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How to eat meatballs for a week, and a cabbage recipe

Italian Meatball Soup recipe

Last week, I thawed out a package of my homemade meatballs. (I bake a large amount of meatballs and then package and freeze them for quick meals later!) The package had about 25-30 meatballs in it, and here are the meals I made from it.

First, we had homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs. This is one of Joshua's favorites. :)

Then, we had Spicy Meatball Sandwiches. Joshua likes this a lot; I think it's good, but if it were just me, I'd eat leftover spaghetti rather than making a sandwich. ;)

And lastly, I made Italian Meatball Soup. Joshua created this recipe, and it's SO good! I made a fairly large batch (since it has a lot of vegetables and pasta, and doesn't call for a lot of meat) and it lasted 2 meals. I think I got just the right amount of salt in it, and that makes such a difference, too. :) All the photos I took of it didn't turn out very good, unfortunately...

I just added our recipe for fried cabbage. My mom made this every year with cabbage from our garden. Now, I make it occasionally... just whenever we have cabbage that isn't already "spoken for". :) My mom gave me a head of cabbage from the garden last week. I had a big plate of this fried cabbage a few days ago and it didn't seem to affect Eliyahu, so now I plan to make some cabbage rolls or something. :D

Quick notes

New poll: Do you grow a vegetable garden?

New recipe we tried: Three Citrus Lemonade (Thanks, Hidden Wisdom Magazine! :D)

This evening, we took our grill over to my parents' house and Joshua grilled steaks for everyone. Yum! I had my hands too full with the children to be able to take many photos. It was a dreary day outside. This whole week has been rainy. I guess it is September already!

When we got back home, I gave the children baths. Yehoshua was a royal grump, crying to no end. Nothing would satisfy (why didn't anyone tell me that 2-year-olds still cried?!) but now he's asleep. I think I'm going to go warm up some leftover baked nachos and hang out with Joshua. :D

Eliyahu at almost 8 months, standing and falling

Eliyahu, almost 8 months   Eliyahu looks so different from Yehoshua! He's a very different baby. Much less hair, for one thing. He's more easy-going, and he's more advanced when it comes to things like crawling, standing, and saying "mama". ;) Here are a few pictures of him doing his latest trick: pulling himself up to things! (Read more...)


Andrea emailed me yesterday, asking for some help! She wrote,


"I have 6 cucumbers I received in the latest SHARE package I ordered...while I'm not a huge cuke fan, I'd like to use them creatively so they don't go to waste.

"The only thing I know how to make with them is tea sandwiches... Do you know of any nifty ways to can them? I've got a boiling water canner... HELP!"

Here are a few salad recipes and some ideas for using cucumbers!

While I'm not sure that 6 cucumbers is enough to do much canning, I will gladly share our favorite dill pickle recipe, Garlic Dill Pickles, as well as a couple good relish recipes.

If anyone has a good "creamy cucumber salad" recipe, I would love it if you submitted it to me, and I can add it to this post!


New poll, and our baked nachos recipe

New poll: Do you use a blender when you cook?

 Joshua and I had some delicious baked nachos yesterday for lunch. We used my homemade refried beans, too! But I wasn't completely sure what to call this recipe.  Baked Nachos recipe

What would you call a nacho dish where the beans/meat/cheese part is baked, and then topped with cold ingredients and eaten with chips?  Is it just normal nachos? I thought nachos was chips topped with stuff, but this is more of a "dip"... yet it's a main dish and not just a snack or appetizer...

Regardless, it's very tasty... I just hope I gave it the right name! :)

I made my own refried beans!

Homemade refried beans recipe   Today I made some homemade refried beans! I had found a recipe a while back, and wanted to make some. Two nights ago, I remembered to soak my beans, and yesterday I did the "first cooking". This morning I finished making them, and they sure were yummy!! (Read more...)

Summer Squash Casserole Recipe: Worth a try!

Finally, I was able to try Abigail's Summer Squash Casserole recipe! I had been looking forward to making it, and was waiting on our squash plant to produce.

Last year we had three plants, and tons of squash. We planted just one plant this year, and it died! So, after giving up hope on having some from my own plant, we finally found a good deal on some zucchini and squash at Aldi.

  I was not disappointed... this recipe was even tastier than I had expected! I was amazed that the ingredients could combine to give such a great flavor! And it was so beautiful, I just had to snap a picture of the squash in the dish, waiting to be topped with bread crumbs and baked!  Summer Squash Casserole, waiting to be topped and baked

I love getting to try new recipes. We have had so much variety in our meals since this website was started! Thank you, everyone, for sharing all your wonderful recipes with us!

New recipe: Jewish Apple Cake, plus some fascinating facts about Cicadas

Wow, the titles on my blog entries just never seem to fit. "New Meatball Sandwich Recipe, and Recovering From Colds". "Easy Chicken Veggie Appetizer, and Yehoshua plays the violin". LOL! Should I make separate entries for non-food-related things? :)

Jewish Apple Cake recipe 

I did want to mention, though, that I added a yummy Jewish Apple Cake recipe. We made it this weekend and I took pictures. It's so good!!

Now, about cicadas. I took a few pictures of Yehoshua playing outside on Friday. (Read more...)

Canning Peaches -- Tanya's photo posts!

My friend Tanya (who has also been a guest chef here!) has a neat post in her blog about canning peaches, complete with photos of her beautiful kitchen and adorable children helping!

Here is Peach Time Part 1 and Peach Time Part 2!

Poll about cooking habits, new meatball sandwich recipe, and recovering from colds

New poll: Do you measure ingredients when you cook? 

I find poll results to be fascinating. I really wish I knew who voted that they "live on sugar and greasy foods"! :D

Yesterday, I made use of some leftover ingredients from our spaghetti and meatballs, by making spicy meatball sandwiches for lunch. It was a quick and easy lunch to make, thankfully, since I felt just awful all day!

Every time I am injured or ill (or, Joshua or one of the children is injured or ill!) I resolve to remember to be more thankful for and appreciative of the good health we usually enjoy! Eliyahu did also get sick... not sure just how bad he feels, since he still smiles, but has trouble breathing. :)

I planned to update last evening, but just didn't feel well at all! I took Tylenol (it's been years since I've taken any... usually a last resort!) and went to bed at 9:40 (early for me). I got about 9 hours of sleep but still felt exhausted all day! I was thankful that I had made a casserole yesterday, so I actually did a bit of just relaxing with the children.

I need to finish up a few things on the site and head to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to post some photos I took yesterday... and a couple new recipes we've tried!