The Birth of Channah Shalom

Channah's foot

I woke up at 5:30am, and felt the dampness on my skirt. I could feel water leaking and as I headed to the bathroom, I mentally calculated... just barely 36 weeks.

I knew it wasn't time for my baby to come.

I don't feel unbearably huge yet. My babies don't come early. Joshua had brain surgery last week and can't lift or drive. And the house is a mess.

Despite my hopes that the "little leak" would just go away, it didn't. A visit with my midwife confirmed that it was really leaking (not that I had any doubts!) and also that...

"Your baby isn't head-down. And I can't change that for you."


No wonder I didn't feel any pressure. My midwife was concerned about the risk of cord prolapse, and had me lie down while we discussed my options. I decided to go to the hospital nearby and have the doctor there try to turn the baby. My midwife knew the doctor who was working that day, and said she would be understanding and accommodating.

While lying down after getting to the hospital (but before seeing the doctor), my water really broke, with several big gushes. My midwife felt my abdomen and exclaimed, "I think the baby turned! It feels head-down now!" And indeed, the baby had turned. I was so relieved!

I had thought that I would be ready to go home to have the baby, right then and there, and I could have. But I didn't.

I could spend paragraphs rehashing all the things my midwife and I discussed, about whether to stay or go. All the what-ifs and the things we just weren't sure about. She kept asking me what I thought and felt and wanted.

I knew I wanted to go home, but it wasn't about what I wanted, of course. So I did the grown-up thing and put my preferences aside and chose a hospital birth... because I decided it was the right thing to do.

Even though I chose to be there, it wasn't easy for me. For most of my very long and slow labor, I was on the verge of tears. I didn't want to talk to anyone.


The doctor working that first day was really nice. I was having very light contractions all day and tried to rest (and did nap some), thinking active labor would pick up before too long.

At about the 12-hour mark, labor was still not picking up, so we tried some natural things like walking (several hours) and nipple stimulation (4 hours) but neither was very effective. Slightly effective, but just nothing even close to active labor.

I was very conflicted this whole time, because I felt like my body just wasn't ready for labor. It seemed so wrong to be trying to encourage labor, but yet my water had broken (and was continuing to leak), and I was having bloody show. I was quite pessimistic about the whole ordeal, even though my midwife and the doctor seemed confident that labor would pick up and go just fine.

I was also very bored, in between periods of feeling hopeless. I wished I were at home, spending the long hours cleaning the house or getting baby stuff ready or just doing something productive besides resting and walking.

And I really missed my children at home! I've never been away from them that long (2+ days total) and I really, really missed them. I so wished I could have labored at home, especially for such a long and slow labor.


So at the 24-hour mark, labor was still very mild. I asked the doctor to check me (I had one other check when I first arrived), and the baby was even higher than earlier.

Both the doctor and my midwife thought that a small amount of Pitocin would put me into active labor. They encouraged me that it probably wouldn't be too bad (since I wasn't a first-time mom), it probably wouldn't take much, and my body might even take over and I'd be able to finish laboring without staying on Pitocin. That sounded appealing to me, especially since being on Pitocin meant they would want continuous monitoring.

Being hooked up to monitors and an I.V. felt confining, but they told me I would still be able to walk around and stuff like that. When I actually decided to walk around, I found out I would be pushing an I.V. pole with the Pitocin plus have two monitor cords going from my abdomen to the pole.

I felt a bit annoyed with all that... they call that "mobility" in the hospital?! ;) But, I got over it. Not without tears, but I did push past it and then I pushed that ridiculous I.V. pole around the hospital halls as I walked for hours.

We started with 1 ml of Pitocin, and increased it every hour by another ml. And I didn't start feeling truly labor-ish until we were at 13! The very nice nurse kept asking me how contractions were feeling and I kept saying "only slightly uncomfortable" which to me meant "not doing much". So much for just needing a little bit of Pitocin to get labor started... here I was napping while at 10 ml. Crazy, and only nice in retrospect.

But finally, at 13 ml of Pitocin, the contractions were feeling more uncomfortable. I did more walking. We left the Pitocin at 13 because the contractions were continuing to get more uncomfortable. (I refuse to say "painful"!) I stayed on Pitocin for the rest of labor, not confident that I would stay in active labor if we turned it down or off.


