Photo tour of my new kitchen (and video!)

My kitchen

I love my kitchen! It's spacious and bright, with more cupboards than I can fill. When we were looking for rental houses, I didn't dare to dream of finding one in our price range with such a beautiful kitchen. But we did! It needed some cleaning and a few repairs, which we did before moving in. The hard work was worth it, and I still feel spoiled living here!

Some of the things in the top picture (from left to right): Calendar and phone "station", Royal Berkey water filter, my water bottle, my bread machine, the never-ending paper pile, my crock pot, a jar of kefir, and a bowl of freshly-ground flour. The room beyond (through the doorway) is an extension of the living room.

My kitchen

Here you can see the other side of the kitchen. This fridge is huge! I can fit a lot of food in the fridge and freezer here, and we've been able to go grocery shopping less often. Right now my goal is to go to Costco twice a month and to the nearby QFC once a week for bananas and sale items. :)

My kitchen

A lot goes on in this little area! :)

My kitchen

The tall cupboard is used for a pantry, and is quite handy! :) There is a second doorway to the right of that cupboard, and then my shelves.

Kitchen shelves

These shelves were on our enclosed porch when we lived in Ohio. In the apartment, I ended up putting one shelf by our dining room table, and disassembling the other. When we moved here, Joshua put the shelf back together and now I have two again! I think it makes the dining room look a little cluttered, but I like being able to store so much food! And, since the dining room is where we do our school books, I am able to store the books and supplies nearby. :)

My kitchen

I thought that with this much counter space, it would be easier to keep it clutter-free. Ha! I think it is actually MORE difficult to keep it cleared. Maybe because instead of clearing a spot to work, I just move on to the next clean space until the whole kitchen is full of dirty dishes and clutter... I don't know! It is still a daily effort to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, and when it looks like it does in these pictures, I call it perfect! ;)

Our kitchen table

Our kitchen table gets a lot of use! I put my computer there in-between meals and school work. There is a lovely deck behind the kitchen, where Joshua has his grill. And since the trees out back lost their leaves, we can see bits of the Olympic mountains through the trees in the distance! (I told you, I'm spoiled!)

Here's the video tour, including everything in my kitchen cupboards! One of my friends recently did a kitchen tour and showed the insides of the cupboards and it was actually really interesting to me... this video did get a little long (16 minutes!) so I apologize for not being more concise!

Storing cutting boards

My cheerful cutting boards! I forgot to get these in the video, so I took a picture. :)

Stove drawer

And, the one drawer I forgot to open for you on the video! Just cookie sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins, and a grill pan. :)

My other kitchens:

My apartment kitchen wasn't bad at all. Really my only complaints were that the fridge was small and there was carpet in the dining room! I learned to pack the fridge to its fullest, and we taught the kids to be super careful when eating. We left our apartment after 2 years with compliments from the management and our deposit returned! Mission accomplished! ;)

I shared a photo tour of my apartment kitchen when we moved there in 2008. You can also view pictures of everything in my kitchen cupboards at that time. (Ahhhh! Ruth was a baby!!)

And from when we lived in Ohio: My de-cluttered kitchen (in photos). I miss those cheery curtains!


Tammy, looks like you have a very nice kitchen. Glad you are enjoying it. I noticed you have the same grain mill as I do. I also noticed that you said there was flour in your canister. How long do you leave flour in your canister? I've heard that you should only mill what you are going to use right then because the fresh milled flour goes bad quickly. But, I know ladies that mill a lot and store it in the freezer. What do you do?

I don't usually have enough room in my freezer for flour (and then there is the part about needing to remember to pull the flour out ahead of time to "warm up" so it makes good yeast bread!).

I do sometimes store flour in the fridge. But I also sometimes store it out for shorter periods (a few days or even longer).

We do keep the house fairly cool (64 degrees) so I probably wouldn't do that if we lived somewhere where the temps were in the 80's! But from my research and in my opinion, storing flour at room temperature for short periods of time isn't a huge issue. :)

Does anyone else want to weigh in on this topic? :)

Thanks Tammy!

