I already like you on facebook

I would love to try More Than Alive,I had never heard of them before.

I would love to be entered, thank you! I find that now that we have moved to the Pacific Northwest I am appreciating my coffee in a whole new way than when we lived in Southern CA!

Why is that?! :)

Here in the Seattle area, coffee is EVERYWHERE! :)

I would love to be entered please. I also like your facebook page, I liked More than alive on facebook and shared the link! Thank you!!

linked to your giveaway via FaceBook!!

(yea, one more chance for me :-) )

you are already "liked" by me on FB... does that count?

Definitely, it counts! :)

Would love to win this. How fun!!

Liked More Than Alive on FB. Thanks again.

Sign me up!! My husband got me hooked on coffee while we were dating~ahem~ 15yrs ago, I never really liked the stuff until he gave me a cup to try, now I'm hooked!!

I'm the same way....I like coffee, but it has to be high quality and unfortunately it's kind of expensive. When it's good, it's really delicious. I don't sweeten it but I do add a touch of cream.

Hope you had a nice birthday!

I am a coffee fanatic but I too, am very picky! I guess you could call me a coffee snob. ;-) Anyway, I would love to be entered into this since I am always up for trying good coffee! (I 'liked' MoreThanAlive and Tammy's Recipes on my fb)

Hope you had a great day!

I would love to enter this. I don't drink coffee, but have a sister who works at a local coffee shop and has become a coffee "snob." It would be fun to gift her some.

~ MrsKatie

I'd love to win this. I love good coffee, and have been trying to figure out how to fund my habit!

I liked you on facebook

liked more than alive on facebook

Happy Birthday Tammy!
How sweet to giveaway gifts for your birthday.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

I LOVE our Aeropress. We got one a year and a half ago, and we use it almost every single day. We really really enjoy the Costco coffee they roast in store. My husband washes the filters and uses them over and over. It was a great investment for our family. We love to get Americanos and were getting them every day until we bought the aeropress. Now we enjoy our homemade coffee as much as the coffee shop.

Meggan -- we read about reusing the filters and have been doing that too! It's so easy to just rinse everything and set on a towel to dry! :)

I wonder how many Costcos roast coffee beans in-store? My in-laws were saying that our Costco here in Shoreline/Seattle, WA was the only one they had been to that did that... now I'm curious! :) I do foresee freshly-roasted and ground coffee from Costco in our future. ;)

When we lived in Seattle, the Shoreline Costco was were we shopped. We are in Anchorage, AK now. We have two Costco's here, and only one does the fresh roasting, but they still send the fresh roasted stuff over to the other Costco, but that is a newer thing I hadn't seen before. We used to have a very nice burr mill, but but it died after a few years. [maybe it wasn't that nice?] so now we just grind it all at once at Costco, and come home and put it all in mason jars with our canning funnel. Sometimes they have varietal coffees fresh roasted at Costco as well, Kona, Costa Rican, etc that have been excellent, but we are just as happy with the Sumatra Seattle Mountain. As long as it's fresh and properly ground [we do one step up from espresso] it does beautifully. I know you've used airless storage bags before, but we use up the bag of coffee, gee, in a month maybe? So our jars suit us fine.

Such a sweet thing for YOU to do for US!
I would love to be entered in the give away!
Thank You & Happy Birthday!

I like More than Alive on Facebook!

I like More than Alive on Facebook!

I like you on Facebook!

Thanks for all the opportunities to win! We LOVE coffee! :)

Yum--coffee! Thanks for entering me.


laurasu82 at

Happy Birthday Tammy! And thanks for all the great recipes. I'd love some yummy coffee or tea so please sign me up.

And enjoy your new coffee maker!


Please add me to the drawing. I would like to try the coffee. Thanks

Happy Birthday! Please enter me! I love coffee!

I would love to be entered in the giveaway! I am always looking for good coffee!

I "liked" More than alive on FB!

By the way, the Super Mom vitamins from More than Alive are wonderful:)

Please enter me in the contest! We love good coffee at our house!

Hello, I would like to be entered into the contest. Also hope you had a happy birthday and enjoyed some pampering from your family!

Hi Tammy, I would like to be entered in your contest for the coffee. We do love coffee! Mariel and Reuben

Oh please enter me to this giveaway:)

I already have you 'liked' on facebook, and do not have twitter. Mariel and Reuben

I would like to be entered!

amanda at solorza dot net

I like you on FB!

amanda at solorza dot net

I like more than alive on FB~

amanda at solorza dot net

I would LOVE to be entered into the contest, we absolutely love coffee at my house!! Happy Belated Birthday!! I have already "like" More than Alive on FB, your next :)

Liked your site on facebook

Thanks for the great giveaways :)

I liked more than alive on facebook

I shared the link on my facebook page.

My favs are kona, Hazelnut, and green mts mocha java is soo good, I also love to add caramel to my cofffe instead of sugar when I have non flavored coffee. one of these days I'm gonna learn to use my grandfathers italian coffee maker.