It had been about 36 hours since my water broke. I felt like I was really in labor. Walking was definitely bringing the contractions closer together, but also making them easier to manage. I decided to walk the halls until I had to have privacy.

So I walked for about 90 minutes. My nurse wanted me to stop at the nurses' station every lap to get a good reading of the baby's heart beat. I told Joshua "I am going to walk these laps so fast, she will get tired of me stopping." Haha! Each lap did only take about 3 minutes, but she never got tired of me stopping and her having to look at the monitor while it picked up a reading. ;)

Toward the end, I could hardly make it through contractions without crying (not from being in pain, oddly enough) and I couldn't talk without crying, either. I made my stops at the nurses' station and didn't talk. I tried to manage a fake smile each time though. :)

I stopped at my room, where Joshua was resting, and asked him to call my midwife, who wanted to be there, and tell her that I was in active labor. I started crying as I talked but wiped away the tears and went back to walking.

I only walked for another handful of laps before deciding that I probably wouldn't make it another full lap without embarrassing myself in some way out in the hall. Haha! So I walked into my room and used the bed for support as I had a couple more contractions. It was dark by now, and the room was only dimly lit. My nurse came in the room but kindly stayed way back in the shadows by the door and just quietly observed.

I didn't say much to Joshua, and he wisely didn't try to talk to me, either. ;) At one point, I asked him to close a drawer by the bed that had been hanging open a few inches. It had been slightly open the whole time, but at that point it was in my line of sight and bothering me. Haha! Joshua said when I asked him to shut the drawer he knew I was almost there. What sane person uses their last bit of energy to worry about an open drawer? ;)


I thought I would feel "pushy" for a few contractions before having to push, but without warning, my body started pushing during a contraction and right away I could feel the baby's head descending! That surprised me, and I said, "I can feel the baby coming!"

I wanted to labor alone, so up until that point I had tried to keep to myself and was so thankful for the nice, understanding nurses who left me alone as much as possible. But when I said the baby was coming, the nurse called in other nurses and when they saw I was pushing they called for the doctor. (Joshua told me he heard them discussing it and they said "We better call the doctor... we don't want to get in trouble for another nurse-delivery." I found that amusing!)

I hadn't even met this doctor, because the nurse just kept telling him "She's doing great, we're making progress" and kept him away. That was probably a good thing. ;)

The doctor came in and said "What is she doing?!" and the nurse said "She's going to give birth standing up." and he said "...oh!"

My midwife had gotten there a few minutes earlier and gave some helpful coaching at the end. "Bend your knees... relax..."

I didn't push long -- maybe with 5 contractions. The baby's head came, and then the shoulders and body. They unwrapped the cord from her neck, and then I must have heard them talking about cutting the cord, because I called out "Wait to cut the cord!".

Channah and Ruth
Ruth (4) with Channah

Talk about cords! I now had not only the I.V. and two monitors attached to me with cords, but also a baby! I managed to climb into bed and they handed me my baby.

They rubbed her back vigorously and she was breathing great. And for several minutes I just kept saying "Oh, my baby! My baby!" I had thought I would cry tears of joy when my baby was finally born, but suddenly I didn't feel teary at all, only happy. :D

The doctor asked me, "So what did you read on the internet about the cord?"

I was very confused. Huh? "What?"

"How long do we have to wait to cut the cord?"

"Oh, um, just until it stops pulsating." I wasn't prepared to have to explain that one, and the part about the internet really threw me off. This was not the same doctor who had been there my first day... obviously. ;)

Joshua cut the cord, and then the doctor told me he was going to deliver my placenta. What? My midwife said "You can push with this" which I had forgotten, and it came right out.

THEN, the doctor told me he was going to put his hand in and clear out all the little clots still inside me. WHAT??!! I've had 4 other babies and no one's ever needed to do that.

Since he was telling me, not asking, I tried to be polite (as I started pulling my knees together, haha!) and said "What are the risks of just letting them come out on their own?"

"You could hemorrhage!" I looked at my midwife for input.

"We usually just massage from the outside." She reached over and gave a few pushes on my uterus and some blood and clots came out.

