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New Recipe: Meatball Rice Medley (a quick, one-dish dinner)

If anyone out there still reads my blog... Hi! It's been a while, hasn't it? We had to totally transfer/update this website and we're still working on the finishing touches, but I'm excited to be blogging again. Expect some posts from me, including some of the new recipes we've created in the past couple of years that have become favorites. :)

Life has its ups and downs, but one thing that stays the same is that the family expects dinner on the table every evening. With 5 kids and homeschooling, inevitably my dinners have become simpler and easier -- hopefully without sacrificing too much in the health and budget departments. ;)

This recipe for Meatball Rice Medley is one I created last-minute (i.e. 4pm, dinner due to be ready at 5pm!) and it was a total success. Joshua loves meatballs; particularly the ones from Costco that are flavorful and quick. I used those meatballs, cooked some fresh vegetables, and cooked some rice with my favorite homemade seasoning mix: Jamie's Spice Mix.

Tossed together, this medley has meat, vegetables, and grain -- a filling combination for hungry mouths, with a fabulous spicy flavor! Leftovers re-warm in the microwave for a quick lunch the following day.

Left to right: Joshua, Moshe, Eliyahu, my parents, Ruth, Yehoshua, Channah, and me

Meatball Rice Medley was one of the meals I served when my parents came to visit us this past November. We had a total of 13 people here for meals, and a big stainless steel bowl of Meatball Rice Medley was just the thing to fill everyone up without me having to spend much time in the kitchen. My mom asked for the recipe, so before she left I copied it down onto a recipe card for her. :)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Helping Mornings Happen (with a hot breakfast)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

We began another "homeschool year" last week. No more easy days of just a little Math and Reading for fun: it's back to all the usual subjects and being disciplined enough to work a little more and play a little less. Especially for me! I have no idea how the house is going to stay cleaned or organized, but school gets first priority right now, as it must. :)

As I was contemplating my plans and ideas for the academic year ahead, breakfast was on my mind. I've been making hot breakfasts all summer, and I didn't want to give that up.

For one thing, it's a lot cheaper to make oatmeal or even the occasional meal of eggs and toast than to have cold cereal or (even homemade) granola bars. I also feel it's healthier, and I want the kids to have a good start to their day. If I'm going to expect them to sit still and read or write or study, I need to feed them food that will help them be at their best!

Plus, I'm crazy about my own breakfast of either oatmeal with add-ins or my salmon-and-eggs. If I wouldn't want to tackle a morning on cold cereal, then I can't feel right about asking my kids to.

My kitchen before bed on school nights
My kitchen on school nights, ready for the following morning

To help streamline my life, I came up with a breakfast menu plan to repeat for the foreseeable future:

Monday - Friday: Oatmeal with add-ins for the kids; salmon and eggs and coffee/tea for myself

Saturday: Wheat berry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon

Sunday: Omelets and toast

I have bananas on hand most of the time, and kids can have them before breakfast ot for a mid-morning snack. Lunches and dinners include fruits and vegetables as well.

In order to start the day out well, I have to ALWAYS clean up the kitchen before bed. Some time around having 3-4 kids, I stopped cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and spent a year or two cleaning up the kitchen every morning. It wasn't the end of the world, but it sure didn't make me feel like I was on top of things and I found myself trying to avoid the kitchen instead of gladly heading there upon waking!

Here's how I prep my kitchen for the following day in order to get a good start:

Ready to make salmon and eggs

I get out the pan(s) needed for breakfast. I use a small skillet for my salmon and eggs, and a pan for the oatmeal. I put the water in for the oatmeal, and set out the salt, spoons, hot pads, etc.

AeroPress ready to go

I don't have anything fancy for coffee (e.g. timed or near-instant) but I do love a couple cups of coffee and some tea in the morning. I use an AeroPress to make some really great coffee, and I get it ready with the coffee grounds in the filter and water in the tea kettle on the stove. I put a tea bag in my tea cup, too.

The stuff for oatmeal

In the morning, I turn on the stove burners first thing. While the water is heating up and my skillet is preheating, I put away some clean dishes from the counter. I usually close the dishwasher and have one of the kids help unload it later in the day.

Clean dishes on the counter

This was today's dishes. Some days there are fewer pans to wash, thankfully. :)

Books ready for school

While I'm making breakfast, which takes about 15 minutes, I supervise the kids at the table doing a writing assignment or another subject if they prefer. On the days that I have them write in their journals, they have to do that until breakfast is ready.