I always keep my flour in my freezer, but I am blessed with a large freezer in the garage. I never bother warming up my flour if I need it for bread making. It just takes a little longer to rise, but it's not an issue since I don't use a bread machine.

And you will probably LOVE getting some stools for the kitchen counter area for eating. I still love pulling up a bar stool to my mom's counter when I get to visit her. It's a homey place to stop and chat or a fast place to serve lunch to the kids. You can usually find bar stools at garage sales or craigslist at great prices.

I use a small canister in the cupboard for flour, but purchase 25lb bag and store it in the freezer. It works well. I have noticed that in the process of moving from frozen to room temp some condensation can form on the frozen bag or room temp canister. If seal, this makes the flour smell horrible, so I dump half the bag into the canister and leave both open to air out until the flour reaches room temp. This seems to help.

Do you have a month or 3 month supply of food storage?? In some of your older pictures it looks like you had some food storage and water. Do you do that? If so what do you store?

Oh, yes! I mentioned in the video that I also have some food stored in buckets in the garage. We store some wheat, oats, beans, rice, salt, and corn. I *think* that is all right now. Actually, making an updated "inventory list" is on my list of things I need to do! :)

I don't store any water right now. I need to research that possibility more before doing anything along those lines.

I was going to make a joke about how living in Seattle, all I need is the Berkey water filter because it rains all the time. ;) But it actually doesn't rain *that* much! :)

I love your new kitchen. The colors are so light and neutral. I love that you can store your school things near where you use them. We have friends that also have shelved like that in the dining room. To hide the clutter they hung a rod from the ceiling and put two shower curtains up that matched their decor. It added a lot of color and hides things away nicely.

Your new kitchen area looks great. You're in my homestate and must not be far from my home town if you can see the Olympics - made me home sick. Now that you are in the Pacific NW you need to check out for your grains etc. They are awesome. Theresa

Thank you! :) We are a few miles north of Seattle... and a few miles from Puget Sound. :)

I do plan to check out Azure soon! :)

Your new kitchen is lovely! I love how spacious it is, and how many cabinets it has! Thank you for the video tour; that was so much fun!

It was so much fun! And yes I watched the whole video:) Can't wait to see the rest of the house sometime:)
So it looks to me like this is an upper floor?

Aww, you're such a sweetie, Tereza! :) I hope to do more rooms next week... :)

This house is ranch-style (single floor) but we're on a hill and the yard drops off quite steeply in the back of the house! That's probably why it looks like we're upstairs from the view out the sliding door! :) Good observation! :D

I thought I would throw this in the mix about the wheat flour.

"This is exactly what we see if we look more closely at the foods offered in the grocery store and how they got there. Jesus prayed, "Give us this day our daily bread." God designed the wheat kernel, as well as other grains to perfectly store the nutrients within. Once broken open, as in milling, the nutrients immediately begin to oxidize. Within about 72 hours 90% of over 30 nutrients are virtually gone."

- Taken from this article

Having said that I do keep a small bag of each kind of wheat stored in my freezer just in case I don't grind enough up for a recipe or if I need some dusting the counter or if the recipe just calls for a really small amount.

Many blessings,


Thank you for that, Emily! :) I was just at the Bread Beckers website the other day! :) I think I need to do more research on the topic, because I can't seem to find the data to back that claim -- and I have seen it on more than one website. If someone can show me the study (or studies!) that validated that info, I would definitely take more heed to carefully preserving the flour... :)

I love your spacious kitchen Tammy - it is so light-filled and yet still warm with the lovely tone of the wood. I imagine you really appreciate it! Both my children watched the video with me and both of them prefer your kitchen to ours! Love to you all, Lucy

Aww, I love you too, Lucy! I wish I could share my kitchen with you! :)


Thank you so much for the video tour of your kitchen! It is gorgeous-and so roomy! I especially love the view out your sliding glass doors of your deck, and out your kitchen window. I have a lazy susan built into the corner of my kitchen like yours, and it is so nice.