"See! That was still inside," said the doctor. Umm, okay, but now it's not. :P

Then the doctor looked to see if I had any tears. Joshua says he was just doing a thorough job of checking for tears, but ouch! My midwives have always been very gentle doing that. No tears, and then I was left alone. :)

(I am appreciative of the doctor's expertise, should there have been complications, and thankful that he was respectful of my requests to do things different from his "normal".)

Channah (1 day old)

The nurses left Channah in my arms, skin to skin, for over 2 hours after birth! I loved that they didn't try to hurry with weighing her, etc. She never even left our room, which was very nice.

Channah weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz., and the doctors estimated that she looked about 37 weeks gestation. (My other babies weighed around 8 lbs.)

From the time my water broke, labor was 38 hours, with Pitocin for 15 of those hours. Truly intense, active labor was only about 3-4 hours.

We went home late the next morning. It was so nice to be home! Channah is doing well, and gets lots of love from all of us.

Eliyahu (6) with Channah
Eliyahu (6) with Channah

Recovery has gone amazingly well, despite Joshua's limitations in what he can do to help (he wasn't supposed to lift or bend over). I think a big part of that has been our oldest boys, Yehoshua (almost 8) and Eliyahu (6). They have stepped up and done so much more than normal, and mostly without complaining.

With minimal supervision, they've done kitchen clean-up, vacuuming and mopping the floors, gathering, sorting, folding and putting away laundry, taking trash and recyclables out, checking the mail, helping with showers/baths and diaper changes for Moshe, filling the Berkey with water, starting beans in the crock pot, and helping keep the house tidy. Normally they wouldn't have quite so many chores, but their extra help has been a blessing during a time when Joshua and I can't just "do it all". :)

Yehoshua and Channah
Yehoshua (7) and Channah

Here are a few more notes about my birth and hospital experience.


I stayed in my own clothes all during labor and delivery. HUGE plus in my book! I was comfortable, could walk the halls without looking ridiculous (well, any more than normal ;D), and it just helped me feel NORMAL.


I also ate and drank during labor. After I started on Pitocin, the doctor there that day didn't want me to eat (only clear liquids), so I ate the stuff they gave me (chicken broth, jello, fruit juice) and then snitched some oatmeal and fruit from the breakfast tray that had been mistakenly delivered to my room. I didn't eat a lot, but it was enough to give me some energy for the rest of labor. Later in labor, I didn't feel like eating anyway.

"My babies don't come early"

Channah's arrival at ~37 weeks was such a surprise to me. I have been used to waiting on babies that took much longer than 40 weeks to be ready to be born, and I really never entertained the idea that it was even possible for one of my babies to come early. In the future (if we are blessed with more children!), I will be more prepared sooner.

And part of "being prepared sooner" will mean making sure I have the Group B Strep (GBS) test at 36 weeks rather than waiting longer. (I had an appointment scheduled for the day after Channah's birth, when we would have done the GBS test.) With an early baby and premature rupture of membranes (PROM), having the GBS test results would have been helpful information in our decision-making process.

Channah and Ruth
Channah and Ruth (4)


I feel like my body has had an easier recovery this time. The after-pains, which I expected to be horrible and last for days (as they have before), weren't nearly as numerous and only lasted a day or two. Nice!!

I also didn't spend days painfully engorged when my milk came in this time, and Channah is nursing well with a minimal adjustment period of soreness.

And, Channah is such an agreeable baby. She eats well and sleeps well, and since I sleep great on our couch's recliner with her in my arms, we make a great pair. :) Joshua has been caring for the other children each afternoon while I take a nice long nap, which is also a tremendous help. :)

I can't believe Channah is almost 3 weeks old already! I told Joshua, "I thought time wouldn't pass so quickly if I held Channah every minute... but it's still going too fast!"

My (unused) home birth supplies
My (unused) home birth supplies

The "hospital experience"

I have always said we were "planning" to have a home birth with each of our babies, because I do know there are no guarantees of a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. I feel so thankful each time we are blessed with a beautiful birth experience and a healthy baby!

I feel like I had a very good hospital experience. Looking back, I wouldn't change any of my decisions, because I feel like we did our best with the information we had and the given circumstances.