I have everyone's books already out on the table. Since we don't do every subject every day, and everyone's books are on one bookshelf, it can get confusing. So, I look at my list/plan and pull out what's needed.

Ready to eat!

Here's our kindergartener Ruth (5), who wanted her picture taken with her bowl of oatmeal. She had helped me that morning by sprinkling some flaked coconut and chocolate chips on top of everyone's bowls of oatmeal. :)

Everyone clears their own dishes when they're finished eating, washes their spot at the table, and gets back to their school work. I do the day's dishes in the afternoon/evening.

So really, the only difference between how we're doing breakfast now and how we did it all summer is that I'm getting things ready the night before, and we're starting earlier in the morning (~6am instead of ~8am). Oh, and I'd be glad to start later but the kids all get up early! So, we start early. :)

I hope this has given you a few ideas for your mornings, or maybe just some inspiration to take a look at what you currently do and find small ways to make it more efficient! :)

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1. Slicing cheese tip (Sabby Ink)

Make-Ahead Crowd Pleaser: My Mom's Potato Salad

We had company last weekend. I've been out of practice with packing, moving, and unpacking. I kept thinking I would wait until it was "all done" before I extended invitations to any of our friends, but with Joshua's birthday coming up, he invited some friends over even though the living room wasn't "finished". Turns out, having company was the motivation I needed to move those boxes out to the garage and clear junk off the fireplace mantel. :)

I also did more than my usual (minimal) dinner that evening. I made some herbal iced teas, cut up a big watermelon, made my mom's potato salad, and got everything ready for the grilled salmon burgers Joshua was making. (We like to put lettuce, cheese, sweet onion, pickles, and mayo on our salmon burgers.) Ice cream sandwiches for dessert (with gluten-free cookies for our guest who eats gluten-free) were a good ending to a warm summer's day.

Ruth eating watermelon outside
Ruth (5) having an afternoon snack of watermelon this week (she loves watermelon like her mommy!)

Our guests were so appreciative of the meal! A "thank you" to the cook is always, always appreciated in my book. ;) Other bonuses: a clean house remained even after they had to leave for home, and a big container of leftover potato salad was in my refrigerator.

I can't even remember the last time I made potato salad. Somewhere along the way of trying to eat healthfully and not having as much time to cook and Joshua eating less in his lunchbox (cooked pinto beans and bananas) and making three-things-for-dinner, I stopped making things like potato salad.

But boy, we sure enjoyed that potato salad! The kids went crazy over it (Grandma's recipes are their favorite!) and I found myself enjoying it more than I ever recall enjoying potato salad before.

In fact, I'm saving the rest of my bag of potatoes to make potato salad again, for our company that's coming this Sunday. It was that good! Plus, it's a yummy summer-y dish that I can make ahead so I can relax and hang out with the company. They're bringing kids, and word is that there's going to be some Nerf and Capture The Flag in the back yard!

I took pictures of the potato salad this week, and finally got the recipe added here. If you're looking for a good old-fashioned everybody-loves-it potato salad, try my mom's potato salad recipe! :)

Another picture from our week:

Yehoshua with a magnifying glass
Yehoshua using a magnifying glass on the back patio. This never gets old!

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cleaning tile floor grout (plus more new kitchen photos)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

One of the things I've learned is that every house has differences. Some things will be better (or easier); other things will be worse (or more difficult). When shopping for rental houses, I try to keep in mind the things that are truly important to me and for our family.

I did still find myself unsure about the kitchen here, though. As I mentioned, nearly everything in this kitchen is different from my previous kitchens.

Black counter tops? Joshua saw them and thought "Cool, these look fancy." I saw them and thought "How dark -- and how will I ever see the crumbs?" It's just plain WEIRD for me to actually be putting stuff out on my counters because in the past I have loved clear, clean counters but with black counters, having pretty stuff is better than a big black abyss. :) I find myself wiping them down over and over. Will I get used to the color and stop feeling for stickiness at every turn? (Maybe not, with kids in the house!)

The finished floor -- clean tile and grout!
My clean kitchen floor! Read on to find out what I used on it...

Another big difference was the kitchen floor. The floor is tile. I've never lived with tile floors. I wondered if we'd drop dishes on them and they'd break (so far, so good -- no drops yet). I wondered if my feet would freeze since I love to go barefoot (no frozen feet yet... in fact, it's been more like free a/c for my feet since it's summer). I wondered what I was supposed to use to clean the tile floors, too. And I told myself that there must be a reason tile is so popular; I'd probably like the floor just fine!