I also noticed the little shelf under the phone, that is so handy!

Thanks again for sharing!


Your kitchen looks so nice! Thanks for including pictures for those of us without the time to watch an entire video. I enjoyed them very much!

I'm so happy for you! Very nice kitchen. I need some advice getting my kitchen organized. My husband just finished our walk-in- pantry (afer 7 years) and now I'm lost as how to reorganize! I have too much room now.

Congrats on the new home. :)


What a great kitchen! There are so many good features -- I think that little phone/calender nook would be priceless and then the gorgeous view to the outdoors and the pergo floors!

What a good way to display your cutting boards, I keep mine in the plate cabinet and it keeps falling down several times a day.

Thanks so much for sharing.

I like your new kitchen!! I completely understand about keeping the kitchen clutter free, I have the same problem. :D I'll have to do a tour of my kitchen sometime soon... I'll watch your video later on, I don't have much time to watch at the moment. About the curtains, do you still have them?? If you do, why don't you just hang the lady bug valance up in your kitchen?? Just a thought!

Look forward to seeing the video this evening!

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :)

Thank you, Tanya! You know what? I think I DO still have those curtains! There is a box in the garage that I haven't opened recently, and I know it contains maternity clothes, shower curtains and hooks, and maybe, just maybe, my curtains from Ohio! I can't believe I forgot about looking in that box... I am usually very aware of any extra "stuff" I'm storing (it bugs me to have things in storage and not be using them!). :)

I'll look tomorrow for them... :)

I would love a tour of your kitchen! :)

I hope you find them! They were such cheery curtains! :) I did watch your video last night and very much enjoyed it although by the end I was feeling terrible from motion sickness... Has happened before to me... Went to bed and feel normal this morning. LOL

I will do a tour of my kitchen, I'll let you know when I do. I'll try for next week. :) Need to clean it up a bit first....

Blessings to you, Tammy!

~Tanya - mama to 6 treasures. :) not to be found :(

Actually, I *think* left my curtains in the kitchen in Ohio. I had made them myself, custom, to fit the windows there, and I figured I may not ever be able to use them (or at least, not for a long time!) so I left them. I hope the new renters are enjoying them! ;) :(

Sorry for the motion sickness! I need to work on my video-ing skills. :D

I really like the new kitchen and how you have it so neatly arranged and organized! Thank you for the video. It inspired me to look around our kitchen and see what I could improve on!


It is nice having space. I too have problems with clutter, but, that may be because I'm a disorganized mess most of the time anyway. :)

An Idea about the shelves in the dining room...
When you entertain or even sit down for a nice dinner, how about hanging curtains across that area? You can latch them to the side walls with a bit of fabric during the day, but, then would not be embarrassed by the sense of clutter they might have. (Although, I think they look organised)

Also, it looks like you might have enough space there to eventually put a small, second hand, writing desk there for your computer. Maybe something to keep an eye open for.

Life is a work in progress! Have a great day. :)

Carmen Koehn

Thanks for the suggestions, Carmen! :)

I have thought about converting the dining area (or part of it) into a "studio" of sorts, with a computer desk and props for getting better food photos, but I like to keep things simple and have less stuff to clean around/under if possible! :) And using the kitchen table means I have to shut down the computer at least several times a day... a very good motivation and less tempting to check email so frequently! :)

yes the lady bug curtains would look cute on the kitchen window...

Okay, why in the world have I not thought of doing this???!!!
I've been cooking beans at the very least, once a week for the past 20 years of my marriage and have always done them in the crockpot but it never dawned on me to soak them in the crockpot!!
I've always just used a separate bowl to soak them Thanks for sharing this ingenious idea with us!!

I love your roomy new kitchen! I totally know what you mean about keeping things clutter always makes a room look so much neater.
Thank-you for taking us on a tour!!

It does save a dish, but be careful if you drain the soaking water off the beans (and replace with fresh water before cooking -- which is what I do) because the crock pot is heavy when it's full! I think I almost dropped mine in the sink one time!! :)

Glad you enjoyed the tour and the little tips sprinkled throughout... as I was filming it, I realized I have some more kitchen tips I could use for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays -- like the labeled trash cans, for example. :)

Do you have something to tell us? I love the video.