I definitely prefer giving birth at home (when possible), but yet I also can say I had a good hospital birth -- and I have a new understanding of why people would prefer a hospital birth. :)

Channah and me, just waking up
Waking up my first morning back at home :)


Aw, I'm sorry the birth wasn't what you had planned. Even though it went well in the end, its tough mentally processing something that didn't go "right". That Dr sounds awful! I'm glad you didn't have to deal with him too terribly much. So happy that she's here and healthy! Enjoy those baby snuggles! :)

Thanks, Christy! :)

I can't be too upset about the doctor on call that second day... he was polite enough and we got a good laugh over the "internet" comment the next day, haha! :)

Congratulations!!! Your little baby looks so cute and adorable!!

Thank you. :)

Wow, that certainly isn't the story one would expect for baby number five! I am so excited, thrilled, and blessed to finally be expecting baby number 2 (my daughter just turned 5!) and am hoping to be able to stay home this time. Unfortunately our state does not allow midwives to attend home births, but I'm checking into other options that could be available to us provided that baby and I are both healthy and doing well. I'm just a bit saddened for you that the birth was such a trial, but as we know, God is good all the time. Blessings on your family!

Lenetta, Congratulations on #2!! (I saw your comment on my birth announcement post but never took time to respond to that one!) I'm so excited for you, and I bet your daughter is thrilled, too! Ruth loves all babies but is extra excited about a baby that can wear PINK this time. ;)

awww so cute!!!! Yes, I read it all :) I felt the same about the drawer closing thing - anything out of square annoyed me. Small babies seem to slide right out while you're breathing while big babies tend to require more concentration to push. My 8lb12oz vs. 6lb7oz a world of difference - could hardly walk after the big one, was able to walk the zoo after the 2nd. Wild. I'm glad you had a great experience even with an almost "nurse delivery" !!

Yes, so hilarious how something out-of-place is suddenly Really Important... "I can't talk right now but I'M GOING TO FIND A WAY TO ASK YOU TO CLOSE THAT DRAWER!!!" heehee :)

Funny, I was thinking it was partly because this was #5, but yeah -- nice to feel so normal after giving birth! :) My first baby was my other small one (7#4oz.) and I didn't feel "normal" for weeks! My first birth was definitely the most challenging, in a lot of ways (and so was the baby, who cried a lot and refused to sleep, haha!). :)

I was thinking the same thing- my firstborn was 6lb 10oz, and she practically fell out. I remember the nurses asking me to stop pushing, and I knew there was NO WAY that would happen. The second one was 9lb 12oz, and she took 23 hours to be born, and most of that was pushing. (I kept giving tiny pushes and breathing through, waiting for the monster pushes that I felt with my first, and they never came. So I got serious, and it STILL took a lot of work! :))

I know the disappointment you must have felt with your hospital birth. My firstborn was a homebirth transfer for pre-e. My sympathies. But I am so happy your newest lil one is here and healthy! Congratulations!

Congrats! Tammy she is beautiful! Lil Channah came in the Lord's timing. I'm so glad you, Channah and Josh are recovering nicely!

I'm also so glad you had a good hospital experience. I would have been so dishearten to hear if it wasn't! it may not have been what you planned on, but we all know God sometimes has a different way.

Thank you, Jules! :)

I'm glad the birth all ended well, even if it wasn't what you had planned.

I had PROM with my first that resulted on me being on pit in the hospital since I didn't go into labor on my own (he was 38 weeks gestation). I was paranoid with my 2nd that the same would happen, so my mw had me take supplements to strengthen the amniotic sac, and they worked. I ended up having her break my water after 16 hours of labor when my labor stalled. With my third, I did nothing and had PROM again, but fortunately went into labor on my own. That all being said, if you're worried about that with future pregnancies, ask our mw about strengthening the amniotic sac. :)

Thanks, Noah.

I may do some more research in the future on PROM; I did have PROM with my first baby but labor picked up on its own in a few hours' time and the baby was born about 12 hours after rupture, so not a big deal at all. Then, the next 3 babies, my water broke right before or during pushing, so perfect.

The last couple months of pregnancy I didn't make time to drink hardly any of my herbal pregnancy tea (no good excuse, I just neglected that) and that's the one thing that stands out to me as a real difference... the last 3 pregnancies I drank a TON of that tea.