Cleaning tile grout on floors
Move-in condition... dirty floor and grout! I'm guessing most renters don't scrub grout...

So far, I neither like nor dislike the tile kitchen floor. It's way better than having carpet, but I'm pretty sure a good linoleum is easier to clean. When we moved in, it was dirty.

Initially, I cleaned the floor with Simple Green and our giant push broom. I wasn't wasting any time on this task. Something that dirty and grimy needed some serious soaking and scrubbing!

When I finished mopping up the dirty water, Ruth (5) told me "Mommy! I like this floor after all!" :)

That was a few weeks ago. What initially looked like a big improvement started to annoy me as I noticed the black grout that remained despite my vigorous scrubbing with the push broom. Time to figure out what to do next.

Cleaning tile grout on floors
Starting the task... by the time I finished, I understood why most renters don't clean grout.

From my research, it seems like the best way to clean grout is with a toothbrush. :P

Cleaning tile grout on floors
A close-up of the BIG difference before and after!

There are mixed opinions about using vinegar on grout, so I opted to use 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. (I used up my peroxide on this project and bought more at Costco -- $1.99 for two 32-ounce bottles.) Pour on some peroxide, sprinkle a little baking soda, and then scrub, scrub, scrub with an old toothbrush.

Cleaning tile grout on floors
The finished floor: clean tile and clean grout!

It was labor-intensive, but it worked! A bonus was that Ruth (5) and Moshe (3) wanted to help and it really entertained them for quite some time. I let them apply "the cleaners" and I had enough old toothbrushes for them to each have one too.

The end result isn't perfect, but that's more due to the age and wear of the tile floor than lack of cleanliness.

The finished floor -- clean tile and grout!

Here you can see the finished floor. I had Yehoshua (9) and Eliyahu (7) help me move our big heavy dining room table into the living room so I could work on the floors.

As you can see, there is a tile "rug" in the dining room, which is a grout-hater's nightmare! There's a hundred little pieces and unfortunately the grout is old and chipped, as are the little tiles. (Maybe from chairs being pushed across them constantly?) I kept telling myself as I scrubbed, "This is still better than carpet in the dining room!" :)

The finished floor -- clean tile and grout!

We put the table back. This is a NEW TABLE, which I don't think I ever introduced here on this blog!

Last December, Joshua was shopping for ping pong tables on Craigslist and I said "Honey, I don't care if you get a ping pong table, but if you're going to get a ping pong table I want a bigger kitchen table!" ;)

That very same day Joshua went and picked up this solid maple table, driving over 2 hours in heavy rain to pick it up from a Craigslist ad. It's wonderful having a big table! You can see our old table in this post and this post. It was great when we had 0-3 kids. We had totally outgrown it last year though!

And just so you know, Joshua got his ping pong table in January -- a family gift to all of us from his generous parents. :D

Anyway, those of you with tile floors in your kitchens -- PLEASE give me some more tips for cleaning and maintaining and living with tile floors! I want to hear from you!! :)

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2. How To Pit Cherries {the easy way} Katie@ Simple Foody
3. Easy Peel Farm Fresh Eggs Katie @ Simple Foody

Spicy Turkey Lentil Joes: I conquered dinner again!

I like cooking, and I want to feed my family healthy meals, but I'm often distracted or pulled in many directions -- away from the kitchen.

It was 4pm. I had an hour to make dinner and I had no idea what to make. So, I did the next logical thing: pulled out my copy of Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook. The introvert's way of asking a friend to bail her out: read friend's cookbook. (Or friend's blog!)

Not surprisingly, most of the recipes in the book weren't going to help me last-minute like that, even if I had all the ingredients. I was feeling desperate and uninspired. Too many meals of grilled burgers and watermelon and WAY too many homemade tacos in the past few weeks! I got complaints last time I made pollock. All the chicken was frozen and I didn't feel like grilling anything anyway.

I started searching for a recipe that could be made with a still-frozen package of ground turkey. (I buy the 4-packs at Costco and put them in the freezer.) Sloppy joes? I did have buns in the freezer. At any rate, it would be something different and I could have dinner on the table on time.

I made the Sweet and Spicy Joes, with just a few substitutions, and they were a hit! After making the recipe for the first time, we decided to try adding lentils to make the meal more affordable (plus, I'm always about eating a varied diet), and I tried eating mine in romaine lettuce "tacos". The crunchy lettuce was a perfect complement to the spicy meat mixture!