I also follow you on facebook, thanks

So glad that you get to celebrate your Birthday with us:) I would love to be entered in this contest. Hubs and I have "coffee shop Saturdays" at our house. We make bagel sandwiches, brew some special coffee that only gets brewed on Sat. and we close ourselves up in our office together before the kids get up and chat away. It has been a great marriage booster for us. We love it and have something to look forward to each Sat. This coffee would make a great addition to our "coffee shop sat"! Thanks:)

I liked Tammy's Recipes on Facebook

I posted about this contest on FB

I tweeted about this contest on Twitter

Happy Birthday! My birthday is on the 21st. I love rich and smooth coffee.

Alana at

I'd love to win this coffee giveaway! Thanks for the entry!

I just "liked" More than Alive on Facebook!

I just "liked" your site on Facebook!

I would love to win this for my husband who is an avid coffee drinker!

I shared a link to this giveaway on Facebook!

I just tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter!

Love coffee!!


like tammy on facebook

Please enter me for the contest!

threekstrio at yahoo dot com

Thank you

I whole heartily agree about being picky about coffee - I certainly am. We are getting to know a company that specializes in getting the best of beans, and roasting them right...I look forward to learning much more about coffee...even though I have been drinking it for years. :) I have been looking at the aero press for some time - but wondered if it weren't just one more gadget! I look forward to your review.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity with this give-away.



Enter me too love good coffee


I would love to be entered in this coffee giveaway. Sounds wonderful!

I would love to be entered in the giveaway. My husband got an Aeropress for me for Christmas and I LOVE IT!

Mmmm, sounds like the AeroPress is a hot item these days! :) Joshua did all the research and bought one for me... I had no idea he was even getting me a gift, let alone something so cool! :)

i would like to be entered in the giveaway. i remembered your b-day, but couldn't call you b/c i was w/ my son's kids while one was having surgery. i sure hope you had a good one. did you have your apple cake :)

Aww, love you Deb! :) I did have my apple cake! Getting ready to post pictures tonight! :)

Please enter me in your giveaway. I would love to try a new coffee.

I would like to be entered in the giveaway. Thanks and happy birthday! Suzie

I'd love to be entered. This would be just in time for MY birthday on Sunday!

I'd love to be entered in your coffee giveaway.


Wow! I would love to be entered! I really love a good cup of coffee, but I am very picky, too! I miss living in the Pacific Northwest. We lived in Everett for several years when we first got married,and just went back there this summer for vacation! Oh, how we loved living out there! (I miss Costco, too! Sam's Club is just not the same!)

Happy Birthday, Tammy! I would love to be entered in!

I am a More than Alive facebook fan.

I am a Tammy's recipes fan.

I would like to be entered!

and happy birthday!


Sounds amazing! Happy Birthday to you!

I like Tammy's Recipes on Facebook!

I would like to entered!

but ... I am positng to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

I could sure go for a cup of it now.

I would love to try a new coffee. Please enter me in your giveaway!

love my morning coffee

please enter me in the giveaway as well
thank you

Delicious sounding giveaway! Thank you!

I 'like' you on Facebook:)

Happy Birthday. I also 'like' More than Alive on Facebook:)

Would love to win your giveaway. I enjoy a cup of either tea or coffee each morning and would thoroughly enjoy trying a new brand!! Especially Cane Creek Cinn Haz you described! Yum! I like you on FB.

jenniferplunkett8 at yahoo dot com

I would love to be entered in this giveaway.
Love you on facebook

Would love to be entered in the coffee giveaway. I love coffee.

I like you on Facebook.

It is very generous of you to offer this giveaway, Tammy.


I would like to be entered in the contest.

I "like" Tammy's Kitchen on FB.

I "like" MoreThanAlive on FB. Thanks.

First of all Happy Birthday!:)

Would love to be entered in contest :)

Your description of that coffee was delicious! Please enter me.

I would like to be entered in the giveaway.

Happy Birthday!

karin56381 (at)

I would like to be entered in this contest.

Happy Birthday! I liked you on Facebook!

I like More Than Alive on Facebook!

I would love to be entered in the giveaway.

I liked you on Facebook!

I liked More Than Alive on Facebook!

I'd love to win!

Sorry- I entered my comment as anonymous. I'd like to be entered!

or maybe the coffee.....I like to make homemade cappuccino mixes. I already follow you on facebook and I just "liked" more than alive on facebook.

Thanks for the giveaway!

christy.vw@ gmail .com

I like you on facebook. :)

christy.vw @


Just read about you on FB and the Berkey Water Filter site (where I just bought the Royal Berkey). I love contests! I'd love to enter your Giveaway. I'm at:

Thanks so much and belated Happy Birthday!


I had to say that we have only used the aeropress to make coffee for several years. It is the absolute best way to make coffee. When I got married, my husband was the coffee lover/ purist (still is) while I drank occasionally. When he first got the aeropress I really couldn't tell any difference. I have since turned into a huge 'coffee snob.' We purchase our coffee on -line, and they roast it fresh right before shipping it. It's also organic fair-trade. We grind it fresh for every cup and use the aeropress. Combined with the raw fresh cream from the farm (so thick you scoop it with a spoon, like peanut butter or sour cream) , our coffee is the best anywhere. Very, very rarely do i get a cup of coffee out that is not bitter and never is it as good as home pressed!!

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