I was good about taking my vitamins and an iron supplement (plus eating iron-rich foods) and my hematocrit tested nice and high at the end (37, up from 31 at 28 weeks). Shortly after the birth, I asked the nurses how the placenta looked, and they sorta shrugged their shoulders and said "normal... maybe slightly small" but it had been whisked away already. I'm curious to see my medical records from the birth -- I don't even know Channah's APGAR scores... I'm used to being told EVERYTHING! :)

Thank you for sharing your birth story! I really love and appreciate your good attitude towards the unplanned hospital birth. That's encouraging to read. :). Both my births were very different, and have included pitocin, etc. someday I would love a home birth, but for now that isn't an option and I'm thankful for healthy babies. Like you, I would be shocked to have a baby before 40 weeks!!

Thank you, Anne Jisca!

A baby before 40 weeks -- you never know! It just could happen. :) Be prepared but don't be disappointed to go longer -- that will be my motto if there is a "next time"! :)

Thanks for sharing your birth story!
Unexpected has been the theme of each of my three deliveries. I've had three c-sections, and it wasn't until my third pregnancy that I actually fought to have a chance to labor. I won't go into all the details, but God has given me the strength to go through my c-sections. I will never have the chance to labor again, I will never know what it feels like to give birth naturally or actually birth my child, but I accept the path God has given me to walk. I wrestled so much after my third c-section, crying out to God why He wouldn't let me deliver naturally, scared that c-sections would limit our family size. God's peace washed over me one day, and it suddenly became very clear to me that I can TRUST God's plan, with no need to figure it all out for myself.
God is a good God, and we really can trust Him.
-Danielle B

Thanks for sharing, Danielle. You are so right! :)

Tammy ~ What a beautiful story! I so appreciate your positive attitude and telling of your hospital experience. Three of my 4 have been PROM so far... ugh. ;) Around here, the hospital staff REALLY wants that baby out in 24 hours from the time the water breaks. My first and second made it in 22 and 19 hours (naturally) but my 4th... that little guy just did not want to come out! I could tell that I was starting transition at the 24 hours mark, but my (new) doc and nurses weren't having any of it. His birth wasn't exactly what we wanted (he's my only intervention baby) but he made it safe and sound. I'm glad the hospitals and doctors are there when we need them.

Amy @ Finer Things

Thank you, Amy! I'm really thankful I wasn't put on a 24-hour deadline (I would have resisted if they tried, but it was easier not having to worry about it!) and my midwife and I both think that part of the reason things went well was because we took everything slowly and gave my body more time to "get ready". And thankfully, it did ("get ready"!) despite my pessimism. ;)

She is beautiful. I loved hearing about your experience and think you have an amazing family

Thank you! :)

Sweet story--thank you for sharing it!

...thanks for reading it. :)

What an incredible story - I am so glad everything worked out! She is beautiful, as are you :)


Thank you, Jane! :)

Very happy for you! I just wanted to say I admire your flexibility in doing what was best for your circumstances. I'm sure it was hard having things go differently than you'd hoped. But in the end you have a beautiful and healthy baby! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks for sharing! Today is my due date with #4, and it's encouraging to read about your good attitude in spite of lots of changes to your plans!

I'm just trying to be patient (mine have all been late so far) and get the most out of each day that I can! Thanks again! I was blessed!

You're welcome! Reading birth stories is a great way to spend those extra "waiting days"! :) Congrats on your little one -- hope you get to meet him/her soon! :)

I loved reading your birth story. I'm sorry it didn't go as planned, but our Lord knows what He's doing. Love the picture of her on the floor with her brother.:)

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much for sharing details! It is interesting, helpful, and informative for me to read about other women's birth experiences. I was very interested in hearing how it went for you in the hospital, since your other births were home births, and that is your preference. I definitely feel for you in your birth not going according to plan, but I am glad your experience overall went well.

And thank you for being so gracious about saying you understand why some people would want hospital births :). I respect home births, but my preference is for a hospital birth, and overall the experiences have gone quite well. It does make such a huge difference in doctors! That is why I love family practice--my doctor is "on call" for my birth and I am pretty much guaranteed to get her, baring a family emergency (which is what happened when my second was born), or other such experiences. For me it is calming to know what they have available to help me, should the need arise, and to be able to focus on the birth and not worry about things at home.

