Chicken Gravy over Egg Noodles

Chicken Gravy over Egg Noodles

Creamy seasoned white gravy with chicken pieces, served over egg noodles


2 servings


2 c cooked chicken, cut into bite-size pieces
1 1/2 c strong chicken broth (or use water + chicken bouillon)
2 T chopped onions
1 c milk
1/3 c flour
1/2 t garlic salt
1/8 t black pepper
1/8 t parsley flakes
2 T sour cream
2 c (dry) egg noodles


1. Cook egg noodles according to package instructions.

2. While preparing noodles, start making the gravy. Put the chicken, onions, and chicken broth into a pan and bring to a boil, cooking until onions are tender.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk, flour, salt, pepper, and parsley. Add to boiling mixture and boil until thickened, stirring continuously.

4. Remove from heat and stir in sour cream until melted. Drain egg noodles.

5. Serve gravy over noodles.

Chicken Gravy over Egg Noodles, served with garlic bread and snow peas

Chicken gravy over broccoli and rice
Chicken Gravy, served over broccoli and rice

Preparation Time: 

5-10 minutes

Cooking Time: 

10 minutes

Tammy's Review: 

This simple meal is delicious when made with leftover chicken. I suggest tasting as you cook/season, to avoid over- or under-salting. The milk and sour cream give this a smooth texture. My rating: 9/10


This recipe has a lot going in its favor. It is easy to make, it can use left over chicken, it makes an excellent leftover when re-heated, and it has a great creamy texture that has a pleasantly seasoned taste. It is a simple dish and is "only" chicken but it sure is an enjoyable quick meal. I enjoy mine with extra pepper so it has some extra kick and spice to go along with the creamy texture. This dish excells when it is part of a complete meal that includes vegitables, garlic bread, and maybe even a grilled main course. Alone it is above average, but as part of a well planned meal it really livens up a the table.


Please see my review at the end of the recipe. Thanks! ~ Tammy


I made this and served with brown rice, mix veggies and a salad. A very good and filling meal. The children even asked for seconds!


Though, I doubled everything except for the milk and then I tripled the sour cream. :)


Hi! I made this recipe, but with a few changes. I boiled some of those super fine amish noodles, added the chicken and stock while boiling. Added the milk, flour & herb mixture and made sure it came to a low boil to thicken up. Then I added the sour cream, though I don't think I had enough.

It was delish and I would definitely make it again! I may try to make drop biscuits and put it over that and add in some spinach. Can't wait!


I had egg noodles left over from dinner last night and went looking for a recipe that would use egg noodles and sour cream. That's how I found yours. I had every single ingredient, other than I used chicken broth instead of water and bouillon cube. It turned out fantastic! We ate it with broccoli and corn on the cob. It has been added to my "do again" list! (Oh, I used pre-cooked, flash frozen turkey medallions instead of chicken.) I can see adding broccoli to this or mushrooms (if you like them) or any number of things to make it just a bit different each time.


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