I'm calling my version Spicy Turkey Lentil Joes. I need to start a new, updated list of my favorite quick-and-easy meals for all those days I lack inspiration, and these sandwiches are going on that list! :)

For most of last year, I lost weight by cutting calories, and making lettuce sandwiches, wraps, or "tacos" was one of the ways I kept things healthy and lower-calorie. I do not eat "low carb", because I do eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. :)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Cleaning residue on a glass top stove

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Hi! Today I am going to tell you how to clean residue from a glass top stove. What, you don't remember a smooth top range in my kitchen tour? ;)

We moved last month. It was an abrupt change, at the whim of our former landlord who decided to rent the house to a friend. Moving is expensive and a ton of work when you're a family of 7 and you're not expecting to move for another year or longer. What can I say? Never assume that others will keep their word, and remember that 20 days' notice to move (Washington state law) is insanely short notice.

The burned residue around a burner on the glass top stove

So, new rental house. As a clean-freak renter, I find myself deep-cleaning what the last person called "good enough". ;) This thick ring of residue was around one of the stove burners. To be fair, it didn't really affect the stove's performance. But, it bothered me because I didn't feel like the stove was clean.

The burned residue around a burner on the glass top stove

A close-up of the residue: since the stove top is black, I couldn't tell exactly what the residue was but assumed it was burned-on food.

Cleaning a glass top stove

When I have burned food in my stainless steel cookware (rare but it does happen occasionally!), soaking it in baking soda overnight is like magic to remove the black burned residue. Something about the baking soda just dissolves the residue and it wipes right off!

So, I wet the surface and smeared it with baking soda. And tried to be patient. I should have done it overnight, because I ended up being bored and restless and after a couple hours I was scrubbing at it.

Cleaning a glass top stove with baking soda

After a while, I decided to try a razor blade to scrape off what little remained. I know that sounds scary, but I had heard that it would work. With trepidation, I used an old box cutter blade to gently scrape off the residue. No scratches. It came right off. Should have just started with the razor blade. Don't tell Joshua I used a razor blade on the glass top stove (!!).

The center of the burner is still cloudy. It's completely smooth, but cloudy and slightly discolored. Oh well; the rest of it looks great now, and best of all, when I wash the stove it's completely 100% smooth and CLEAN-FEELING all over! Yay!

A cleaned glass top stove!

I was nervous about this new kitchen. Nearly everything about it is different from my last kitchen, or the kitchen before that (apartment), or the kitchen before that (house in Ohio), or the kitchen before that (which was also before I had a digital camera).

But, I'm learning that different is okay; maybe even good -- and I've fallen in love with the glass top stove.

Glass top stove -- cleaned

The new kitchen! Black counter tops. Crazy. I think I would like them a little better if there was under-cabinet lighting above them, but there's not and we're renters. But seriously, try making double-chocolate cookies on black counter tops. The crumbs are invisible until they hit the floor! ;)

The good part is that my yellow decor looks smashing on the black granite. Ha! :)

Anyway, that's a snapshot from my kitchen today. Thank you to you who have emailed me asking if everything's okay due to my online silence. It means so much to me. :)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Chipotle hot sauce on the cheap(er)

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Joshua takes a container of cooked pinto beans along to work each day for his lunch (cheap, easy, and healthy) with some hot sauce drizzled on top for flavor. Yummy!

Well, some time back, we discovered chipotle hot sauce and it's SO good with beans. Since we eat so many beans, we can go through hot sauce pretty quick -- which is okay when it's affordably delicious Tapatio, but not so much when it's $3-4 bottles of chipotle hot sauce. ;)

So, Joshua did the logical thing: he bought chipotle hot sauce in bulk. His favorite is the Tabasco Chipotle, so he got a half-gallon of it on Amazon.com. (I was skeptical, but it arrived safely, WITH a free jar of Tabasco salsa!)

Hot sauce mixture

But buying in bulk wasn't enough of a money-saving move for Joshua; he started mixing half Chipotle sauce and half Tapatio for a delightful hot-and-smoky sauce flavor. We're still plowing through that big jug of sauce, but it IS going a lot further -- and we love the combined flavor!