I was wondering too... :)

Yes, I guess I do. I wasn't planning to announce this, but I am kinda fat! I've been exercising but not watching what I eat.

I guess they say "Never trust a skinny cook", so now you all have video proof that you can indeed trust me! ;)

Actually, I need to try to lessen the muscle separation I have (called diastasis). Losing a few pounds would probably help that too!

oh my!
you are not fat!
you have simply delivered 4 children in a short does a body good ;)


i've had 4 of my own, though one is with body still bears the evidence! :)

Julie, thank you. :)

Tammy, I too have diastatis from third baby (11lbs 10oz) who is now 13 months. I have exercised some but I find it very difficult to get it to fully close. The Dr said that I need surgery to have it go completely back together. I can still fit 2-3 fingers between the muscles much better than my whole hand though which it was 6 wks after birth. My stomach always looks like I'm carrying extra weight though even though I'm a pretty healthy wieght (5'8 138lbs). I will be praying for you. I find it very frustrating to deal with.

Thanks for sharing! I first noticed the diastasis after my 2nd baby. It has gotten slightly worse but isn't painful most of the time. From what I have read, most "tummy toning" exercises will actually make it worse (like, doing straight crunches for example) so I have done more general exercise instead... but a flat stomach have I not!! :P

I have actually had people ask me if I am pregnant again, and say they didn't believe me when I answered "no". Sorry... not everyone who "looks pregnant" is!

Haha I've gotten the pregnant question a few times too. has some exercises specially for diastasis.

Hi Tammy-

Your new kitchen has so much room! Do your children love to chase each other around the "loop?" I recognized a lot of the same products from Costco that we use. Thanks for sharing!


Yes! The children do love to run circles around the loop and through the kitchen! :) It is not a super huge loop and the floors can be slippery, so it's kinda dangerous actually... but in general this place is so much more "child-friendly" than the apartment because they can play on the floor and jump around and dance and things like that, without worrying about disturbing the neighbors. :)

Yay for affordable food from Costco! :D

SO much fun to have this "tour", Tammy! I'm thrilled that you finally have a bigger kitchen again, and everything is so clean and new and homey-looking. :) Your organization in the cupboards is so inspiring...I need to re-organize most of my cupboards, or at least do what I can to clean out stuff we're not using (as you know, from watching my video ;) ). It's been an interesting process to try to sort through the food Joe had on hand when I got here - most of which I either don't know how to use or don't care for personally - as well as all the dishes he had. So I have a ways to go yet, but it is a LOT better than it was a few months ago. ;)

Can't wait to see the rest of your new home! :D

Thanks, Abigail! :) You were my inspiration! :)

Sometimes if I have food I need to use up, I take it out and put it on the counter until I can use it! Or group it all together on a shelf to remind me to focus on using that stuff. :) Although, I have found that with shopping at Costco, our pantry is usually stocked with larger quantities of fewer things... meaning fewer little things that are partly used. :)

Thank you so much for the tour! I find it extremely interesting. Can't wait to see the rest of your home. :)

What a nice and cheery kitchen. It looks like you also have a nice deck outside too.

By the way, I thought when I saw the pictures of you and your beautiful sister, "How does Tammy stay so slim and cook such wonderful foods?" so you are definitely not fat!!

Enjoy the new home. It's really nice!

Yay, thank you! :) :)

Yes, there is a deck off the kitchen and it is huge! There is even a table and chairs out there (already here). I can't wait for nice weather so we can eat outside! It will be amazing!! :) And... great for having lots of company over. :D

Fun! I just posted a video tour of my kitchen, did you happen to see it? :)

What a fun kitchen tour, Christy! Thanks for leaving the link here. My Bloglines subscription didn't transfer correctly; I just added you to Google Reader, so I should be able to keep up now! ;)

I noticed that you don't have knick-knacks or pictures on your walls yet. I noticed because I know I have too many :o) After TWO recent cross-country moves I am ready to get rid of some of my junk, but I don't want it to be too stark either. Sigh. I wish I had a trusted friend close by who could say, "Girl, get RID of that thing, and that thing, etc." Did your Ohio home have more decorative items that you purged when you moved cross country, or are you the type that likes the more modern/simple/clean lines look?? Just curious.
You have inspired me to keep only what I use in my kitchen and pitch the rest.
Thank you!!!!