Again, congratulations to your family. She is beautiful!!!

I agree -- I know the doctor makes a big difference (along with hospital policies -- which vary!). :) Also, I really do understand that women make different birth choices (based on preference, not "emergency" situations) and you know, an epidural sounds pretty appealing to me in transition, too. ;) So I am thankful there are various options and we all get to choose what we feel is best! :)

Probably the hardest part about my hospital birth was that it was so long, I got bored, and missed the kids. I may not have minded being away so much if it were shorter. Or, if I had planned ahead and took something productive to do there! :) I also hadn't planned on needing child care for 2+ days, our families don't live super close, etc... all things that made it harder for me to be okay with not being home taking care of my other kids instead of twiddling my thumbs in the hospital! haha :)

Happy for you and the family. I'm also glad you held your ground on the things that were important to you. Most people don't realize you can have a totally natural birth at a hospital BUT you most hold your ground and be firm.

Thank you! And yes! :) And I'm sure it helped that this wasn't my first birth. :D

After seven births we have come to expect the unexpected :) Not one labor or delivery was the same! Glad everyone is in the comfort of your home enjoying the new baby. She is beautiful!

Thank you! :)

Oh Tammy, you have been through the wars, but you have come out smiling. These things don't often come out the way we wanted, but you are well, and you have a beautiful baby to brighten your lives, who is healthy and whole. All in all, a good result. I had to have an emergency C-section with my first baby, and as a result I had to have a C-section with my second baby, and my second baby had some problems which are now resolved, but it was worth it to have two healthy, intelligent children now. I think the Lord gave the job of carrying children to the female because he knew we were tough enough and compassionate enough to do a good job. I think that if men had to carry the babies, the human race would have died out a long time ago! lol

Enjoy your beautiful family, and all my best to you all. xxxx



The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make his face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. (Numbers 6:22-26)

Thank you, Karla! I feel very blessed. :)

I'm so glad you had a good experience in the hospital, even though it wasn't what you had hoped for. Channah Shalom is adorable. And I can't believe how helpful your eldest are! You truly have an amazing family :)

Thank you, Aline! :)

Loved reading the birth story Tammy! I had baby number two and three via VBAC at the Group Health Capitol Hill Family Beginnings Birth Center. I imagine you didn't end up there because typically the staff there is very friendly (but I had midwives for most of the time, just a doctor when Olivia wouldn't come out after 4 hours of pushing and 44 hours of labor!). Your family is beautiful and I am so glad that your older kiddos are able to help so much!


Rachael, how neat! We have Group Health but I ended up at Providence in Everett since I was already in Everett (at my midwife's) that morning. We've been to the Capitol Hill Group Health quite a number of times, though, since Joshua has some specialists there. :)

This sounds very similar to what happened with my Annie - my water broke but I wasn't ready to go into labor. It's a tough situation...nothing really went the way I wanted it to, but that's okay. I still remember it fondly and having Annie is worth it.
This time around, I hope to be a bit more prepared.
She's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story. :-)

~Stacy from Stacy Makes Cents

Thanks, Stacy! And congrats on your pregnancy!!! Annie will love having a sibling. :)

Loved reading all your birth stories. Love your attitude. I have four children, all their births were different, but beautiful in their own way. What a blessing and miracle each new child is. Glad you are all doing well!

Thank you. Yes, each new life is a precious gift -- and I am continually amazed by how blessed we are. :)

I really enjoyed reading your story. I am glad the hospital was good to you and that you were able to birth the way you wanted to, in your own clothes and standing up!

Be expecting a package soon... I have a little something for Channah. :)

~Elizabeth in Alaska

Thank you, Elizabeth! :)

I had to wear a hospital gown for a short bit at the beginning, when my clothes got soaked when my water completely broke while lying down, until Joshua got there and had brought me some clean clothes. Wearing my own clothes (almost) the whole time just made an amazing difference to me! I don't know if all hospitals are okay with it, but they never said anything to me about it one way or the other. :)

Oooh, I love surprises in the mail! You are too sweet. :)

wow that was an amazing story:) she is just beautiful. i am so glad that everything went well for you and your new little one. and that ruth will have a sister:) you just have an amazing family and i just admire you and what you do for your family. continued blessings and prayers for your family and for your husband that he continues to heal.
take care~
diana from oklahoma

Thank you, Diana! And thanks for praying for us. :)

congrats on the new baby! You probably did the right thing in staying at the hospital and you definitely educated that doctor on a different (but still awesome) way to have a baby.