Do any of you mix up your own hot sauce combos? Tell me about them! :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Rinsing large items in the kitchen sink

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Here's a tip for rinsing large items in the kitchen sink:

Rinsing large items in the kitchen sink

Hold the item over the sink, and use the sprayer hose (or a cup of water) to pour over the item gently, to avoid splashing water everywhere.

How do you use a sprayer hose without splashing?

Rinsing large items in the kitchen sink

Turn on the faucet so that only a little water is coming out. Then use the sprayer to get that water up where you need it, to rinse your large container or dish.

See that beautiful sunshine in my pictures? We've had 2 weeks of lovely spring weather! It's a challenge to get any housework done when the weather's nice. We tackle school first thing, and then just want to play outside... :) I've been intending to take pictures throughout the day for an updated "day in our life" type of post, but somehow always end up running in 10 different directions at once until we're out the door, headed to the park or somewhere quiet, leaving behind the work and anything electronic, including my camera. Perhaps I should assign a child to be the photographer some day. :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Thrift Store Kitchen Things

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I love shopping at second-hand stores. I have a running list of kitchen items that I watch for when I'm at a thrift store. A quick look for these various items helps keep my kitchen stocked!


#1... Spoons!

We have a second-hand mostly-matched set of silverware that was given to us when we got married, but as our family's grown, we started running out of spoons. (Kids use lots of spoons, I guess!)

Since I still try to run the dishwasher only once per day, I like to have at least a day's worth of silverware. I found a variety of spoons, medium-sized or smaller, for just 20 cents each. I like spoons that are shiny, with smooth edges; not too clunky, not too thick.

The bad part is that two of my new one-of-a-kind thrift store spoons are my favorite ones to use and I'm constantly picking through to find them for myself. Oh, the things I think about... :)

AeroPress coffee press
My AeroPress Coffee Press (which was actually from Amazon.com) :)

#2... Coffee and teaware

I recently found a Contigo water bottle in great shape for $2! I've also gotten a favorite mug, a neat travel coffee mug in purple, and a Bodum travel mug French press. One of the perks of living in this area is that so many people are crazy about coffee and I can find things like this at GoodWill!

#3... Corelle

Corelle is difficult to find, because it goes really fast. I take a quick look for Corelle in a white or beige color, especially bowls and small plates, and sometimes score a few pieces. Corelle is so nice to use, and stacks beautifully -- but can be pricey at retail stores!

#4... Beaters for my hand mixer

I found beaters to replace my broken ones and kept using my hand mixer. Now, I've broken another pair so new beaters are on my "watch list". I probably use it for things thicker than I should -- or else they weren't dishwasher safe after all. At any rate, a 69-cent pair of beaters from GoodWill has kept my mixer chugging along!

What do you like to watch for at thrift stores? What are the kitchen items that you keep a constant eye out for? :)

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Kitchen Tip Tuesdays: Leisurely weekend breakfasts (Or, my best omelette tips)

On the weekends, we usually sleep in just a little (okay, as much as the children will let us!) and then putter around, taking showers, goofing off, and making a nice big late breakfast. (Hungry children get bananas or kefir to hold them over until breakfast is ready!)

Steak for inside our omelettes

If we have leftover steak or roast on hand, Joshua really enjoys a good steak omelette for breakfast. I like to include lots of veggies, too!

An omelette with bits of steak, green onions, peppers, tomatoes, black olives and cheese is pretty hard to beat for husband-pleasing breakfast options. (Me? I'd take waffles over steak any time!)

Making the perfect omelette can be elusive.

We've tried using eggs with milk, eggs with sour cream, eggs with water. Now, we just use plain eggs.

We've tried cooking the eggs with a lid on the pan, letting the runny egg slip under the omelette to cook, wrapping a runny omelette and trying to "heat through", and flipping the eggs. Since we like our eggs not browned too much, I find it's easier to flip the eggs. No burning, no runny eggs inside.

But how to flip them? My trick is to:

use a big skillet or griddle

spread the eggs thinly

cook over a low temperature

and use a big/wide turner to gently flip the mostly-cooked eggs before quickly adding toppings and rolling or folding.

Still, if you've never made an omelette before, you'll probably need a couple tries to get used to how your pan and your stove work together. The omelettes that don't come out picture-perfect will still be delicious!

Our weekend menu plan:


breakfast: Easy Baked Apple Oatmeal

lunch: Simple bean tacos

dinner: Grilled Copper River Salmon, brown rice, and cooked peas


breakfast: Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast

lunch: grilled chicken breast, corn, green beans, dinner rolls

dinner: a salad of some sort

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