How long do you usually spend eating dinner?

More than 60 minutes
3% (25 votes)
45-60 minutes
7% (59 votes)
30-45 minutes
27% (235 votes)
15-30 minutes
49% (428 votes)
5-15 minutes
15% (128 votes)
Total votes: 875


I put 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately, my children seem to finish in the 5-15 minute range; sometimes under 5 minutes! Ha! Are we supposed to make them sit for 20-30 minutes after they're finished eating, or am I supposed to eat faster, or both????

They can be excused, have them ask to be excused (a good manner especially if company is around) and they can go and play in their rooms, or in the living room. No sense in keeping them at the table, where they can get fidgity etc.

My children eat fast here too. Sometimes, I'm the last one done, with taking care of the others, especially our 16 month old. I don't always have a chance to eat mine. LOL ~Tanya - mama to 5 :)

Weekdays our dinners last between 20 and 35 minutes. Zip, zap, done.

On Sunday, we usually linger at the table for at least an hour. Occassionally longer. Sunday dinner is very traditional (read: almost sacred) salad or soup, main dish and veggies with hot breads, followed by dessert/fruits and coffees.

The children in our family are older: 17 and 18. So, they are actually closer to young adult.

As children mature, longer dinners our experience.

We are a family of 9 with children ages 15 down to 1. the dinner table is where we catch up on the day, get goofy, have discussions...oh, and eat! It can be a regular occurrence for us to be sitting at the table for over an hour. I love being with them and what better way to connect than at dinner time!

My children eat fast - most of them, and my husband eats fast, too. He doesn't like to sit in our chairs at the dining room table, so he gets up as soon as he finishes. That usually leaves me eating with a couple of slow eaters (out of 6).
:o) Rachel

We also use dinner time as our family-together time with daddy. So I try to make it as long as possible.......yet it can be tricky when the little ones are 7, almost 6, 3 and 2 (newborn almost here). Yet we all stay together at the table, 'til everyone is done eating, so daddy can then read the Bible, pray and then we all sing some worship songs.

I think 'cause it's just always what we've done, they are used to it. All kids love routine, so they know what to expect. Now, there *are* times when I am the last one eating, or I am finishing my food as Daddy is reading the Bible, and I'm okay with that.

Whatever works for your family is great ~ but if you really want to extend your family time together, it just might be an adjustment for the little ones in the beginning. If they have something to look forward to (i.e. singing fun worship songs), it makes this easier for 'em!!

I am usually done in about 10 minutes or a little more.Dh and the boys take a LONG time.They go for seconds and they do a lot of talking so most of our time at the table is talking not eating lol.

I put 30-45 im in a family of 12 and 5 under 12. im 12 and i LOVE to cook im in the Taste of home club and the Betty crocker club and i LOVE them.Check them out.


About 15 to 30 minutes here. My husband takes about 5 minutes and I take about 15 to 20, but the kids (2 and 4) eat so slow!

Depends on the food and scene, nice dinner with family, u gotta converse and have manners, u and a buddy with pizza and wings....get it in ya!

I have a child under one and a husband who forgets things left and right so I don't even site down when I eat. It takes me a good hour or more just to get my meal on the table.

We spend a lot of time talking, joking, etc.

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