Aww, thank you! :D

I was so glad to read a home birth story that had the mom say she did what was best for all and stayed at the hospital. Your other births went great at home and I sure don't blame you for wanting to be there. But with your husband's situation especially you made such a brave choice and were rewarded with such a sweet baby. I hope, if you have another, the birth is totally routine and you and Joshua can be at home again. Looking forward to more years of following your family--I feel like a Great Aunt sometimes when I look at their pictures and think "wasn't E a baby just ....yesterday??" Best wishes to all of you!

Lisa @

Thank you so much, Lisa! Your comment made me smile. :)

So wonderful to read birth stories. I very much wanted to have as natural a birth as possible. Unfortunately, I had to have 11 tumors removed from my uterus (one the size of a grapefruit and 10 the size of golf balls) before I was even able to carry a baby to term. Due to my uterus being essentially reconstructed I was a 37 week manditory planned c-section every time. At 1st I was dissappointed and scared. But I had 6 pregnancies that resulted in 4 miscarriages and 2 wonderful sons. The c-sections were a small price to pay. Babies are such blessings, no matter how we get them.

Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry to hear of all your complications. Your last sentence is so true, though!! :)

Hi Tammy, thank you for sharing your birth story. I am so glad that Channah is doing well and everyone is loving her! Your big boys have done so well helping around the house. Congratulations again. The time does go so fast, more with each baby so enjoy this precious time!! Love Louise in NZ

Thanks, Louise! We are loving every minute... Channah is such a blessing! :)

I love reading your birth stories! You poor thing this was a hard one on you but you take it with such grace as always. You are a delight and a blessing to know. Congratulations again to your whole family!

Jill Pettis

Thanks, Jill! Your friendship is a blessing to me, too. :)

What a beautiful story! Channah is simply beautiful. :)

I was just curious as to why you were a little reluctant to have a hospital birth? Basically, is it just a personal preference (as women have got along pretty well without doctors and hospitals for all of history) or is it religiously-based? If you have already given this answer, I apologize for duplicating the question!

Thank you! :)

Hospital birth vs. home birth is not a religious issue to me at all. :) I would say my reasons are personal preference (some based on health/medical issues, and some just plain preference). :)

Congratulations on a beautiful family and precious newborn! I found your blog by searching for a good recipe for vanilla pudding to use slightly soured raw milk up. Reading your birth story and seeing the gorgeous photos makes me long for the days of newborns. Now my youngest of five children is ten and my oldest is 28 with three of her own. Thank God for grandparenthood! God bless your family.. enjoy! Time passes much too swiftly!
~ Nancy

Thank you, Nancy! :)

Somehow I had no idea that you were expecting. Congrats!

Thanks! :)

What a tough labor! I'm glad it all worked out so well, though and very glad the doctor was willing to change things up for you . . . most doctors won't, as I've discovered.

I just had my 3rd son 6 weeks ago and while my first two were normal births (first was induced due to pre-eclampsia) this little guy wouldn't turn at all! He ended up being born by C-section which was most definitely NOT what I wanted. In the end though, all that matters is that our little ones arrive safely into the world.

Congratulations! Our babies must be very close in age. :)

Congratulations, Tammy. She is an absolute doll. I am so proud of you for making such a good decision and putting your baby's health first. You have nothing to regret whatsoever. My friend, who had NO risk factors and 4 previous hb's lost her 5th baby in a hb for no other reason than that emergency care could not get there fast enough when things went south. Obviously that would be even more likely in a 36 weeker. I appreciate the way you shared your story honestly and that by sticking to your plan, you were able to have a natural AND a safe birth. Enjoy that beautiful baby :)

I found your story while looking up homemade scouring powder recipes. Very beautiful baby! I enjoyed reading your birthing experience and the comments. Enjoy your little one and congrats! :) Jen from N.B. Canada

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