Hi Kate!

I don't believe I got rid of any decorations when we moved across country! Our Ohio kitchen was "decorated" with homemade curtains, a cast iron skillet hanging on the wall, and I think that is about it! :) Our living room has more decorations though. :)

I like to make cleaning as easy as possible, which is why I try not to fill the top of the fridge or the counters. And, I like to be able to access things when I need them, so I try to make sure the cupboards aren't stuffed too full. :)

I love seeing other people's beautifully decorated homes, and clutter doesn't bother me if it's not my house. ;) I did use to be more attached to "things", especially when we first got married (8 years ago), but have learned to let go of stuff that isn't important, useful, or benefiting us in some way. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed your kitchen tour. For one who is not particularly domestic or organized in the home (me), it was very insightful. The simplicity is wonderful and something that I aspire to.

It was also nice to see you and hear your voice. You sound as sweet as I imagined. It was sort of like touring the kitchen of a friend and learning from her organaztion tips.


Awww, thank you. :) Sometimes I wish my voice were a little "sweeter" (not so low!). :) Glad you enjoyed the tour! :)

I'm working on changing my kitchen a's so small! I do like the basket idea for the spices! I may incorporate that with my kitchen makeover.

(if you visit my blog it's a mess right now I'm doing a makeover there too. :-) )

Thanks so much for showing us the kitchen. Mine is similar and I got alot of great ideas. You look great!

Wow! What a great kitchen, Tammy! I'm so glad you guys are in a bigger space, and have the luxury of a bigger kitchen!

I have an idea about the pantry area with the shelving, that would give you more space, and would look nice too: You could either get 2 more shelves, or just move the ones you have further forward, and attach curtains or fabric to the back of them, (with magnets, staples, or twist ties) so you would just see the curtains from the dining room. they would work as a room divider with a 'door' in the center. That would give you more shelving space, and it would look nice too! If you wanted to use one side for school supplies, you could rig the curtain to unhook and 'open' while you do school, so you could have easy access to your books, and just 'close' it when you're done.
I have found nice curtains at the thrift store, and I've also found nice sheets that work for covering things...all for really cheap!
Swing by my slightly cuckoo nest for family favorite recipes, herbal remedies, funny kid stories and more fun stuff!

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us your beautiful new kitchen! I loved that when you were in your apartment, and things were a bit tight, you were always so grateful for God's provision to you. What a great example you are!

One small idea that a friend of mine showed me years ago. I have a small drawer, but you can use a lower cabinet or even the bottom of your pantry to place the kids' cups and things. I saw that my kids became more independent about getting themselves a drink and helping set the table when they could reach their items easily. It also helped when I was training them to put dishes away from the dishwasher, they could put their things away. It has worked well for our family, so I thought I'd share it.

It's always so fascinating to see other people's houses, especially their kitchens. Thanks for sharing!

You have a nicely organized kitchen.
I am excited to find someone else who makes kefir. Do you have Kefir grains?

I visited a friend last year and she gave me a "start" of Kefir grains and I have been making kefir ever since. My grains multiply and I have dried some of them and need a "home" for them so if you know of anyone who would be interested, I have enough for 3 quarts, already dried. (just as a safety measure, I keep the dried ones in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag). Contact me if you know of anyone who is interested. If you don't have kefir buds, they look like small pieces of rubbery cauliflower! I make 2 quarts every week.

Polly Dollar

Hi Polly
I have been reading alot of people using Kefir but I don't know how to get it. I'd love to try your Kefir. Please email me

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