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Every city seems to have different policies on garbage pick-up. We used to live in a town that required all its residents to pay a flat trash pick-up rate every month. I have heard of other towns that don't charge at all.

Where we currently live, there are a number of different garbage disposal companies, with varying rates, and it's up to the residents to choose what they want to pay for.

However, being the frugal person I hope I am, Wink rather than simply deciding on a cheap garbage service, I decided to try to eliminate the need for grabage pick-up, period.

So, here is how we avoid paying for trash to go into the landfill!

1. Recycle. This takes care of glass, cans, and aluminum for us. If you aren't able to burn your paper waste, you can also recycle cardboard, paper, plastics, old phone books and catalogs, etc. Check locally and see what all they will be willing to take for recycling, and then enjoy dumping your trash off for free while helping conserve energy and resources!

2. Compost. We made a compost pile in a little section of our yard and in our kitchen we have a small "garbage bucket" (actually an old plastic ice cream container) where we throw all our food scraps, banana peels, etc. At least once a day, the bucket is dumped on the pile and washed out, to avoid any bad smells or fruit flies. :)

3. Cloth diapers. For most of this year so far, I had two children in diapers, and by using cloth diapers there were no dirty smelly diapers to have to get rid of. Yay! No paying for diapers, and no paying to get rid of them. And, no super-stinky trash cans of diapers, or the need to buy lots of plastic bags to trap the smell.

4. Re-use things. But even more importantly: the less disposable "trash" you buy, the less you will have to get rid of. Just stop buying the stuff that you're constantly having to throw away... paper plates, styrofoam cups, paper napkins, etc. and you won't need to throw it away anymore. The "extra work" won't be so bad once you get used to re-using things, and the best way to do that is just stop buying trash!


What great tips! We don't have trash pick-up here so we usually make a monthly trip to the dump.

I thought this is why we pay taxes.......bummer!

*sigh* i talked about menu planning and SHARE on my blog. :)

I think a lot of places if you live in the country you won't have any sort of "free" trash service, but I guess some cities have it for "free". :) But oh well, even if it were "free" to me to throw away a lot of trash, I still think it's better to conserve! :D But I admit I didn't think about it as much when it wasn't costing to throw things away ;)

We pay a $1.25 per garbage bag full. We have one a week, but half is business and the other is household.~Tanya

That doesn't sound like an awful lot; do you have a compost pile, or anything like that? What sort of trash does your business accumulate?! :)

Yes, we compost and recycle. I use cloth 90% of the time too. For the business some material cut offs, threads other odd and ends from sewing violin case covers and packaging etc... I don't know seems to add up. Although maybe house hold is 2/3 and business is 1/3 ~Tanya

We hardly ever put out garbage. The compost goes all to the chickens, and we burn the garbage and the recycle gets picked up free of charge. :)

I recycle everything that I can. I do some papers from school/computer, but watch what information is on them. I do the cardboard thing, but ours (same town as Tammy) just stopped taking the cereal boxes, etc. and only take plastic bottles - no bowls, etc. That really made our trash go up. We are on the smallest trash bag/bin we can have. I even save my old tennis shoes to be recycled. Oh, my friend is in charge of the recycle kids program and takes my paper towel rolls and toliet paper rolls. The Amish people love egg cartons too.

I live in Albany Oregon and it costs for garbage and recycle. I don't have a pickup and live on a very small lot in town. But I compost, recycle, and burn when they let me. What little garbage I have each week, my neighbors let me put in their garbage can.
Now though, the garbage company realizes that some people are teaming up to afford garbage service, so they are trying to make it illegal here to put your trash in someone elses can, even if the person gives permission.

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