Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Green Smoothies

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One of the best ways to consume larger quantities of dark leafy greens is to whirl them into a smoothie! This has been the easiest way to include even more fresh leafy variety into my childrens' diets.

If you've never tried a green smoothie, you might be amazed by how delicious they are! The first time I added spinach to a smoothie, Yehoshua (age 4) looked doubtful. He was excited about drinking something bright green, though, and even more excited when he tasted it and couldn't taste the spinach part! ;)

Strawberry Green Smoothie's got fruit and veggies and it's so yummy...

You can find our strawberry green smoothie recipe here; this is the combination we make most frequently!

As with just about any recipe, you can switch things around, add, subtract, and whatever else you want to do to come up with your perfect smoothie combo! :)

Here are some of the things we keep on hand and use in smoothies:

Fresh greens
Protein powder
Cream (best whipped separately and stirred in at the end!)
Yogurt or kefir
Extracts (vanilla, almond)

Tip from Joshua: For a creamier, fluffier smoothie, whirl the milk by itself on high for a few minutes before adding anything else!

Lindsay has a great post about making green smoothies, as does Laura!

And last week Lorrie shared her green smoothie recipe with a tip: Don't use frozen spinach! It'll be chunky and leave a strong flavor. :)

Any more green smoothie tips out there? Send them my way! :)

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I have a yummy green smoothie recipe with just three ingredients: pineapple, mango and spinach. It's SO good!

I've made some green smoothies before but had mixed luck. I used kale because it was what we had on hand, but it has a much stronger flavor than spinach. The first time I tried it, it was good (couldn't taste the kale), but the second time I tried it the kale made the entire smoothie so bitter that I couldn't drink it and had to throw it out. I'll have to just try to stick with spinach.
We usually use plain unsweetened yogurt in our smoothies, then sweeten with stevia and a bit of vanilla extract.

I've learned the flavor is much better if you blend the greens with the liquid before adding fruit. The greens don't leave any large chunks that way either. This probably doesn't matter if you have a vitamix but for our small simple blender it seems to make a difference.

I posted tips for making homemade stock!

I just wrote about trying out green smoothies for the first time last week. They are really very very good! But my recipe that I am sharing this week is not nearly as healthy as a green now I feel a little guilty :) I was thinking though, if you eat a green smoothie with a chocolate chip cookie that kind of makes it healthier, right?

Smoothies are a staple at our house. I usually try and add something green and the kids never taste it. My tip would be to add banana, it seems to mask the taste of everything.

I'd like to try this once I get a new blender that I've been saving for! I like the idea of green smoothies though.

Everywhere I look these days, I see green smoothies. Think that is a sign that I should just bite the bullet and make one?! :) I'll add fresh spinach to my list.

Tammy, we started freezing our own spianch, as it would go bad so quickly and was a waste if we didn't fancy enough smoothies quickly enough. And it really doesn't make the smoothies chunky or bitter - we can't tell the difference. We just blend up fresh raw spianch with enough water to make a smooth puree, and then freeze it in icecube trays. It works out much more economical for us and we still love our green smoothies!

We almost always add an orange too, to help absorb the goodness from the spinach.

The orange sounds like a great idea! Does your blender completely blend the orange?

I am guessing the frozen spinach puree is different from, say, a bag of chopped frozen spinach from the store. Thanks for adding your input on that; it's good to know! :)

This is such a great idea! Thanks.

Thanks for all the great tips.

Thanks for sharing all the great smoothie recipe ideas.

This smoothie looks & sounds really good.
Believe it or not,I've never had a blender. I do have a food processor. I hope it will work as well as a blender, I'm going to give it a try.

Hey, I LOVE your new teapot design for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays! I love love love teapots.

I tried a green smoothie once. I did a frozen fruit blend and then used celery. Oh my holy nastiness. I thought I would die when I had some. I tried to make it better with honey, but nothing worked. The next day it had turned purple in my fridge. That was the last time I tried a green smoothie. Maybe I'll give it another shot with spinach though... promise you can't taste it?

My husband is an avid vegetable *hater*. He refuses to try them plain, or in anything if he knows they are there. (I often sneak zucchini and green peppers into chili or spinach into pasta to get him to eat it.) Once, he even covered his mouth and shook his head when my sister tried to get him to try broccili and cheese.

I made myself a green smoothie last week (for the first time, by the way) with spinach, plain yogurt, splenda and frozen blackberries (which covered up the green color lol) and loved it. I told my husband to try it but he wasn't sure. When he finally did, he loved it! He even called his mom and said, "Tiff just got me to eat spinach." haha!

Since then, he's had me make him one every morning! So, I have to say.. if he can't taste the spinach and likes them, anybody should! haha.

Definitely give it another try with spinach. You won't be disappointed! :)

This is such a great idea! I have a smoothie every day to up my vitamin intake. I am going to try adding in spinach or kefir after my next trip to the store!


We use homemade yogurt made from the crockpot in place of milk and I add orange juice concentrate as my sweetener. We add a little flax, a little wheat germ and a spinach ice cube or two and some fresh or frozen fruit. Yummy and healthy!

Mrs. Jo

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Tuesdays! I go through each link to see if there is any ideas or recipes I could use. I just didn't realize how helpful this KTT thing would be! LOVE IT!!! Now I always look forward to Tuesday! It does take me a few days since there are so many links but that only spreads the happiness!hehe I guess I am easy to please!

as always, your tips and recipes are yummy and easy to follow! thank you:)

Thanks for linking to my strawberry-peach slushie! They are a big favorite around here! Love the picture of your green smoothie!

Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers

Ooh, strawberry-peach? I forgot about that on. That's sure to become my hubby's new favorite.

thank you for the easy to follow recipes. always such good advice!

I can't believe I waited so long try these! I alway have spinach for salads and we had some frozen berries, but for some reason, I just never thought to give it a try.. unless Friday (I think). I made one with spinach and blackberries and my husband (see comment reply above) loved it! He's excited for his green smoothie every morning now! We bought bananas, juice, strawberries and canned pineapple because he wants to try different combos :)

I drink one in the morning and it keeps me full for a while. It's VERY rare that anything keeps me full for more than an hour, but this does it :) I don't even think about eating (which leads to snacking whether I'm hungry or not) after I have one of these. they're so satisfying :)

Thanks so much for reminding me that these are worth trying!

I use flax seed powder when I don't have a banana on hand to thicken up my smoothies!

I agree, you can barely taste the spinach!

Multi-Tasking Mommy

I've been adding spinach to smoothies--my midwife wanted me eating more veggies and this is so easy, I don't have to plan ahead to start the day healthfully.

I have some recipes here:

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