An Update in Photos!

Yehoshua on his tricycle

Here is Yehoshua, scooting along on his tricycle. We got him this tricycle last year during the feast of Tabernacles, and he still can't properly ride it. He has a lot of fun with it anyway!

This morning we made a trip to the pediatrician's office. Details could be a little sensitive, but Yehoshua will most likely be having a minor surgery in the next couple weeks. We'll know more after an appointment on Tuesday. If you think of us, please keep him in prayer! We really appreciate everyone's prayer support :).

Yehoshua at 27 months 

 Yehoshua had just had a bath in this photo, and was being so cooperative as I sat him on my desk for a few pictures! I was asking him to touch his cheek for this shot. :) He did all sorts of things for me, touching his belly, putting his hands on his head, etc... So sweet. I love having the little guy for my buddy!

One cute thing Yehoshua likes to do, is pretending he's Eliyahu. He asks to be put in the swing, or in Eliyahu's car seat, or climbs into Eliyahu's walker, and then sticks one of Eliyahu's toys in his mouth ;). One day he was in the swing, and I told him I would "pretend to be Yehoshua". I ran up to him and gave him a smothering hug and kiss. Then I snatched his toy away and ran off. ;)

Yehoshua talks more and more these days... today when we offered him a second piece of pepperjack cheese he said, "It's too hot!" It's so interesting to me to finally be able to understand more of what he's saying.

Eliyahu, 6 months

Eliyahu, at 6 months, is turning into quite the little mischief-maker! He can get around in his walker, and manages to make his way towards the trashcan or telephone cord without fail! He rolls over and wiggles and tries to scoot around... he's such a little sweetheart and we love him so much! It's neat how a person can love each of their children so much. I don't understand how it's works, but two children just multiplies our love for them rather than dividing it. :)

Eliyahu, 6 months

And to end, here is a photo my sister Bonnie took of our brother Phillip (21) holding Eliyahu. They were matching in orange shirts that day. ;) Phillip is good at calming Eliyahu while I am finishing up a music lesson or garden work, and now when Eliyahu fusses, we call out, "Phillip! Eliyahu needs you!" even when I'm planning to stop and feed or change Eliyahu ;)

Phillip and Eliyahu


Your children are so sweet. One day when I have children, I hope they are as adorable as yours.

BTW, thanks for taking time out of your busy daily schedule to post all of these delicious-looking recipes. I'm hoping to start learning to cook in the next couple of weeks, and I'm excited about trying many of the recipes that you have been posting.

Our heavenly Father has surely blessed us. :)

I look forward to hearing how you like the recipes you try! :) Thanks for commenting :)

The boys are adorable! Yehoshua has grown into such a little man! His hair is so cute! Do you cut it yourself? I am wondering how it will be to cut a little guy's hair. = O = D

How it will be to cut a little guy's hair? Ummm... a challenge? Exciting? Traumatic?! ;) Yehoshua has had such thick long hair that he's been having haircuts for ages. They are usually really challenging, as he acts like they're killing him. He wiggles, twists, turns... I try to think of special treats to distract him but they rarely work for longer than 5 minutes, if that.

I did cut Yehoshua's hair last time, and it went horribly. But at least it's short! :) The time before last, my brother Richard cut Yehoshua's hair. That went well, better than any of my other haircuts. (That was the first time anyone else had cut his hair.) And Richard got it really short, so Yehoshua didn't need another haircut for 2 months! Yay! I definitely want to have him keep cutting it for me. ;)

Do you cut Mark's hair?

Thanks for the compliments :)

Sweet boys, Tammy! With each child you have your love for them just multiplies!!! We are all enjoying Benjamin so much. He is 9 1/2 months and he is just a sweetie. I enjoy readng about your days!

Benjamin always just looks like such a little cutie! :)

I'm glad you enjoy reading about my days, because that's usually about all I can think of to write about! :)

Such cute photos, as always! :-D

Will definitely be keeping Y's surgery in prayer...let us know more specifics if/when you can. ::hugs::

We should know more details on Tuesday (they will schedule the procedure then). :)

And thanks for the compliments! :)

Both of them are getting SO big. But Yehoshua, especially, is shocking me in these pictures...he looks so tall and like a big boy! Very cute.:-D Will be in prayer about the surgery.:-)

...I'm not sure why Yehoshua looks so tall. He's not a whole lot taller than Eliyahu. He got weighed at the doctor's this week, 28 lbs. And they measured him at 35 inches I think. I still think he's small for his age! But I know he's growing. :)

Thanks for praying :)

I wish I could say something original, but all I can think of is...OH! HOW CUTE! :) You're so blessed!

...but all I can think of is: Thank you! We are very blessed. :)

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